Monday, November 30, 2015

november budget

gap leggings: originally $80, on sale for $35

November budget: $500- $35 = $465 left for December and January

I went into this month planning on not doing much shopping until the big sales of the past week, so the only real thing I know I'm keeping are the gap legging jeans I got on major sale a few weeks ago. After I posted about trying on a pair of jeggings from Loft that weren't exactly what I was looking for, Krista texted me to tell me about her favorite pair of jeggings from Gap. I immediately ordered a pair, and they are just as wonderful as she promised! For reference, I got them in a large.

I also ordered a couple of things during a recent 50% off J.Crew Factory sale, but neither worked out for me. I fell in love with the elbow patches on their raglan sweater, but the sizing was a bit generous so it didn't really work. I also really liked their polka dot long-sleeved dress, but it was too short on me to be appropriate for the hospital unless I'm wearing tights, and I don't want to keep a dress I can only wear a portion of the year. I wish J.Crew Factory also offered tall sizes along with their petite selections!

So at the beginning of the month I bought very few things so I could save my budget for the end of month when all the sales were happening. Nothing has arrived yet, so I'll let you know how the Target poncho (now on clearance) , Loft polka dot tunic (currently 50% off), and open cardigan work out when I receive them!

Along with my budget of my own money, I always want to be transparent about what I receive because of blogging. My intention has always been to be as open as I can about what goes on "behind the scenes" of blogging, so I think it's only fair to include with I receive from my sponsors. I was really fortunate to work with some great companies this month, and got to add a few items of my choice to my closet. Kohl's new Madden Girl line added an "in between weather" coat and the perfect beanie. With Nordstrom I added a lace LBD from Nue by Shani and a gold clutch by Glint. From New York and Company I received a pretty floral dress and skirt - a friend of mine told me how much she loved a few of the other pieces I received from them, so I passed them on to her.

The one item I really still want is a pair of cognac boots. Remember how last month I mentioned that my "dream pair" was the Tory Burch Derby boots? Well, I just checked in on them again and now that they are close to 50% off thanks to Cyber Monday, I think I'm going to order them, juuuuust to try. All the reviews I could find mostly point to them having a somewhat generous calf, so there may be hope that they work on me! 

And speaking of Cyber Monday, here are just a few of the best sales going on:

Your turn! Did you find any great Black Friday deals IRL? As always, please make sure you link back to this post so your readers can find other budgeting bloggers!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

top three [11.29.2015]

my favorite flats <3

  • Lung cancer is the number one cancer killer for both men and women. There is a large body of statistical and clinical evidence that supports the claim that smoking causes lung cancer, but interestingly enough, research has not be able to cause cancer in experimental animals exposed to cigarette smoke.
  • Cervical cancer used to be the number one cancer killer of women. Since the introduction of the Pap smear more than 50 years ago, the incidence has dropped immensely. To date, the Pap smear is the most successful cancer screening tool ever invented! While Pap smears used to be an annual test, current guidelines state that healthy women between 21-65 only need one every three years (woohoo!).
  • E. coli can cause a whole bunch of problems for our bodies, but it really is beautiful on an agar plate. Also pretty? The winners of the Agar Art Competition (although I think the NYC one should have really won).

on the internet

  • Loft's split neck oversized polka dot blouse may or may not (...may) be on its way to me now. I loved the suggestion in the reviews about wearing it with slim black pants with a colorful cardigan. I hope it's as cute in real life as it is online...but the 50+ reviews praising it hopefully can't be wrong!
  • I've never really wanted a fur vest until I saw Old Navy's slightly understated version. It's not so furrrrrrry that it makes it a bit more wearable. 
  • Do you have a NYE party you want to be all sparkly for, but don't want to spend a lot? Target has the perfect sequined party dress (that has pockets, and is on sale!).

ask me anything
  • Do you ever suffer from "imposter syndrome"? What do you do to overcome it?
    • All the time. I've always felt like I'm faking it until I make it. I think that may have a lot to do with where I am in my education right now. We are at the point where we have a general understanding of what's going on, but don't actually know how to do anything or help. In real life I talk down my education all the time, so I don't really know how to overcome that. I'm hoping it'll improve with the more experience I have in medicine.
  • Will we ever see a pic of you and CR?
    • He says that there are certain special events that will have pictures and can be shared ;) But for now, you probably won't see him around here.
  • How do you keep your black pants looking so black?! When ever you post a picture of you wearing The Limited pants, this is always my first thought.
    • I wash all my dark clothes with Woolite Dark laundry detergent, and that's made a huge difference for me! I also wear my clothes several times before washing them - I always change into comfier clothes when I get home, so I really only wear the clothes for a portion of the day anyway. This cuts down on laundry, and keeps my clothes looking newer longer.

