Monday, December 15, 2014

for that fashionable friend...

fashionable friend gift guide We all have a friend that is super fashionable, and therefore impossible to shop for. I'm always worried that I'll get her something in a color that she doesn't like, in the wrong size, or something she would never ever wear. 

My solution is to buy her something practical and fashionable - items that aren't specific fashion things like a scarf or sweater, but things she'll use for the items she picked out herself. If you have any suggestions, please share! I'm always looking for the next best present :)

one: keeps her jewelry organized on the go (comes in Tiffany blue too!)
two: for her trinkets and baubles (I suggest adding these bracelets)
three: she spends money on her leather, give her the tools to take care of them
four: upgrade her closet with a few sets of these wooden hangers
five: a place for her collection of beautiful watches (I love mine!)
six: keeps her unmentionables separated in style
seven: so her boots keep their shape for years to come