Friday, May 31, 2013

a girl's best friend

About four years ago, I started getting puppy fever. Chris and I were moving in together, and I really wanted a dog. I begged and begged - I want a puggle and I was going to name him Puggle and we were going to be a happy little family of three. I talked about Puggle every night before we went to bed. Chris learned that some puggles have breathing problems, and decided against it. Instead, he surprised me on my 22nd birthday with a little dachshund (who, let it be known, eventually have back problems...) who we named Hans. We loved having a little puppy around, napping in our arms and getting excited every time we walked in the room. 

I was still in college, so I was home off and on throughout the day, but I always felt guilty about leaving him at home alone. That following January, I started looking at all of the adopt a shelter dog sites for a brother for Hans. We wanted another dachshund, but the few in the shelters got adopted real quick. A local humane society informed me that they had a litter of dachshund mixlings so we packed up the car with Hans to "just take a look" but we all know that you can't just go take a look at puppies, so that's how Baer came into our lives. 

Turns out, Baer is a dachshund/basset hound/lab/retriever mix so he's much larger than we anticipated. He's also much sweeter than we ever could have imagined. Baer is excited to meet everyone. He wants nothing more than to have you touch him, and he will do just about anything to get into your lap (all fifty pounds of him). He really just wants you to be happy, and is a big comforter - just yesterday when I was crying my eyes out after watching this video, he just quietly sat next to me and then licked a tear off my cheek. He's the sweetest.

Anyway, Baer isn't dying or anything, which I feel I kind of made it seem like, I just really love my sweet boy. He had an appointment with the vet today (just to get some shots!)so I figured it was time for a little more screen time. He's a natural poser, right? I should take notes.
Chambray Popover: J.Crew Factory [exact now on sale]
Necklace: Jewelmint via B&B giveaway
Pants: Gap
Watch: Fossil [similar style]
Shoes: Tory Burch [exact]
Nails: Essie Lapiz of Luxury 
and for Friday Favorites: how I worn this chambray popover last week and in the past...
1 | 2 | 3 | 4

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Thursday, May 30, 2013


As you guys (may) know, I take my own pictures for this little outfit blog. Overall, I don't mind doing it myself. I can take 50 pictures within 2 minutes and not have anyone judge me that it takes 50 pictures for me to find 4 that I find acceptable. I can go to a different location if I don't like the one I'm in, and I don't have anyone groan at me when I ask them to take my pictures out in public.

The awkward part for me is the posing, I think. If someone else is taking your pictures, you can at least pretend it's impromptu and if someone happens to walk by, you can just pretend you are a tourist. If someone catches you taking your own pictures, then you're just the weirdo in the middle of the street taking pictures of yourself. When someone else takes your pictures, you can give the camera all these cutesy looks because chances are you like the person behind the camera so it comes naturally...but truthfully I feel so silly doing that because I don't love my tripod all that much (not as much as I like my boyfriend anyway). On top of that, I don't really know how I'm supposed to stand taking these silly pictures. I have like three "poses" I do - hands on hip or pocket, looking down at ground, or staring off to the side - so versatile, so not a model. 

I hope you guys aren't too bored with me though :/  I can always do more twee poses if you prefer...

If you're looking for advice for your own selfie adventures though, I really enjoyed Megan's post on this a few months ago (her go-to poses are a lot cuter). 
DSC06254 DSC06234
Shirt: Gap [exact]
Cardigan: Target, thrifted
Jeans: American Eagle [exact]
Necklace: gift from Kimmie
Watch: Kate Spade [exact]
Shoes: Gap [save | splurge]
Nails: Essie Lapiz of Luxury
Ring: Jewelmint via a giveaway from Bedknobs & Baubles 

P.S. Congrats to Sabrina Alley for winning the WCIS giveaway - Bri will email you!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

rainy day

casual chambray for a rainy day 
Since it was still snowing in April, it only makes sense that it's still raining in May, right? So much for flowers. 