on franish

notable sales

  • CR and I joined a gym last week, and I'm excited to get back to working out on a regular basis again. I really just do 25 minutes of cardio (a Mindy Project episode...) and some weights, but it feels good to get that movement in...
  • ...especially after basically a week of eating. We had such a good Thanksgiving! My favorite was definitely the mashed potatoes and stuffing - I could eat that stuff every single day. 
  • Thanks to some really great deals over the weekend, I have a majority of my Christmas shopping done. I love giving presents, so I can hardly wait to ship/watch everyone open them!

Friday, November 27, 2015

not getting out of bed

The thought of driving to the mall at midnight to fight people for sales items, standing in line, and not laying around in a Thanksgiving coma makes me want to break out in hives. I went to bed early, slept in late, and am still getting some great deals on items from my lists. Below are a few of the best sales, included a few things I'd love to find under the tree *hint hint* ;)

Baublebar: 30% off [code THX]
monogram keychain (mine + gifts are in the mail)
on my wishlist: this signet ring (in gold please!)

Anthropologie: 25% off [code SHOPTOIT]
an open cardigan (would look great with a striped tee!)
on my wish list: some sleigh bell bottlestoppers for my bar cart

Gap: 50% off [code BLKFRIDAY]
seriously the cutest slippers ever
on my wish list: gold lace-up flats, please!

J.Crew: 30-40% off everything [code HOLIDAY]
the classic winter plaid button up (perfect for a family Christmas party)
and a pretty metallic polka dot dress for a work holiday party
on my wish list: red polka dot pj set (monogrammed, please!)

J.Crew Factory: 50% off everything + free shipping over $50 
the factory parka is basically the same retail coat, just half the price
my friend got this lace dress, and says it's the best dress she owns (I want it in red!)
on my wish list: tortoise bowed flats that would go with everything

Loft: 40% off everything [code BF40]
a comfy sweater dress (that comes in two colors)
I found you your Christmas skirt 
on my wish list: a striped sweater dress 

Nordstrom: sale picks
Michael Kors's shoulder bag is now ~50% off (comes in 4 colors)
a classic pair of cognac riding boots, with almost all sizes available
on my wish list: I found the perfect oversized but not giant scarf (for $18!)

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

fly away

DSC00333picture 2
Is the title of this post a reference to the feathers on my shirt, or what my hair is trying to do in these pictures? Who is to say, really (and no, I have no idea what's going on with my hair either. yikes!).

Happy Thanksgiving Eve! We are packing up the zoo tonight after CR gets home from work and driving up to his family's for the holiday. It would take me about 13 hours to drive home to my parents' house, so CR's family takes me in as they are quite a bit closer. I am so excited for mashed potatoes and stuffing. I baked an apple pie using my mom's recipe though, so at least I'll have a little bit of my own "taste of home". Please drive safe if you are traveling, and make sure you have seconds of dessert ;)
DSC00339picture 2
DSC00341picture 2
Blouse: Anthropologie [exact]
Pants: The Limited [exact]
Purse: Mulberry via eBay [save | exact]
Shoes: Ferragamo c/o Shopbop [save | exact]
DSC00355picture 2DSC00371picture 2

And while I don't like that stores now open on Thanksgiving (come on, let the people in retail have ONE day off!), I am pretty excited that some online stores are starting their sales early. Shopbop currently has a "save as you go" sale going on - spend $250 to get 15% off, spend $500 to get 20% off, and for those high rollers in the crowd, if you spend $1000, you can take 25% off. $250 is quite a high number, so if you have a friend who is also interested in something, go in together to get the best deal. Or do all your Christmas shopping in one place!

