Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014: a review

If 2013 was the year of change, then 2014 was the year of figuring it all out. I figured out what I wanted in relationships, how to do this whole med school thing, how to be a healthier person, and generally what my style is. The end of 2014 is a much happier time in my life than it was a year ago, and I can't thank you all enough for the support you've provided me over the past year. Thank you for all of your blog comments, kind emails,  and funny tweets. Can't wait to see what 2015 brings!

Favorite Outfits

nine | ten | eleven | twelve

I already knew this, but going through a year's worth of blog posts really drives home the fact that I'm definitely more of a neutrals girl. I'm all about black+white, cognac leathers, maroon accents, and stripes stripes stripes. I would say 2014 was the year I really started to define who I am, style-wise...

Least Favorite Outfits

...But with every learning curve comes some flops. There isn't really anything inherently wrong with any of these outfits, but they just don't feel right to me.

one: Individually I like all of these pieces, but together, the proportions are off
two: Probably my least favorite of the year. The dress is slightly too short with see-through tights, and it all seems a little too young but risque at the same time. I wore a similar outfit this fall, and liked that version a lot more.
three: Everything seems a bit ill-fitting. I was trying to make an effort to wear items in my closet that I wasn't wearing a lot, and that dress was one of them. I didn't feel super comfortable in it though (reason I never wore it!) and after seeing these pictures, it quickly was sold.
four: A bit too much pink and too girly for my taste. It just didn't feel like me.

Favorite Purchases

My favorite purchases are all favorites for different reasons. My DVF wrap dress is something I've wanted for years and years, and while I don't wear it that often, it's one of those items I hope to wear for many years to come (I used a small portion of my tax return to buy it off eBay). The chambray shirt is one I wear at least once a week, if not more, both to school and to study in. The straight dress pants from the Limited are my favorite dress pants - I love that they are like a more appropriate version of skinny jeans. The scarf is a recent favorite (with my plaid scarf being a close second, of course!), while the earrings are a really trendy item I've fallen in love with.

Regret Purchases

J.Crew pants: I loved them on Kendi, but they run a bit small, so they weren't that comfortable to wear. I only wore them once in the fall, but they are more spring/summer pants, so hopefully they'll be worn more in the warmer months of 2015.

ON Graphic Tee: Every else has one, so I wanted one too! It cost me under $10, but I haven't really worn it at all so far. I'm kind of scared to try to wear it to school, so I'm still playing around with it. Not a huge loss, but maybe not one I really needed to buy.

Target dress: I loved this dress when I first bought it, but when I bought the black and white version a few weeks later, the blue version kind of got left behind. I also find it less versatile than the black and white, so I may end up passing it along to a girlfriend who fell in love with it.

Most Pageviews

one | two | three | four

I'm slightly surprised about the most viewed posts of the year. The first one was at the top of my "most popular" widget for a long time, which is why I think it was viewed so many times (if you're a blogger and don't have a most popular widget, I highly suggest adding one!). The middle two are kind of surprising since they are pretty normal outfits, but the third one does have a video and some key words that people have searched for a lot this fall (about how to wear a blanket scarf and how to tie one). The last one I can understand because I've received a lot of questions about the diet I've been doing for close to half a year. I know some of you have tried it out - I would love to hear what you think of it, and if you have any must-try recipes!

Medical School Posts
School is obviously a huge huge part of my life, and so I love getting a chance to talk about it more, whether it's about my own study habits to what it's like to date in medical school (especially since I've seen it from all sides now!).

day in the life of a first year
day in the life of a second year
medical school and dating
medical school AMA
my study habits
cute study outfits 

Favorite Products

one | two | three | four | five

I've always loved playing with hair and make up products, and like most women, I'm always on the lookout for the next miracle worker. I actually found a couple this year! 

My hairdresser was using this dry texturizer on me every time I went in, and after accumulating a few giftcards, I finally purchased one for myself. It basically gives your hair volume without the teasing and fussing - just a quick spray and voluminous hair is yours. I initially bought the travel size just to make sure I really like it, and it lasted a full two months with almost daily use, and so I just bought the full size version. 

Mascara is my "one item" - the make-up item I can't live without. I have relatively long eyelashes, but they are super blond and kind of thin, so I'm always always looking for the world's best mascara to thicken them up. My mom actually sent me a tube of the Better Than Sex mascara for my birthday and I fell in love. Usually I'm coating on mascara over and over again, but with this, I do one coat of this L'oreal primer, and 2 quick coats of the BTS mascara and I have beautiful thick lashes. My first tube lasted me 3 months, which is longer than many others I have tried.