I am happy I get to wear my rain boots again! I'm so happy I found a pair that actually fit my calves instead of trying to squeeze into "normal" size. I'd be lying if I didn't get just a little bit excited to wear them. I'd also be lying if I said I haven't worn a variation of this outfit for the past three days. I just really wanted to wear my new tee [review here], and it's been chilly all weekend so the chambray and jeans just kind of made sense.

whatever, like you've never worn an outfit several days in a row.
chambray and hunters
Chambray: Old Navy [same style | fun inexpensive variation]
Tee: Everlane
Jeans: Urban Outfitters [exact]
Boots: Hunter [exact]
Watch: Fossil [similar]
Umbrella: J.Crew
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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

may budget

  1. Forever Geo Fringe Necklace - $15: I've been looking for this necklace in stores for a few weeks now, but with no luck. Caroline tweeted that F21 was having offering free shipping with no minimum so I got suckered in. I've recently really liked the look of larger statement pieces but with neutral colors so I'm excited for this necklace to arrive.
  2. Old Navy Tee [seen here] - $6 down from $17: This is my super trendy purchase of the month. Luckily it costs about as much as lunch does, so I'm going to have fun with it while I can.
  3. The Limited Shorts - $28 ($44 + 40% sale): The pair I purchased are actually more of a dark coral than these hot pink ones shown online (seen here). They are in the Drew fit, so they are a bit dressier. I like them because they are just bit longer than some chino shorts out there. Chris says they look like mom shorts, but I highly disagree. Boys!
  4. Sam Edelman Felicia Flats [seen here] - $60 at Nordstrom Rack: These were purchased when Chris and I were in Minneapolis at the beginning of the month. I've been looking for a comfortable nude flats for a while so I'm happy to finally have found a pair.
  5. Joe's Jeans - $50 on eBay: As you guys know, I really love my Joe's Jeans. I've had them for about 3 years now, and wear them all the time. Unfortunately, all of that wear was eventually starting to show so even though I have done some thigh reinforcing, a second pair was needed. I didn't want to spend the full price in stores, so I searched eBay. I ran into a couple of problems (the first pair were the wrong size, the second pair were advertised incorrectly) so I'm thrilled that I finally found the right pair. The length is longer than my current pair, so instead of getting them hemmed I'm going to wear them with wedges...which I don't own yet. 
  6. Everlane White & Black V Tee - $30: you can read the whole search/ review about these here!
  7. Forever 21 Geo Cutout Cuff - $6: will be a fun piece to wear with #1
  8. Madewell Sweater [seen here] - $30 on sale: okay, maybe also not a staple piece, but it's really comfortable and I like it so there ;)
  9. Groupdealz Clover Necklace [seen here] - $7: I've been looking for one of these necklaces for about two years. I remember seeing it on Veronika, and really really liking it but, the price was too high, so I was happy to get these for a steal from Groupdealz a few weeks ago.
  10. Thrifted items not pictured: this vintage polka dot dress from Goodwill ($7), this J.Crew silk dress (also $7 but the current style goes for much MUCH more - who donates these things?), and a blazer ($4)
         = $250 - $60 left over from last month - $25 clothing sold = $165

Overall, not too bad this month even if I did go over just by a little bit. I got a few items to fill the holes in my closet (the white tees, jeans, coral shorts, and nude flats), a few fun pieces, and a start to having actual clothes to wear this summer. I have three weeks left of work, which means only five more weeks of having an income. I need to crack down on making purchases for the next two months for financial and space issues (all of my clothes have to come with me in my car for my move). I can't believe all of this is actually happening.

School Wardrobe update: Chris and I went to the mall on Memorial Day to take a look through the sales racks. I ended up buying this skirt and this skirt (in pink) from Banana Republic. Both were on final sale in store, plus 40% off, so I got both for a total of $38 (see them here). I also really liked the color of this skirt, but it wrinkled far too easily, and since I'll be sitting for really long periods of time in school I figured it wouldn't be the best piece to buy. While at BR, I also tried on a bunch of different dress pants. I ended up really liking this style (in black), but I need them in a long which they didn't have in store. The style is currently sold out online but the sales associate assured me that they have that style come back all the time as it's one of their classics, so I just need to keep an eye out for it online. J.Crew Factory also had 50% off online sale yesterday, and while perusing through the site, I found these shoes. They were exactly what I was looking for, so I ordered them in nude. They're on backorder now, and won't ship until July, which is kind of a bummer that I can't wear them a few times now, but it'll be like a fun surprise when they do finally arrive.