Please note that Shopbop is a sponsor of this blog and I was asked to share the sale. All picks are my own (especially that watch - isn't she beautiful?!)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

beauty tuesday: becca shimmering skin perfector

BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector

I first learned about the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector from Grace - she raved about the product one of her friends introduced her to, and after seeing her skin in real life, I was convinced I needed to try it too. I'm not a stranger to using a highlighter, although I never found one I really loved. I have the Hourglass Ambient Powder, but having dry skin, I didn't really like adding another powder. I was excited to try a liquid highlighter to "strobe" my skin! I purchased a full sized bottle of it in moonstone during the recent VIB sale

What it promises:
Achieve a subtle luminosity. This formula features ultrafine light-reflecting pearls that melt into your skin for polished, natural-looking radiance. Water-light and sheer, it has a prismatic effect that allows it to adjust in any light, so your refined glow is never lost. 

How to use it:
This is the last step in my make-up routine. I squirt the tiniest amount possible on my hand, use my Urban Decay blurring brush, dab on cheekbones, and blend blend blend. Here's a quick video of how I do it! I know others also use it under the blush, but I prefer to add that dewiness as a last step. 

What I like:
It 100% lives up to its promise of a subtle luminosity. This isn't really a shimmer like we used years ago, it's just adding that little bit of dewiness and brightness to my face. It helps cancel out the flatness my face has from the powder, and really just gives that little bit of glow. My face is currently dealing with adjusting to the new weather, and so anything to help freshen up my face is very much appreciated. I am very pleased with the results from this product!

I went with the full sized product when I purchased it, but the great thing is that it also comes in a "travel" size that would seriously last so long (as you use so little of the product), if you are interested but don't want to drop $40 on a product right away.

What I don't like:
It may because I've only used it a handful of times, but I always feel I squirt out just a little too much every time. Other than of course the price, I have no other complaints.

Would I buy this again?
Theoretically, yes. But I really can't see myself getting through this bottle any time soon, since you use smaller than a pea size every time. If I ever run out, I think I'd definitely buy another bottle of the Becca skin perfector
BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector review

P.S. Today is the last day for the Amika dry shampoo giveaway!

Monday, November 23, 2015

the inbetween

I can't believe it's the end of November, and we still haven't had our first snow. Personally, I don't really love winter - it makes driving, getting dressed, and blogging more difficult than I prefer. I'm so happy that we've had a real (long) fall this year! I'd rather wear cute light-weight jackets and leather boots anyway.

But...#winteriscoming, so we might as well prepare for it. Kohl's recently launched a new line of winter accessories and they are perfect for those of us who have many months of colder weather ahead. From affordable duck boots to puffer vests to the cutest beanies, they pretty much have all of your winter needs covered. I've been wearing their buffalo plaid hooded jacket the last couple of weeks - it's so comfy, and the perfect "in between" seasons coat. I plan on picking up their tassel infinity scarf when I'm in stores this weekend for a bit of holiday shopping...I may just have to pick up a few extras for presents too!  
Coat: Madden Girl c/o Kohl's [exact]
Blouse: Banana Republic
Pants: Gap 
Hat: Madden Girl c/o Kohl's [exact]
Boots: Vince Camuto
Below are a few more of their items - use code NOV15 to take an additional 15% off (valid 11/23-11/27!)

one | two | three | four | five

Thank you to Kohl's and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

Sunday, November 22, 2015

top three [11.22.2015]

black, blush, and statement necklaces
black, blush, and statement necklaces


  • I spent some time in a blood bank this week, and it was so interesting! Over 15 million units of red blood cells are transfused every year in the US - every unit comes from a volunteer, and is screened every single time. Before you receive any blood, your blood has to be typed (several times) and then tested to make sure it is compatible with the donor blood. It was quite the process!
  • While pathology on a gross/large scale is not very pretty, I think once you get to the microscopic level, pathology can be really beautiful. Take a look at this microscopic view of colon - doesn't it look like a flower field? 
  • Progeria is a genetic disease that is characterized by a dramatic and rapid appearance of aging. It is extremely rare - one in 4 million babies are born with this disease. I first heard of this disease on a TLC show years and years ago - here's a video that covers more of this and how it affects the patients families. 

on the internet


  • It's supposed to snow this week (nooooo!) so it looks like it's time to get those winter coats out. I'm crushing on Ellen Tracy's wool coat - it comes in six beautiful colors (I love the green and the oatmeal colors!), and the higher collar is the perfect way to keep the snow off your neck. 
  • I didn't think I wanted in on the lace-up flat trend until I saw Gap's gold version - aren't they gorgeous?!
  • Target has the poncho of my sweater dreams - I'm ordering it in the brown color and plan on wearing it every weekend until April (it's also now on sale!)