I have really dry skin all year long. I've tried all sorts of moisturizers, from the basic drug store kind to the most expensive at Sephora. The Say Yes to Cucumbers moisturizer is the one one I keep buying over and over again though. While fairly expensive for a drug store moisturizer, a little bit goes a long way, and it's the only thing I've found to keep that tight skin feeling away.

My mom wants nothing more than for me to wear bright lipstick every day, but I feel it always draws attention to the fact that I have big lips but a small mouth. My boyfriend also hates lipstick, so this lip balm is a great compromise. It's a balm that obviously moisturizes, but also works with your own body's chemicals and heat to create a custom pink color. How much of that is actually true I'm not sure, but I do love how moisturizing it is while providing me with a subtle pink lip. It's pretty expensive, but if you're looking to treat yourself with a pretty lipstick, I recommend this one :)

Now that I'm in my late 20s (WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN), I've been trying to be very good about taking care of my skin. I've always been very good about taking my make-up off at night and all that, but know it takes a bit more than that the older you get. I added in this overnight serum at the beginning of the year, and I've noticed a pretty big change in my skin. It really does make your skin look better overnight! I just ran out of this after using the same bottle for close to a year, and I very willingly just ordered a second bottle. 

Favorite Non-Outfit Posts
While my blog is primarily a style blog, I have always seen it as an extension of my life, not just my closet. Here are a few non-outfit posts (some of course are still clothing related haha) that I've written over the year. Let me know if there is anything I haven't really ever talked about that you'd be interested in hearing about!

closet inventory (I plan on doing another one soon!)
outtakes, part 1
outtakes, part 2
how I edit instagram pictures
ask me anything: life and blogging
my experience with the 4 hour body
bloggers and photoshopping - how are is too far?

Thank you for following along - Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

top three [12.28.14]

one | two | three
On the Internet


On Franish

Notable Sales
  • Nordstrom's clearance sale has a ton of great options at super low prices. I love the wristband of this watch (currently 40% off), while these knee high boot are a steal at 50% off.
  • Banana Republic is offering an extra 50% sale items (code BRWINTER). I picked up this sweater yesterday for $11 in store (I used my BR card for another 10% off + a $10 reward!). 
  • All AE jeans are currently under $30. I know it seems a bit strange, but I really love the AE jeans. They're super soft and stretchy, they come in longs (and shorts), and you can order them online so you don't have to go into the store with all of the other 13 year olds ;)  I've worn this pair so much they now have holes in the thighs after wearing them for 4 years straight.  

  • I started my Invisalign braces this week. I had braces growing up (twice!) and even though I was the perfect patient, my teeth went back to crooked. I'm doing Invisalign for the next year to finally correct it. It's taking a bit to get used to (I have a lisp hahaha) especially when it comes to eating (you have to take the trays out whenever you eat) but I'm excited to have straight teeth at the end of this process!
  • After a week off from school, I've started gathering some of my board prep materials. I'm nervous about how much we have to learn this semester, but I'm also excited because in less than 5 months, it will all be over.
  • Christmas this year was really different, but also very special. I didn't get to spend any time with my own family, who I miss very much, but I was very much included in all of CR's family traditions and am so grateful for all of their love. I hope you all had a great holiday season!

Friday, December 26, 2014

shopping, party of one

easy shopping outfitI've always heard that the day after Christmas is the best day of the year to go shopping, and so today I'm braving the crowds and going to the mall. I haven't been in a mall by myself in over a year, so I'm excited to just go! I really enjoy shopping by myself, but since we live further away from a bigger mall, I'm always either with my boyfriend or my girlfriends, and I hate making people wait around for me to try anything on so I end up never really getting anything. 

