Tuesday, December 28, 2021

mama & me: fall 2021

I'm excited about the second installment of my "mama and me" series! Last season's was all about my time as a stay at home mom, trying to figure out summer style in a time of being recently postpartum and being home with my children. Now that I've starting working full time again, with a more balanced work/life schedule, and much more time in the office rather than the hospital, I've been having some fun wearing real clothes again! Still working on branching out from the place that feels comfortable (skinny black paints + blouse), but we're working on it! 

family thanksgiving

sweater: nordstrom [exact | similar]
jeans: paige [exact]
shoes: michael michael kors [exact]

theo's jumper: H&M [exact]
theo's shoes: c/o little grapefruit [exact]

clinic day

top: H&M
pants: j.crew [exact]
shoes: michael michael kors [exact]
headband: amazon [exact]

theo's sweatshirt: target [exact on clearance]

clinic day

bodysuit: everlane [exact | link for $25 off]
pants: madewell [exact on major sale]
shoes: tory burch 

theo's chambray: gap [exact]

clinic day

scrubs: figs [exact]
vest: ll bean [exact]

penny's hairbows: amazon [exact]

clinic day

blouse: loft [exact on sale]
pants: j.crew [exact]
belt: gap 
shoes: michael michael kors [exact]

Linen-Blend Courier Pleat-Back Shirt
clinic day

top: madewell [exact]
pants: j.crew [exact]
shoes: c/o birdies [exact]

V-Neck Poncho Sweater
children's museum

sweater: loft [exact]
jeans: uniqlo
shoes: c/o birdies [exact]

penny's sweater: H&M [exact]

room details //
bed: west elm
bedding: crate & barrel
rug: safaveih
mirror: wayfair
curtain rods: amazon
curtains: ikea
theo's pack-n-play: guava 


Sunday, December 19, 2021

nordstrom trunk club: december 2021

Hello! After an unplanned little hiatus while starting at my new job, I'm back to talk about my Nordstrom trunk this month! I accidentally skipped last month's trunk, which actually was really wonderful, and landed a new dressed up sweater, a cozy casual turtleneck, and winter booties in my closet. 

Unfortunately, we somehow took a turn after three great months worth of trunks. This month's trunk reminded me of how I approached shopping around the time that I first started blogging - I remember I always bought items in different colors so I had an even amount of colors in my closet. Like I wouldn't buy a sweater in black because I already owned a black sweater, so instead I would buy it in like bright green so "even out" my closet. That left me with a closet full of clothes that 1. didnt go together and 2. didn't flatter me and 3. didn't get worn because I didn't actually like them. Now, after years of blogging and assessing and writing out why and why not I like something, I personally gravitate towards neutrals, and occasional light blues and soft pinks, because I like how they look on me and therefore actually get worn. That's not to say that it's not nice to branch out once in a while, but for the most part...I now know what I like and how it will work in my closet. So to get a trunk full of colorful items, after saying I really prefer neutrals, was a bit of a loss for this month's trunk. I also wasn't able to decline items before they were shipped, which means instead of removing items I know I don't want even without trying them on, they were all shipped to me without my input. Not sure if there was a glitch, but normally I would have said I wouldn't want some of the items in my original trunk.