So how did you do this month? Did the Memorial Day sales sucker you in, or provide you with the opportunity to get some great pieces at even greater prices? I'd love to hear how your month went with regards to sticking to your budget. Please add your link below, and please make sure to link back to this post so your readers can discover other budgetting bloggers.

Monday, May 27, 2013

j.crew factory: 50% off EVERYTHING

J.Crew Factory has their entire store 50% off right now online which doesn't happen that often. I love the factory store because you get the same aesthetic as the retail store without spending that crazy amount of money. Here are some of my favorite pieces currently available - a few I own and are now a great deal, a few are "gimme, so pretty" pieces, and I may be ordering one to try out! Are you shopping the sale today?

  • Polka Dot Popover: it seems I wear mine at least once a week. It's currently on sale for the price I paid for it in December.
  • Chambray Popover: another shirt I wear a lot. See my chambray popover comparison post here and how I've worn it since here. The current price is less than what I paid for it.
  • Clare Scattered Dot Cardigan: this cardigan is so cute. I think it would be a great piece for cooler nights in the summer, and a staple in the fall/winter.
  • Printed Sun Shift: this is like the ideal summer dress - you can throw it on, put on some cute flats, and you're basically set. If this had a v-neck I would purchase it immediately.
  • Crystal Necklace: I met up with my blogging friend Laura on Thursday and she was wearing this necklace over a striped blue shirt under a bright blue blazer. It was the perfect accessory for that outfit, so I've been itching to get my hands on the same necklace, plus it's currently like 1/4 of the retail version's price.
  • Teagan Ruffle Top: This would look great on top of some colored shorts for more casual occasions or under a cardigan/blazer for work.
  • Sylvia Patent Wedges: I ordered these! They are exactly what I was looking for my school wardrobe so I'm really excited to receive them. I'm bummed they won't ship for another month though, but it'll be like a surprise when they finally come in the mail!
Anything catching your eye?

P.S. Forever 21 currently has free shipping with no minimum, just use code MEMDAY13. I'm debating hard about this necklace - gold or silver?


cargo vest + stripes 
Happy Memorial Day!

I don't have much else to say, but I do have a few reminders.

+ budgetting bloggers goes up tomorrow!
+ have you entered this giveaway yet? you could win this watch!
+ the shop my closet post is up and ready :)
vest + stripes + silver jewelry
just a little bit of necklace stacking
Shirt: Tahari via TJ Maxx
Vest: Old Navy [similar]
Jeans: Urban Outfitters [exact]
Glasses: c/o Firmoo
Necklaces: "f" from Whitney, diamond is a family heirloom
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington [exact]
Belt: The Limited
Shoes: Tory Burch [exact]
casual but still pulled together
vest + stripes

Sunday, May 26, 2013

shop my closet!

I found out this week that I will be moving to Pennsylvania by myself for school...with just my car....with dogs in the back seat. So in an effort to reduce my closet even more than I have in recent months, I'm selling some clothes on here. The prices are listed below. Shipping is $5 for the first piece, and $2 for every additional piece. If you are interested, please email me at letting me know which item you want. All payments will be done through PayPal, and all items will be shipped within 2 business days. Email me if you have any questions!

sponsor love: go chic or go home

Today I'd like to introduce you to one of my favorite places on the internet, Go Chic or Go Home. I was first introduced to GCOGH by Lilly and Audrey, two women I greatly admire in the blogging world.  GCOGH is like all of your favorite places combined - it has the inspirational aspect of Pinterest, the functionality to upload pictures of all of your own clothes to make outfits like on Polyvore, and the added bonus that you can even earns points that can be redeemed for gift cards. 