ask me anything
  • Given your schedule/rotations/daily life, what purpose does blogging serve now and does it give you the same satisfaction it gave you when you started?
    • Blogging now is my creative outlet, and a way of connecting with others. When I first started blogging, it really was just something to do. I was home a lot by myself, most of my college friends had moved away, and I wanted something to do instead of watching 7 hours of TV when I got home from work. Now, it's the thing that is "mine" - no one tells me what to do, I make my own schedule when it comes to posting, and it gives me an outlet for writing. It also is a way to connect with other people - moving around every few years sucks, so blogging allows me to take my online friends with me, no matter where I go :)
  • I'm the bestie of an OB-GYN and a non-doctor myself. I know you're still in school, but since you're strongly considering OB (congrats! I just had a baby and from a patient perspective, OBs are freaking awesome docs to care for 2 patients simultaneously!) I'm wondering if you have any advice on how I can best support her when I know she's had a rough day at work (or a great day!)? She's an amazingly incredible doctor and the strongest woman I know, and I just want to make sure I'm supporting her the best way I can as a friend even though I'm unfamiliar with the ins and outs of her daily work life.
    • First of all, you are such a sweet friend. Second, I think that really the best way to be a friend to a doctor is the way you are a friend to any other person. There isn't much you can probably do to make her day to day work life better, but you can be there for her afterwards, just like for every one else. Wine or coffee always helps too!
  • Help! What is your recommendation for a casual, but nice Thanksgiving outfit that will look good in photos, but also be suitable for chasing after kids and dogs?

on franish

notable sales


  • Like I mentioned earlier this week, this week I started my pathology rotation. I really loved path during my first two years of school, so I'm very excited to see it "in real life". I've watched the process from receiving the gross specimens (the parts removed during surgery), to how they are processed (so many steps!), to when they land on the doctor's microscope. While this is one of those rotation that again won't be very hands on, I'm excited to learn a ton. 
  • Earlier this week we realized that we hadn't watched part one of the Hunger Games finale, so we had ourselves a little Hunger Games marathon this weekend by watching both parts. We watched the finale Saturday night and it was so good. Definitely sad to see that series end.
  • What do you guys think of the new Adele album? I always need to hear music a few times before I warm up to, and this album was no different. I was initially a bit disappointed, probably because I wanted that immediate "OMG" feeling, but the more I listened to it and felt familiar with the songs, the more I like it. I don't think it's better than 21, but I do love it, and her. 

Friday, November 20, 2015

for your most organized friend

organized giftguide

I have always loved organization. Growing up I religiously used my school planner, my closet has always been color coordinated, and desk drawer was always arranged neatly. Now that I'm an "adult" (...right?), I still have a need for everything to be organized. If you have a friend like that, and are looking for a great Christmas present, I have a couple of ideas for you! I own many of these, or have gifted them to other neat freaks, so they've been vetted as great presents ;)
  1. A organizer for your jewels: The perfect way to transport jewelry, or tuck away your more precious jewelry while at home. This is actually on my own Christmas list!
  2. A keychain with quick-detaching links: My aunt got me one of these years and years ago, and I just think it's the best. It keeps your keys organized, it's easy to add new things on to the keychain, and even easier to remove them if you need to loan a key to someone. I plan on getting a couple as stocking stuffers this year!
  3. An organizer for the make-up lover: I own something very similar, and loooove it. It makes getting ready in the morning so much easier because you know exactly where to find everything. There are also a ton currently at Target (they are usually in the travel make-up bag section!)
  4. The cutest stackable boxes: This would be great for the friend who you know loves organizing, but you don't know what she may or may not need. The boxes look great by themselves, or stacked together. Wouldn't they look great on a bookshelf? 
  5. A box to show off your watch collection: I also own this, and am obsessed. I never had a good way of organizing my watches until I bought this a few years ago. If your friend has a sizable watch collection, she'll thank you over and over again for this!
  6. The best way to keep your sunglasses (and regular glasses) organized: Krista talked about this glasses organizer some months ago, and I immediately went out and bought it. It keep my favorite sunglasses (and real glasses) protected, and not at the bottom of a drawer somewhere. 
  7. A "corditto": I got CR this for Christmas last year, and because he loves organization even more than I do, he loved it. This would be great for someone who has to travel a lot, or isn't home a lot, but needs their cords with them at all times. 

