Sunday, December 21, 2014

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what to wear with straight dress pants
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  • That joke about fetuses drinking their own pee is actually true - much of amniotic fluid is actually urine. I bring this up because 1. I didn't actually think about that until medical school and 2. if something goes wrong with the kidneys during development, it can lead to huge problems for the fetus due to a lack of amniotic fluid. 
  • The year in medicine - 35 stories that happened this year.
  • School is ovvvvvveerrrrr! 

  • I'm all about the cuff bracelets currently because it's an easy way to layer jewelry with a watch without it being too obnoxious. This set is super cute (those mini pearls!) and currently on sale.
  • I recently saw this tunic-y top and can't stop thinking about it - it would be the perfect study shirt.
  • How cool is this book art? Of course they don't have an F :( (luckily they have an H!)

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  • We officially are done with school for the semester! It's been a loooooong five months, but I would say it was the best semester so far. I plan on writing a full post on it in the next week or so, GIFs included like last year ;)
  • Since we haven't really had much time to get our Christmas shopping done until now, we're spending the day in Pittsburgh to get it all done. The weekend before Christmas sounds like the worst time to go, but hopefully it won't be too bad! Besides buying for everyone else, I'm also hoping to try on a few things. I'm still on the hunt for grey pants, so I'd like to try both a bootcut version and a straight leg version from Loft since they are currently (always?) on sale. But also, this unique sweater because it's so dang cute.  
  • We rented Begin Again yesterday on a whim (I had never heard about it before) and now I'm obsessed. The music is sooooo good. It may already be on my phone...and I may have already listened to the whole album twice. 
  • Bonus: Because my dad has to work on Christmas and my parents are going on a tropical vacation immediately after, I'm spending the holidays with my boyfriend and his family. I'm really excited (but also nervous!). I'm bringing German cookies, both my dogs, and hopefully not too much trouble ;)