The thing I really like about Go Chic or Go Home is that the looks on there are attainable. Real women are uploading the pictures from their real lives and so while Pinterest is great for the "Ooooh look how pretty and amazing that is!", GCOGH is perfect for figuring out new ways to wear your own clothes.  My favorite aspect is that you can search for looks based on certain criteria. Say you have a striped item you're looking for a new way to wear. You can filter all of the outfits by the keyword, and you suddenly have several thousand outfit inspirations

Need new ideas for a more business look, or something with long sleeves, or how about something striped with long sleeves that would be appropriate for business wear? GCOGH will show you how it's done:

I don't think it's possible to have a "I have no idea how to wear this" moment when you have this great resource at your finger tips. If you'd like to try it out for yourself, you can sign up here

Saturday, May 25, 2013

everlane v-neck tee review

In recent months, I've been working through the items in my current closet, taking a mental inventory of what I have, removing pieces that are no longer worn, and thinking about the pieces I'd like to add. One of the big staples that I was missing was a white tee shirt - something so simple, yet apparently so difficult to find the "perfect" version for me. There were certain things I wanted in this tee:
  • I didn't want it to be semi see-through. I wear these tanks under everything I wear, but I don't want them to show.
  • I don't want a clingy material. I have enough going on in the torso area that I don't want wrinkles to be added
  • I want a full sleeve, not a capped sleeve. Shorter sleeves tend to cut across the thickest part of the arm, which only emphasizes the thickness. I also don't want them to be skin tight.
  • The v-neck needs to be deep enough to elongate the upperbody, but not too deep that it shows too much cleavage. I also didn't want the tank underneath it to show out the top.
  • I would prefer there wasn't a pocket on the front. My chest is fairly large (for reference, I wear a 36D), so a small little pocket on the front would look comical.
Seems like a lot of wants in just a plain tee shirt, but I'd rather have one shirt I am comfortable wearing than five where I only like parts of it.

I first heard about Everlane from Jess about a year ago and was intrigued by what they were offering - simple and classic basic pieces with designer quality at not designer prices. I don't really like ordering clothes online that I can't return easily, so I didn't order them right away. Over the last few months I tried on several tees from a variety of stores. I didn't alway takes pictures because they were pretty disappointing, and only fulfilled a percentage of my requirements. For example, the J.Crew Factory tee on the left (sorry about the terrible picture quality) has long enough sleeves, but the neckline was too low, and the fabric too clingy. The J.Crew version on the right had the right neckline, but was see-through in real life, and also too thin/clingy.
Eventually I was sick of trying on a bunch of tees that just weren't working, and ordered two shirts from Everlane - the v-neck tee in white and in muted black. I ordered them Wednesday evening, and I received them today, Saturday.
everlane cotton v
These tees fulfill all of my preferences - the right neckline, the sleeves are longer and not skin tight, the fabric is soft, not clingy and not completely transparent, and best of all, they are appropriately priced at $15 a piece. I would prefer about 1.5 more centimeters of fabric on the sleeve, but overall I am very very pleased with this t-shirt. As a reference, I'm usually between a medium and a large in tops, and I ordered the large from Everlane.
everlane muted black tee
As far as longevity, I obviously do not have any personal experience yet. Lauren, whose opinion on clothing I highly respect, swears by these tees and can speak to the longevity of the quality.
photo (5)
If you are interested in testing these tees out for yourself, you can create an account here. You get free shipping if you order 2 or more items, and they offer more than these tees so it's definitely worth taking a look around (I kind of love this tote bag, and maybe eventually will try this silk shirt).
everlane white v tee review

Friday, May 24, 2013

cold spell + J.Crew Button Front Dress Review

Remember how about three days ago I was bitching how it was so hot and I have no clothes to wear for that weather? Luckily for me, the temps have dropped about 30 degrees so we're right back into perfect weather territory - just enough to layer a little bit but not not cold enough to need a jacket. All you need is a fun scarf ;)