Since we're at my boyfriend's parents house for the week and they live in a bigger city, I have the opportunity to go out by myself! Here are some of the current deals out there, and just a few of the things I'd love to try on. Are you going out today, and are you still recovering from all the Christmas goodies?
  • Banana Republic: up to 50% off 
  • Gap: 35% off online (code: GIFT4ME)
    • I recently got this wireless bra for sleeping (you know, for when you aren't in your own home haha) and it's super cute and soft. I barely even notice it. There are also matching bottoms ;)
    • I've heard that the Eversoft sweaters have a cult-like following - this v-neck sweater comes in several great colors (that red is so pretty!)
  • J.Crew: 30% off full price + 40% off sale items (code: HOLIDAYTIME)
  • Loft: 50% off everything (including some Lou & Grey)
    • This sweater is the perfect mix of comfort and style - wouldn't it look great with leggings and boots?
    • The pattern on this dress isn't actually polka dots. I think it would make a great dress for all seasons, just depends on the accessories! 
    • I highly recommend this blouse that I got last month. I did end up having my tailor take it in on the sides slightly, but now it's one of my favorite blouses. I wore it to CR's grandmothers for Christmas and received several compliments :)
  • Madewell: 30% off sale items + free shipping on all orders (code: FORYOU)

grey sweater over striped tee
Rebecca Minkoff Love Bag
Sweater: Everlane [exact]
Tee: Boden
Pants: c/o Zappos [exact]
Scarf: Banana Republic 
Purse: c/o Shopbop [exact]
Watch: Michael Kors [save | exact]
Bracelet: gift from Lizzi [exact]
Everlane, The Slouchy Cashmere V-Neck

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

putting your best internet foot forward: how far is too far?

I've been doing this blogging thing for close to three years, and so I understand many of the temptations for bloggers. Being a part of a lot of group giveaways will get you heaps of social media follows. Wearing "just for the blog" outfits means you can get more creative with your clothes since you don't actually have to wear them all day. Buying instagram followers or facebook likes means companies will be more willing to work you because of your "reach". Editing your pictures to make yourself skinnier gets you pinned more, so a little tweak here and there isn't bad, right?

Monday, December 22, 2014

wearing rain boots to work

how to wear rain boots to work I really love my Hunter rain boots - I wear them at some point almost every single day between the months of September through May. Several people have asked me to talk about more how I wear them with professional attire and my answer is...

I don't....really.

Rain boots are meant to kept your feet dry when it is wet outside, so once you get inside, there's no real reason for them (plus my feet and legs get a bit sweaty after wearing them for more than an hour anyway). But I still want to wear my rain boots on rainy days, so I always wear a skirt or dress on those days. I think it's much cuter that way, instead of awkwardly tucking dress pants into boots. Then you just change into flats when you get to work. So...not the world's most innovative tip, but that's how I do it :)

My other tip if you don't want to bring a pair of shoes to change into, and if you have a slightly more casual work environment, is to buy waterproof boots like this classic style of boot. I wear ponte black pants and boots on slightly rainy days, or when it's snowing. No silly tucked in dress pants, but my feet are dry and I don't even have to change.
Oversized Plaid Scarf - Multicolored
what to wear to work when it's raining

Skirt: Banana Republic [similar]
Tee: Everlane [exact]
Cardigan: thrifted [similar]
Scarf: Target [exact - back in stock!]
Shoes: Banana Republic [exact]
Rain Boots: Hunter [exact]
Watch: Michael Kors [save a ton | exact]
Bracelet: C. Wonder [exact]
Hunter Adjustable Back Boot
via instagram

And while I really love my Hunter rain boots, there are some really great cheaper options out there. Below are 6 that are under $75. I would go with the first one if I were you - how cute are they?!

Sunday, December 21, 2014

top three [12.21.2014]

what to wear with straight dress pants
one | two | three 
  • That joke about fetuses drinking their own pee is actually true - much of amniotic fluid is actually urine. I bring this up because 1. I didn't actually think about that until medical school and 2. if something goes wrong with the kidneys during development, it can lead to huge problems for the fetus due to a lack of amniotic fluid. 
  • The year in medicine - 35 stories that happened this year.
  • School is ovvvvvveerrrrr! 

  • I'm all about the cuff bracelets currently because it's an easy way to layer jewelry with a watch without it being too obnoxious. This set is super cute (those mini pearls!) and currently on sale.
  • I recently saw this tunic-y top and can't stop thinking about it - it would be the perfect study shirt.
  • How cool is this book art? Of course they don't have an F :( (luckily they have an H!)

