Tuesday, May 28, 2013

may budget

  1. Forever Geo Fringe Necklace - $15: I've been looking for this necklace in stores for a few weeks now, but with no luck. Caroline tweeted that F21 was having offering free shipping with no minimum so I got suckered in. I've recently really liked the look of larger statement pieces but with neutral colors so I'm excited for this necklace to arrive.
  2. Old Navy Tee [seen here] - $6 down from $17: This is my super trendy purchase of the month. Luckily it costs about as much as lunch does, so I'm going to have fun with it while I can.
  3. The Limited Shorts - $28 ($44 + 40% sale): The pair I purchased are actually more of a dark coral than these hot pink ones shown online (seen here). They are in the Drew fit, so they are a bit dressier. I like them because they are just bit longer than some chino shorts out there. Chris says they look like mom shorts, but I highly disagree. Boys!
  4. Sam Edelman Felicia Flats [seen here] - $60 at Nordstrom Rack: These were purchased when Chris and I were in Minneapolis at the beginning of the month. I've been looking for a comfortable nude flats for a while so I'm happy to finally have found a pair.
  5. Joe's Jeans - $50 on eBay: As you guys know, I really love my Joe's Jeans. I've had them for about 3 years now, and wear them all the time. Unfortunately, all of that wear was eventually starting to show so even though I have done some thigh reinforcing, a second pair was needed. I didn't want to spend the full price in stores, so I searched eBay. I ran into a couple of problems (the first pair were the wrong size, the second pair were advertised incorrectly) so I'm thrilled that I finally found the right pair. The length is longer than my current pair, so instead of getting them hemmed I'm going to wear them with wedges...which I don't own yet. 
  6. Everlane White & Black V Tee - $30: you can read the whole search/ review about these here!
  7. Forever 21 Geo Cutout Cuff - $6: will be a fun piece to wear with #1
  8. Madewell Sweater [seen here] - $30 on sale: okay, maybe also not a staple piece, but it's really comfortable and I like it so there ;)
  9. Groupdealz Clover Necklace [seen here] - $7: I've been looking for one of these necklaces for about two years. I remember seeing it on Veronika, and really really liking it but, the price was too high, so I was happy to get these for a steal from Groupdealz a few weeks ago.
  10. Thrifted items not pictured: this vintage polka dot dress from Goodwill ($7), this J.Crew silk dress (also $7 but the current style goes for much MUCH more - who donates these things?), and a blazer ($4)
         = $250 - $60 left over from last month - $25 clothing sold = $165

Overall, not too bad this month even if I did go over just by a little bit. I got a few items to fill the holes in my closet (the white tees, jeans, coral shorts, and nude flats), a few fun pieces, and a start to having actual clothes to wear this summer. I have three weeks left of work, which means only five more weeks of having an income. I need to crack down on making purchases for the next two months for financial and space issues (all of my clothes have to come with me in my car for my move). I can't believe all of this is actually happening.

School Wardrobe update: Chris and I went to the mall on Memorial Day to take a look through the sales racks. I ended up buying this skirt and this skirt (in pink) from Banana Republic. Both were on final sale in store, plus 40% off, so I got both for a total of $38 (see them here). I also really liked the color of this skirt, but it wrinkled far too easily, and since I'll be sitting for really long periods of time in school I figured it wouldn't be the best piece to buy. While at BR, I also tried on a bunch of different dress pants. I ended up really liking this style (in black), but I need them in a long which they didn't have in store. The style is currently sold out online but the sales associate assured me that they have that style come back all the time as it's one of their classics, so I just need to keep an eye out for it online. J.Crew Factory also had 50% off online sale yesterday, and while perusing through the site, I found these shoes. They were exactly what I was looking for, so I ordered them in nude. They're on backorder now, and won't ship until July, which is kind of a bummer that I can't wear them a few times now, but it'll be like a fun surprise when they do finally arrive.

So how did you do this month? Did the Memorial Day sales sucker you in, or provide you with the opportunity to get some great pieces at even greater prices? I'd love to hear how your month went with regards to sticking to your budget. Please add your link below, and please make sure to link back to this post so your readers can discover other budgetting bloggers.