Friday, January 31, 2020

top three: january 2020

celebrating my sister's birthday

medicine //
  • During pregnancy, the kidneys grows 1.5 cm, and will return to normal size within 6 months postpartum
  • Waardeburg Syndrome is a group of syndromes that can cause hearing loss, and changes in pigmentation of the hair, skin, and eyes
  • As Penny has started eating real foods, food allergens has been something that's been on our mind. It was interesting to read about the LEAP study and how they figured out that early exposure to allergens is actually protective.

on the internet //

spotted for me //

spotted for penny //
  • H&M is my favorite place for baby clothes...we are ready for spring over here with this adorable set!
  • Not a lot of things I love more than baby overalls
  • Okay, maybe baby chambray is right up there with baby overalls. Little chambray shirts go with everything!

ask me anything //
  • I’m considering a career change into medicine after 11 years out of college. I have two young kids (3yr and 3mo old) - any tips for the transition? Thoughts on med school v. PA or nursing? Am I completely crazy to think about doing this with a young family and at age 33?!?
    • I do not think you are crazy at all! I think first things you have to think about is how you see yourself working in health care. While doctors and nurses both work in the same environment, their roles (and education) are very very different. Becoming a full fledged doctor comes with another few years of getting the pre-reqs, 4 years of medical school, and at least another 3 years of training - along with that comes $150-$300k in debt, as well as very little flexible time during most of the 5+ years of clinical work. Maybe PA school would be a great in between - it's 2 years of school and no required training after, you'll make great money, and very likely have more flexibility in balancing your home life and work life than you would as a resident/young attending. I see many women on instagram about my age who have children about Penny's age who now are working part time, a luxury I can't have. There are SO many more things that go into this, as I don't know you, but those are just some of my rambling thoughts!
  • After my third vaginal child birth, I discovered I have a prolapse and after seeing my obgyn was referred to a pelvic floor physical therapist. I've since been discovering a lot on my own too about pelvic floor health and I'm a little annoyed that I knew nothing about it before/during pregnancy. There seems to be a disconnect between obgyns and pelvic floor health. I feel like I'm backtracking when more could've been done preventatively if I'd been made aware by my doctor. Any comments on this being an obgyn? Appreciate it! :)
    • There is definitely a disconnect and it's really a shame we don't get more training or have more understanding of pelvic floor therapy in residency. We had one lecture last year, and I have myself referred a few people to pelvic floor therapy, but couldn't really tell you much about what goes in there. Would love to hear more about what you learned by going to pelvic PT!
  • Can we see pictures of your closet? Do you have a wardrobe inventory? I have a small reach in closet and it’s a mess and I’m struggling with what to wear and the “I have nothing to wear” Syndrome with a stuffed closet and don’t know how to start. Advice?
    • I also have a small reach in closet! Here's a picture from a few years ago, not much has changed in the general lay out. Since I've basically moved every 2 years for the last 10+ years (this is the longest I've ever been in one house!), I was constantly going through my closet and editing it down. I still feel at times like I too have nothing to wear, but I know that's not true, and just go for my tried and true favorites. I wrote a whole series a while back about building a cohesive wardrobe, which included a post about cleaning out your closet so you can start fresh. I hope that helps!

on franish //

at home //
  • Well January came and went! This month was a busy one, I was back on L&D, which always makes for long days. We also took our inservice exam, and I interviewed for my first attending job! This month I'm on GYN, which involves lots of surgeries, and ED/hospital consults. 
  • I'm going to Scottsdale at the end of February with my class for a conference, and need all the suggestions! We have been there once, so I can't wait to be back, but it's been a few years, so any food/drink/experience recommendations you have, I'd love to hear them!
  • Penny said her first word last month. It was "dada". Of course :(

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Aerie Cloud Sherpa Oversized Pullover review

 Aerie Cloud Sherpa Oversized Pullover

Man you guys, this month has been something. I'm back on L&D for the month, which is always busy. We also had our annual inservice exam last week, I've worked 2 of the 4 weekends, and I have my first interview for my first attending job (how are we here already?!..didn't I just write this post?). Needless to say, all of that combined with the baby, I've hardly been on my computer. 

But I did want to pop in quick today to share my favorite clothing item I've purchased recently. I happened upon this amazing sherpa pullover when I accidentally opened a marketing email (I almost always just delete all of them) and 5 minutes later, was entering my credit card to order it for myself. 

I own several sherpa sweaters and pullovers and you guys, this is the best one yet. The problem I've had with almost all sherpa sweaters is that they are amazingly soft and fluffy on the outside...but then are scratchy and uncomfortable on the inside. Not this one though, it's "cloud" name really lives up to how it feels. It's soooo soft on both the inside and outside, and is therefore just so nice to wear. I've been wearing it every chance I get! 

 Aerie Cloud Sherpa Oversized Pullover
Couple of things on sizing. I ordered my normal size large. Reviews say it runs a little large and I agree with that, so if you are between sizes, maybe size down. It is also a bit boxier than like a Patagonia or LLBean sweater, so something to also be mindful of. As you can see above it has dolman style sleeves. It is a bit longer in the back, which is great if you, like me, like your butt covered when wearing leggings. As far as colors go, I have it in natural...but now I'm also considering ordering the basketweave color. I just think it would look so cute with some distressed jeans. 

This Aerie sherpa is on sale today for $30, which is the cheapest I've seen it (it was $40 when I ordered it). I think I'm going to get that basketweave color and these distressed jeggings!

Aerie Cloud Sherpa Oversized Pullover