On the Internet

On Franish

Notable [last minute] Sales

  • We officially are done with school for the semester! It's been a loooooong five months, but I would say it was the best semester so far. I plan on writing a full post on it in the next week or so, GIFs included like last year ;)
  • Since we haven't really had much time to get our Christmas shopping done until now, we're spending the day in Pittsburgh to get it all done. The weekend before Christmas sounds like the worst time to go, but hopefully it won't be too bad! Besides buying for everyone else, I'm also hoping to try on a few things. I'm still on the hunt for grey pants, so I'd like to try both a bootcut version and a straight leg version from Loft since they are currently (always?) on sale. But also, this unique sweater because it's so dang cute.  
  • We rented Begin Again yesterday on a whim (I had never heard about it before) and now I'm obsessed. The music is sooooo good. It may already be on my phone...and I may have already listened to the whole album twice. 
  • Bonus: Because my dad has to work on Christmas and my parents are going on a tropical vacation immediately after, I'm spending the holidays with my boyfriend and his family. I'm really excited (but also nervous!). I'm bringing German cookies, both my dogs, and hopefully not too much trouble ;)

Friday, December 19, 2014

switch hitter

for work and for play I feel like I have two separate closets - one for school, and one for studying. My school clothes aren't the clothes I want to wear to the library for 10 hours, and the clothes I am comfortable in for long periods of time are not always appropriate for school. I have found a few items that cross from one side of the closet to other though, with my ponte black pants being my favorite. They are as comfortable as yoga pants, but are thicker and have a zipper and pockets, which makes them appropriate to wear to school, at least when I wear them with boots and a longer top. This way I can still wear my boots to school without always having to wear dresses or skirts (especially when it's snowing!). Mine are a few years old, but these ones are currently 40% off if you are looking for a pair!

Do you have any cross over pieces, or are you lucky enough that you can wear any of your clothes whenever you want? 
wear a longer sweater over ponte pants for work
Nordstrom - Vince Camuto 'Fabina' Over-The-Knee Boot
grey sweater layered over white button up for work
Sweater: H&M [exact - I would suggest sizing down!]
Button up: Banana Republic 
Pants: Gap [similar]
Boots: Vince Camuto [exact on sale]
Necklace: J.Crew Factory [exact on sale]
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington [exact]*
Bracelet: gift from my friend Lizzi [exact]
Nails: Essie [exact]

*use code holiday_franish for 15% off your order
Daniel Wellington Classic Shefield DSC06217

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

what I should have done differently

simple winter look: stripes and an oversized scarf
I loved this outfit the day I wore it - my pants were newly pressed, the snow was melting so I didn't have to wear boots (#hussyankles), and I got so many compliments on my new scarf (rightfully so...). Then after looking at these pictures I really thought I should have worn a blazer or more layers or something - this is kind of a boring outfit, huh? Nothing really special about it other than I liked wearing it. 

But here we are, looking at it on the internet anyway. I fight with myself a lot when it comes to picking out my outfits, and then uploading the pictures to share with you guys. I want to look nice and have it be interesting, but I also don't want to be fake, or just wear something because of the blog. I know a lot of us "every day women" bloggers struggle with that - dressing up enough to have it be worth sharing, but not dressing "for the blog". Do I think I may have been a bit lazy with this outfit? Sure - I could have layered a bit more, worn some bright lipstick, maybe tried to tame the frizz or made sure my shirt was properly tucked in (whoops!), but in the end, this blog is still a learning experience for me, my body, and my closet. 

Things I do know though? That this scarf is amazing and as soon as it stops being a BR Pick, everyone should buy it so we can all be twins. You'll love it, I promise.
banana republic sophia scarf
what to wear with a blanket scarf
Tee: Ann Taylor
Pants: The Limited [exact]
Scarf: Banana Republic [exact]
Shoes: J.Crew Factory [exact on sale]
Bag: Kate Spade [similar]
blanket scarf in the office, medical school dress code, what to wear to medical school, 1st year medical school dress code
sophia scarf

P.S. Shopbop is currently having a 20% off sale items (use code EXTRASALE)*
one: pretty crossbody bags in a variety of colors and styles
two: necklaces that tie your whole outfit together
three: you'll always know what time it is because you'll never take these watches off
four: give yourself something to look forward to for spring (only 5 months away!)

*Disclosure: I receive a monthly credit to Shopbop but as always, my opinions are all my own.

Monday, December 15, 2014

for that fashionable friend...

fashionable friend gift guide We all have a friend that is super fashionable, and therefore impossible to shop for. I'm always worried that I'll get her something in a color that she doesn't like, in the wrong size, or something she would never ever wear. 