Do you have a suggestion for something I've missed that we could get our more organization-focused friends? I'd love to hear them!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

prim and proper

blush top with pencil skirt and leopard shoes
I feel this is one of the girlier outfits I've worn in a while - between the blush top and the pencil skirt and pointed flats, this really is about as girly as it gets for me. We're still experiencing pretty warm weather for this time of the year, so I'm staying away from tights as long as possible!

On a different note, I've started my pathology rotation. I haven't done a ton yet because I'm still in the reading phase of everything - they have a ton of articles for me to read, which is great because I haven't thought about a single pathology related fact in six months. I did see a couple of intraoperative assessments though. It was kind of a strange feeling, standing there watching the doctor determine that a sentinel lymph node didn't have any metastasis. His determination changes that patient's entire medical course, and truly, her life. While I don't think that pathology will be my eventual career, I think this month is going to be a really interesting glimpse into a whole other side of medicine. 
med school outfit
what to wear on rotations
Blouse: Banana Republic [cute similar]
Skirt: J.Crew Factory [exact]
Shoes: Madewell [save | slurge]
Necklace: Charlene K via Rocksbox
Bag: Mulberry via eBay [spend | exact]

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

beauty tuesday: amika perk up dry shampoo (+ giveaway!)

 amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo

I used to wash my hair almost every single day...until I discovered the power of dry shampoo a few years ago. I've tried a whole bunch of them over time, starting with the Suave and slowly working my way up to more expensive brands. A few months ago, I fell in love with the branding of the amika dry shampoo while browsing online, and ordered a bottle on a whim. After a few months of use, here are my thoughts:

What it promises:
A dry shampoo that absorbs oil, creates volume, and refreshes hair between shampoos, minus the chalky residue.

How to use it:
Just like you use any other dry shampoo - spray on your hair when you are too lazy to wash your hair ;)

What I like:
First of all, the smell of this dry shampoo is amazing. If they made it in a perfume form, I would wear it. It's a perfect "fresh" with just a tiny bit of a berry smell. 

Second, it doesn't leave any residue. Like I said, I was a Suave dry shampoo girl for years, but it always left a bit of whiteness in my hair (and I was always too lazy/forgetful to use it at night). I liked the Batisste dry shampoo for blonds, but it actually sprayed your hair yellow, which left awkward residue on my white coat. The amika dry shampoo does neither, which is great. 

Third of all, I always thought the chalkiness from the other dry shampoos is what gave my hair that extra oomph, which I appreciated because who doesn't need a little extra oomph? This gives the oomph without the chalkiness - I sometimes use it even on the days that I washed my hair. 

And fourth, how cute is that bottle?! I love how bright and cheerful it is. 

What I don't like:
Really the only negative thing is the price - it costs $22 for a 5.3 ounce bottle. That being said, I also feel I don't use a ton of it, and my bottle has lasted several months now. If you want to just try it, Amazon also sells a travel size!

Would I buy this again?
Yep. The smell and the fact that it doesn't leave any white residue in my hair is definitely enough for me to repurchase it. 

After my great experience with this brand, I reached out to them and asked if they would be willing to provide a couple of you with a bottle of the amika perk up dry shampoo and I was so excited when they said yes! Just enter the rafflecopter below (US residents only please!).

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Monday, November 16, 2015

back to #basic

Oversized Plaid Scarf - Multicolored
I don't know what it is about fall, but it always makes me feel so basic. Not that I'm not (because I clearly am) but with the scarves and the boots and starbucks and the leaves, I turn into every single cliche pinterest picture...and I love it. 

But seriously, aren't scarves the best? I still can't get on board with the super oversized blanket scarves (trust me, I've tried) but I feel like I'm trying to smuggle Hans around under my scarf all day, that's how big (...and annoying) they are. I've been so happy with my slightly more manageable version from Target - I've had it since last fall, and it's probably my most worn scarf. It looks like they brought it (and this awesome reversible scarf) back again this year if you want to look like a more manageable pinterest cliche too ;)
LOFT - Striped Bateau Tee
Shirt: Loft [exact on major sale]
Pants: The Limited [exact]
Scarf: Target [exact]
Bag: Mulberry [exact]
Watch: Michael Kors [save | exact]
Shoes: Ferragamo c/o Shopbop [saveexact]

