Friday, May 31, 2013

a girl's best friend

About four years ago, I started getting puppy fever. Chris and I were moving in together, and I really wanted a dog. I begged and begged - I want a puggle and I was going to name him Puggle and we were going to be a happy little family of three. I talked about Puggle every night before we went to bed. Chris learned that some puggles have breathing problems, and decided against it. Instead, he surprised me on my 22nd birthday with a little dachshund (who, let it be known, eventually have back problems...) who we named Hans. We loved having a little puppy around, napping in our arms and getting excited every time we walked in the room. 

I was still in college, so I was home off and on throughout the day, but I always felt guilty about leaving him at home alone. That following January, I started looking at all of the adopt a shelter dog sites for a brother for Hans. We wanted another dachshund, but the few in the shelters got adopted real quick. A local humane society informed me that they had a litter of dachshund mixlings so we packed up the car with Hans to "just take a look" but we all know that you can't just go take a look at puppies, so that's how Baer came into our lives. 

Turns out, Baer is a dachshund/basset hound/lab/retriever mix so he's much larger than we anticipated. He's also much sweeter than we ever could have imagined. Baer is excited to meet everyone. He wants nothing more than to have you touch him, and he will do just about anything to get into your lap (all fifty pounds of him). He really just wants you to be happy, and is a big comforter - just yesterday when I was crying my eyes out after watching this video, he just quietly sat next to me and then licked a tear off my cheek. He's the sweetest.

Anyway, Baer isn't dying or anything, which I feel I kind of made it seem like, I just really love my sweet boy. He had an appointment with the vet today (just to get some shots!)so I figured it was time for a little more screen time. He's a natural poser, right? I should take notes.
Chambray Popover: J.Crew Factory [exact now on sale]
Necklace: Jewelmint via B&B giveaway
Pants: Gap
Watch: Fossil [similar style]
Shoes: Tory Burch [exact]
Nails: Essie Lapiz of Luxury 
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