My solution is to buy her something practical and fashionable - items that aren't specific fashion things like a scarf or sweater, but things she'll use for the items she picked out herself. If you have any suggestions, please share! I'm always looking for the next best present :)

one: keeps her jewelry organized on the go (comes in Tiffany blue too!)
two: for her trinkets and baubles (I suggest adding these bracelets)
three: she spends money on her leather, give her the tools to take care of them
four: upgrade her closet with a few sets of these wooden hangers
five: a place for her collection of beautiful watches (I love mine!)
six: keeps her unmentionables separated in style
seven: so her boots keep their shape for years to come

Sunday, December 14, 2014

top three [12.14.2014]

  • On top of of renal, we are also currently taking a 1 credit geriatrics course this week. According to recent statistics, the elderly make up 13% of the population, but are 36% of all hospital cases and take up 50% of all physician hours. Whoa.
  • I don't advise going out and drinking your anti-freeze, but if you were to, just buy a bottle of tequila - the treatment for ethylene glycol (anti-freeze) is ethanol (drinking alcohol!).  (while this is actually true, if you were to get ethylene glycol poisoning, please go find your nearest emergency room and not just start taking tequila shots)
  • The world's largest kidney stone was 13 centimeters wide. The normal kidney is only 9 centimeters wide. OUCH.

On the Internet

  • I talked about falling in love with this blouse a few weeks ago, and now that it's half the price it was then, I'm finally going for it. Here's hoping I like it in real life as much as I like it online!
  • Chambray and polka dots just make sense. Wear it with black ponte pants and boots now, and with white shorts in the spring!
  • I've been using e.l.f. brushes for years, but they are definitely showing their age. This sparkly set of 5 is from one my favorite make-up brands (I'm hardcore loyal to their powders!), so pretty, and currently on sale. Please, Santa? 

On Franish

Notable Sales

  • I upgraded my phone this week to an iPhone 6+. It's ginormous and therefore I love it - I was debating about getting an iPad mini for when rotations start, but this should do the trick just fine. I bought this case for it so that the gold still shows through :)
  • Last day of school is on Thursday! Then it's Christmas shopping, baking, and so much napping for the next two weeks.
  • We had our ugly Christmas sweater party this week and it was a ton of fun. We had some pretty ugly sweaters and then some pretty awesome ones too. We even had the dogs and their ugly sweaters out!

Friday, December 12, 2014

what's red and white and black all over?

easy holiday outfit: white blouse with a plaid skirt Santa coming down the chimney. 

har har.

Thank you, I'll be here all night!

Lamest opener for a blog post ever? Possibly. But if you forced me to choose 3 colors to wear for the rest of my life, I'd be all about being like ol' St. Nick and go with red, black, and white. It's just what I feel most comfortable in now. I remember a few years ago when I was shopping, I would always buy an item in a color that I didn't own a lot of because I thought it would add versatility to my closet. Turns out, it really just added a bunch of clothes in colors I don't really like to wear. Lesson learned.

If you were forced to choose three colors for life, what would you go with? And do you find yourself shopping towards them now, or do you try to add a little bit more variation? I'm still trying to find the balance between sticking to what I'm completely comfortable with, and still keeping it fun.
Daniel Wellington Classic Sheffield Lady
Blouse: ASOS [similar]
Pants: c/o Zappos [exact]
Scarf: Target [exact]
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington [exact]*
Shoes: Tory Burch [exact]
Nails: Essie [exact]

*use code holiday_franish for 15% off
and because my Target scarf is sometimes hard to find, here are 4 similar ones. Not feeling the plaid? Try this pom pom scarf! I recorded a little video a few months ago about how I wear mine here.
one | two

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

mad mad world

ABSTRACT JACQUARD SHORT SLEEVE DRESSYou know what makes the last two weeks of the semester better than it really is? Lots of homemade chili, that all of the snow is gone, and pretty pretty dresses. 

You guys. I love this dress. Whenever I order anything or try things on in stores, I waffle back and forth between liking it or not wanting it. Sometimes I end up liking it after making a few adjustments or trying it with something different, but this dress was instant KEEPING YOU FOREVER. CR says it's very Mad Men, and that solidified the decision to keep it and wear it forever. and ever.

Now if only answering renal physiology questions on an exam was this easy...

Dress: Loft [exact - 50% off with code WRAPIT]*
Belt: Everlane [exact]
Necklace: Forever 21 [similar on sale]
Bag: Kate Spade [similar]
Shoes: Tory Burch [exact]
Earrings: eBay [exact | more colors]
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington [exact]**
* I sized down, and in a tall
** use code holiday_franish to receive 15% off your order! 

