Tuesday, May 21, 2013

the worst time of the year

While most bloggers (and non bloggers too, I'm sure)right now are springing for joy about the warm weather, pulling out their cute little sun dresses and fun shorts, I'm here cursing the weather. The worst time to have clothing regulations like mine (covered legs, closed toed shoes), is when it gets hot outside. It's fine at 7 in the morning when it's still like a chilly 60, but then when I'm walking out of work at 4:30 after spending a day in a chilly concrete room, and you're just hit by HEAT, you just curse your job*

Luckily, I'm out of the concrete windowless refrigerator in less than a month. NO CLOTHING RESTRICTIONS FOR SIX WHOLE WEEKS. I can hardly wait...except I've come to realize that I don't really own any summer clothes. For the past 6 summers, I either worked as a camp counselor (gym shorts and t-shirts), as a traveling band member (gym shorts and t-shirts), or I've worked in my current job. I own 1 pair of jean shorts (that are at least 4 years old), 1 casual skirt (this J.Crew Factory one), 1 casual dress, and a handful of tees. While my current budget for the month is pretty much gone, next month I really need to find a few summer staples. I think just a few pairs of colored shorts (think this blue color or this red color), a few comfortable and light tees (you guys all keep raving about these so I'm going to have to go test them out), and a few summer dresses (ones with thicker straps because girlfriend doesn't do strapless bras - this one is adorable, and this maxi is pretty close to what I've been looking for) should be enough to get me through summer. Of course I've been keeping an eye out while out at Goodwill, but the only things I found last weekend were this amazing vintage dress I plan on wearing to every wedding I go to this summer, and a blazer. Not exactly beneficial to the summer wardrobe, but adorable nonetheless.

What are some of your summer staples? Any hidden gems I need to know about?
Sweater: Gap 
Jeans: Urban Outfitters [exact]
Watch: Fossil [similar]
Shoes: Old Navy [save | splurge]
Purse: vintage Coach via Etsy [current style - see restoration here]
* I really am grateful to have a job. I'm just poking fun ...ish.