Unfortunately this weather won't last long until it gets hot again. After hearing about Everlane for over a year, I finally caved and ordered two of the v-neck tees (I was boring and just got white and black). Both Jess and Lauren rave about their quality and longevity so I'm excited to test them out. I'll be sure to report back once I receive them. I also stumbled upon this tee from Express (as seen here) and I think it'll be a fun casual shirt to have for the summer. I'm hoping to do a bit of Memorial Day shopping (mostly to get those last few pieces for school) but I'm also going to keep my eyes out for shorts. Ick. Budgetting Bloggers goes up on Tuesday so at least consider trying to stick to your budgets while all of the sales are temping us!
Cardigan: thrifted
Tee: Hanes
Scarf: Target [exact]
Jeans: American Eagle [exact]
Shoes: Tory Burch, thrifted by my mom
Bag: Madewell [save | exact]
Watch: Kate Spade [exact]
In other news, yesterday I went to J.Crew to try on this dress. I saw it in stores when we were in Minneapolis, and then I also saw it on Lauren and thought it was just gorgeous. I've set some money aside recently to buy a dress specifically for my work going away party / summer weddings / possible white coat ceremony that isn't a part of my normal budget. I wanted something versatile and appropriate for all of those occasions, and I was hoping this dress would be it. I even had a dream about it, so needless to say, I had high hopes for it. 
In the catalog it looks like it was knee length, but online it looks a bit shorter. I think this picture is a little bit misleading as well because it is on the shorter side of "knee length", at least on 5'9'' me. The fabric is thick, and the lining would prevent having to wear a slip, and of course the pockets are fun. I felt that the dress runs small, as I wear a 10 in both blazers and tops at J.Crew, and this dress is a 12. It's too tight in the chest as you can see by the buttons pulling on the chest, and leaves too much of the armpit area exposed. 

I think my problem with the dress is more on me than on the dress. I really really dislike my arms, and therefore a sleeveless dress obviously is only going to show those suckers off. I'm disappointed because I kind of hoped that wouldn't be the case in this situation (why, I'm not sure, it's the allure of the skinny models wearing the pretty dress!). It's definitely a beautiful dress in real life, and I'm envious of those who own it, but it just isn't going to be the one for me :(

Thursday, May 23, 2013

behind the blog: aj wears clothes

I am so excited for today's Behind the Blog. AJ blogs at the aptly titled AJ Wears Clothes. Yes, she's adorable, has really cute fun clothes, and looks gorgeous with both long and short hair (brat), but she's like...really funny. If you aren't following her on twitter, you need to. She tells it how it is, and if you are a blogger, you'll find yourself nodding and giggling at the same time about everything she tweets. AJ has also recently started a new Friday link up called Friday Favorites - basically you just show how you've re-worn something that you've worn recently which I think is awesome because it really shows you how versatile clothes can be. And now, the questions!
Tell us what motivate you to start blogging. Were you following a lot of personal style/fashion blogs before you started blogging?

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

trend salad

I tend to think that I'm not a very "trendy" dresser. I've said that usually by the time I warm up to trend, it's already over so I choose not to participate at all, which is great for my wallet but can be a bit boring sometimes. I liked the idea of floral pants and so when I found this pair for under $12 at Target a few months ago, I figured that was the time to try out this trend (which at this point had already been around for at least two years). I was driving to work this morning after taking these pictures, thinking about my outfit when it dawned on me that I'm a trend salad today. 