Monday, December 8, 2014

my ideal winter outfit

For as much as I dislike the cold and snowy winter, I love the clothes that come with the season. Layers, scarves, boots, and pretty fancy coats are a few of my favorite things. In collaboration with Nordstrom, these are my winter staples - tried and true pieces and looks that will carry me through the next five blistery cold months.

one: discrete but adorable
two: the perfect layering top (expensive but on sale)
three: as comfortable as leggings but better
four: to wrap your face up in when it gets windy
five: stripes go with everything
six: a coat you'll wear 10 years from now
seven: the "goes with everything watch" (on sale)
eight: have them, love them, get them (on sale)
nine: a transport tote dupe that's reversible
ten: cream blush keeps your face from becoming ashy
eleven: my holy grail product for keeping my skin moisturized
twelve: to keep your lips kissable and smooth

Thank you to ShopStyle for sponsoring this post. As always, all opinions are my own. All of these products are either ones I already own, similar to ones I own, or on my wish list ;)

Sunday, December 7, 2014

top three [12.07.14]

maroon scarves forever: one | two | three | similar scarf here

  • Clothing makes the doctor. Such an interesting read about what patients want their doctors to wear, the safety concerns about certain items (ties that aren't clipped), and how different clothing styles are perceived. (Thanks to Coree for tweeting me the link to this article!)
  • I spent a morning shadowing our local pathologist and really liked it. Granted, I was only there for four hours, but I found it so interesting, and there are certain aspects that I think I would really enjoy.  I'm going to make sure I do an elective in it next year to see how I really feel about it, but it's definitely something I never saw myself doing but could see it now...
  • There's a type of tumor (a pheochromocytoma) that in rare cases can grow in the bladder, which results in hypertension, flushing, post-urination fainting, and other sympathetic signs when you pee. Every time you pee! 

  • I've been looking for a portable charger that plugs directly into my iPhone and I finally found the perfect one, and it just happens to be adorable to boot. It comes in pink and gold too!
  • Fair isle leggings are a thing...a thing I want on my legs all of Christmas break.
  • I wish I had an event to go to, because this dress is lacey, beautiful, and would be hanging in my closet just waiting to be taken out for a spin.

On the Internet
  • Maya may have picked out the cutest possible background ever. She's so dang pretty.
  • I'm so happy that Grace is back! I really enjoyed her Whole 30 recap - I made her give me the recipes so I can incorporate sweet potatoes into our diet in new ways (as "buns" and as a crust!)
  • And my other favorite Grace is wearing an entire outfit of things I would love to own. Doesn't she look so beautiful? 

On Franish

Notable Sales

  • The last three weeks of school are in full swing and it is killing me slowly. My poor boyfriend - I've had several moments of weakness/stress this week that ended in tears. They're just really piling it all on at the end of the semester! 11 more days until sweet sweet Christmas break freedom.
  • In addition to school stress, we also signed up for boards this week. May 21st is the date - I'm so nervous! This test determines what residencies we are competitive for, so it really does determine the rest of your (professional) life. For those who have gone through Step 1 - any tips? 
  • And on a positive note, my girlfriends and I are throwing an ugly Christmas sweater party on Tuesday after our exam and I'm so excited. We're making this punch, wearing these headbands, and taking as many ridiculous pictures as possible. 

Friday, December 5, 2014

merry and bright

In partnership with Zappos I styled my new Paige jeans and Freebird boots for the holidays...
DSC05990 Holiday fashion usually evokes thoughts of lots of sequins - sequin skirts, dresses, shirts, shoes. And while I love a little sparkle in my life, for my second post with Zappos, I wanted to show you guys a slightly dressier but pared down way of wearing my Paige jeans and Freebird boots around the holiday season. 

I've been wearing these jeans constantly - sneakily to school, going out with friends, studying at the library, just about everywhere. Black jeans are genius - as comfortable as your favorite pair of blue jeans, but always look a little dressier. Pair them with your comfiest (stretchiest!) blazer, and a bedazzled shirt, and you'll be the classiest and comfiest person at that holiday party! And speaking of holiday party, if you're looking for a last minute present, make sure you check out their gift guide (plus their speedy shipping will insure that you don't show up empty handed).
Jeans: Paige c/o Zappos [exact]
Booties: Freebird c/o Zappos [exact]
I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.