Monday, November 30, 2015

november budget

gap leggings: originally $80, on sale for $35

November budget: $500- $35 = $465 left for December and January

I went into this month planning on not doing much shopping until the big sales of the past week, so the only real thing I know I'm keeping are the gap legging jeans I got on major sale a few weeks ago. After I posted about trying on a pair of jeggings from Loft that weren't exactly what I was looking for, Krista texted me to tell me about her favorite pair of jeggings from Gap. I immediately ordered a pair, and they are just as wonderful as she promised! For reference, I got them in a large.

I also ordered a couple of things during a recent 50% off J.Crew Factory sale, but neither worked out for me. I fell in love with the elbow patches on their raglan sweater, but the sizing was a bit generous so it didn't really work. I also really liked their polka dot long-sleeved dress, but it was too short on me to be appropriate for the hospital unless I'm wearing tights, and I don't want to keep a dress I can only wear a portion of the year. I wish J.Crew Factory also offered tall sizes along with their petite selections!

So at the beginning of the month I bought very few things so I could save my budget for the end of month when all the sales were happening. Nothing has arrived yet, so I'll let you know how the Target poncho (now on clearance) , Loft polka dot tunic (currently 50% off), and open cardigan work out when I receive them!

Along with my budget of my own money, I always want to be transparent about what I receive because of blogging. My intention has always been to be as open as I can about what goes on "behind the scenes" of blogging, so I think it's only fair to include with I receive from my sponsors. I was really fortunate to work with some great companies this month, and got to add a few items of my choice to my closet. Kohl's new Madden Girl line added an "in between weather" coat and the perfect beanie. With Nordstrom I added a lace LBD from Nue by Shani and a gold clutch by Glint. From New York and Company I received a pretty floral dress and skirt - a friend of mine told me how much she loved a few of the other pieces I received from them, so I passed them on to her.

The one item I really still want is a pair of cognac boots. Remember how last month I mentioned that my "dream pair" was the Tory Burch Derby boots? Well, I just checked in on them again and now that they are close to 50% off thanks to Cyber Monday, I think I'm going to order them, juuuuust to try. All the reviews I could find mostly point to them having a somewhat generous calf, so there may be hope that they work on me! 

And speaking of Cyber Monday, here are just a few of the best sales going on:

Your turn! Did you find any great Black Friday deals IRL? As always, please make sure you link back to this post so your readers can find other budgeting bloggers!