Saturday, November 14, 2015

top three [11.15.2015]


  • Conversion disorder is when psychological stressors manifest as physical symptoms. Examples include numbness, blindness, paralysis, and as we saw with one patient this week, seizures. This is a quick and interesting video that goes into the disorder a bit more. 
  • Nihilistic delusions are uncommon, bizarre beliefs that one is dead or one's body is breaking down, or that one does not exist. It's believed that it is a depressive form of self blame. Here's a really sad video of someone who suffers from this.
  • Rhinophyma is not a psychiatric condition. It is actually the fibrous thickening of the hose that is commonly associated with rosacea. It can actually be quite disfiguring (which can lead to pyschiatric issues, which is how I learned about it this week. 

on the internet


ask me anything

  • This is probably ridiculous, but I am dying to know if there's a good answer! I am preparing to have surgery next week and have once again, as with all prior surgeries, been forbidden to wear makeup or nail polish on the day of surgery. It's a laparoscopic abdominal surgery and I will be under general anesthesia. For the life of me, I can't understand how some foundation or mascara would interfere with surgery! Is there any logic behind this? I really don't even care that much (I'm totally fine going sans makeup)'s just always stuck out to me as such a bizarre rule!
    • I assume it has to do with looking for clues in your physical appearance to see how you are doing while you are under. Doctors can get a lot by just pressing on your nails and seeing if they refill quickly (it's called the capillary refill test). In addition, the anesthesiologists may put various electrodes and tools on your face (to test your muscle relaxation or to see if you have a fever), and foundation may interfere with that. I don't have an explanation for the mascara, but I assume the medical community decided it would just be easier to have a blanket "no make-up at all" statement. I hope that helps explain a little bit - best of luck with your surgery!!
  • Considering that you're both busy with school/work, how do you both balance your home in terms of cooking and cleaning?
    • It generally changes from month to month for us, depending who is on a busier rotation. We don't really have our "chores" but overall, I do more of the cooking and CR does more of the cleaning. On months one of us is as the hospital, the other may take over a few more of the responsibilities, but luckily that evens out over time :)
  • As a fashion-blog reader, do you have any tips for controlling the urge to buy all the cute things you see on your favorite blogs?
    • Yep - have a budget! Honestly, that's what I had to do. I have very little self control when it comes to buying cute things, which is why I had to start having a budget back in the day. Knowing you only have a finite amount of money to spend makes you really think about buying something!

on franish

notable sales


  • I'm still a snapchat noob and just figured out how to make it that you can send me snaps - feel free to send me questions, say hi, or just send me pictures of your pets :) find me at @fhasselhof
  • Anum, a fellow female medical student, has started a series on women in medicine. Check out her interview with me here! Thanks for having me, lady!
  • Greetings from Tampa! My childhood best friend got married yesterday, and I'm here fulfilling my bridesmaid duties :) It's crazy to see the girl who was your best friend growing up become a woman marrying the love of her life. When did we all become adults?! 

Friday, November 13, 2015

merry & bright

Nue by Shani Illusion Yoke Lace Sheath DressWe're officially entering the holiday season and I could not be more excited. I love the pretty lights, the delicious food, and a reason to connect with family and friends. It's also the time for holiday parties! When Nordstrom asked me to share a holiday look, I was so excited to pick out a pretty dress that would not only work for any party this season, but also future events. 

Nordstrom really does have so many pretty dress options! I really wanted to find a dress that could versatile and appropriate for multiple occasions, from parties this holiday to weddings next summer to graduation. I feel in love with the illusion lace sheath dress from Nue by Shani, a brand new to me. They know how to make body-flattering dresses! This has a built-in bodice, which basically means no shapewear...which is perfect for when I want to eat all the food at parties ;) I'm generally between a 10 and a 12, and went with a 12, and it fits perfectly. I can't wait for our first party this season so I can show it off (and not have to suck in the whole time, which is like a triple bonus!).DSC00626
clutch 2
clutch 1
Dress: Nue by Shani c/o Nordstrom [exact]
Clutch: Glint c/o Nordstrom [exact]
Wedges: J.Crew Factory

under $100: 
one | two | three | four [check out that back!]

under $150:

clutches under $100:

Thank you to ShopStyle and Nordstrom for sponsoring this post, and giving me the opportunity to own such a beautiful dress!