Statement necklace? check
Chambray? check
Ridiculous printed ankle pants? check

Please tell me you'll forgive me.
Shirt: J.Crew Factory [exact]
Pants: Target [save | splurge]
Necklace: Ann Taylor Outlet [similar]
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington [exact]
Shoes: Old Navy [similar]
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

the worst time of the year

While most bloggers (and non bloggers too, I'm sure)right now are springing for joy about the warm weather, pulling out their cute little sun dresses and fun shorts, I'm here cursing the weather. The worst time to have clothing regulations like mine (covered legs, closed toed shoes), is when it gets hot outside. It's fine at 7 in the morning when it's still like a chilly 60, but then when I'm walking out of work at 4:30 after spending a day in a chilly concrete room, and you're just hit by HEAT, you just curse your job*

Luckily, I'm out of the concrete windowless refrigerator in less than a month. NO CLOTHING RESTRICTIONS FOR SIX WHOLE WEEKS. I can hardly wait...except I've come to realize that I don't really own any summer clothes. For the past 6 summers, I either worked as a camp counselor (gym shorts and t-shirts), as a traveling band member (gym shorts and t-shirts), or I've worked in my current job. I own 1 pair of jean shorts (that are at least 4 years old), 1 casual skirt (this J.Crew Factory one), 1 casual dress, and a handful of tees. While my current budget for the month is pretty much gone, next month I really need to find a few summer staples. I think just a few pairs of colored shorts (think this blue color or this red color), a few comfortable and light tees (you guys all keep raving about these so I'm going to have to go test them out), and a few summer dresses (ones with thicker straps because girlfriend doesn't do strapless bras - this one is adorable, and this maxi is pretty close to what I've been looking for) should be enough to get me through summer. Of course I've been keeping an eye out while out at Goodwill, but the only things I found last weekend were this amazing vintage dress I plan on wearing to every wedding I go to this summer, and a blazer. Not exactly beneficial to the summer wardrobe, but adorable nonetheless.

What are some of your summer staples? Any hidden gems I need to know about?
Sweater: Gap 
Jeans: Urban Outfitters [exact]
Watch: Fossil [similar]
Shoes: Old Navy [save | splurge]
Purse: vintage Coach via Etsy [current style - see restoration here]
* I really am grateful to have a job. I'm just poking fun ...ish.

sponsor love: work clothes, i suppose + giveaway!

Today I'd like to introduce you to Bri, even though if you've been following my blog for any time at all, you've already met her! Bri blogs at Work Clothes, I Suppose. Bri lives and works in Seattle in marketing, and is such an inspiration for those of us who a more casual dress code but still want to look pulled together. The look above (seen here), is one of my recent favorites of hers, and is a great example of her style - polished, youthful, and age appropriate. I always make sure to participate in her Third Thursday Threads link up, where she gives us an assignment and then lets us show our outfits off. Bri is here today to give away this awesome floral wrap watch from Urban Outfitters. Just enter the Rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Would you like to sponsor Franish? All you need to know can be found here!

P.S. Congrats to Karla D for winning the LAJ giveaway. I tried emailing you but it got bounced back so please send me an email!

Monday, May 20, 2013


lace tee and large belt 
This weekend I made the trip down to Milwaukee for my friend Carrie's bachelorette party. Carrie and I lived two doors down from each other in the dorms our freshmen year, and we've stayed friends since then. Carrie has been with her fiancé for 9 YEARS so we are all excited that they are finally making it legal! It was great being with all of my closet girlfriends from those years - even though I haven't seen some of them in years, it was like nothing has changed even though so much as. Look at what babies we were in 2006!

and now - getting better with age :)
For her bachelorette party, the plans were to do a bit of outside grilling/drinking, and then going to the Eric Church/Kenny Chesney concert. I'm not really a country girl at all, so I wasn't sure what to wear. I figured the biggest belt I own is a good start ;) In the end, it didn't really matter what I was wearing because we had so much fun. I was surprised how many Kenny Chesney songs I actually know - that's what you get for growing up in small town Wisconsin! At the concert, I found out through instagram that Pamela, who blogs occasionally (come back girl) at Ginger Girl, was also at the concert so we had a quick meet up! She's so sweet and I hope she finds some time soon to come back to blogging. 
lace and cognac
Shirt: Forever 21 [save | spend | splurge]
Jeans: American Eagle [exact]
Belt: Gap [same style]
Necklace: made by a friend's sister
Bracelets: Forever 21
Shoes: Sam Edelman for AE [retail version]
lace, cognac, and lots of bracelts
via instagram, where you can see more of the shenanigans. like penis straws.