Sunday, June 2, 2013

june wish list

I really want to go into June with a plan for where my clothing budget is going to go. I have nine work days left, and then I have six whole weeks of nothing. Well, nothing isn't exactly true. If ticket prices go down, I may go to Germany to celebrate my grandma's birthday, I may go up north to spend some time at a friend's cabin, and I just booked my tickets to go to Seattle in the beginning of July. My summer clothes wardrobe is pretty much non-existant. I have a few tees, one casual skirt, a few Target dresses, two pairs of shorts, and three pairs of sandals. Here's the plan to add a few more pieces into rotation:

Casual Skirts: On the few nice weekend days we've had, I've worn my J.Crew Factory skirt - I like that it's light/easy to throw on, but it still looks polished. I love the pattern of the skirt above but the fabric isn't really great for casual summer wear, so I'll just have to look for something similar in a more natural fabric choice.

V-Neck Tees: I've worn an Everlane tee the last 5 out of 8 days. I feel really comfortable in them and I feel they get better with wear - yesterday I even wore the black one without my usual tanktop underneath it and surprisingly, the world did not end ;) I have a few store credits so I may get a few more to add into the rotation.

Sandals: Since I have to wear closed toed, flat shoes at work, I don't own a lot of summer shoes. I have a Sam Edelman for AE pair (they look like this), and then Caroline sent me a few hand-me-downs so I added this pair as well. Because I will be doing a lot of walking this summer, I'd like to add a somewhat stable and comfortable black pair. In the past, Target shoes haven't worked out for me because the materials cut into my skin and I found them uncomfortable. I tried these sandals last night though, and they feel really great - there's some cushion in the sole, and they don't cut into my skin. I bought the last pair in my size, but I'm still look around a bit to see if I find something even better.

Shorts: JHORTS! I know. My current pair is about 4 summers old, and have worn through the thigh. I'm still wearing them because they are the only pair I have, but I'd like to replace them. My favorite instagram blogger bought these at the Gap Factory store. I'm going to the outlet mall on my first Monday I don't have to work, so I'm going to keep my eye out for them. I like that they are a bit longer and not super distressed. I know jean shorts aren't for everyone, but I like them if they aren't crazy distressed or short.

Black Maxi Dress: I've been looking for a black maxi dress for several years now. I want one that has a v-neck (but not too deep), thick enough straps to wear a regular bra, goes in at my waist, and is long enough (I'm between 5'9'' and 5'10''). I've had no luck! I went to Target last week just to see what they have and all of them were awful. The waist on this one was too low, this one was way too short, and I even tried on this one but Amy is another Madison blogger and found a great dress at the Banana Republic Factory store so I'm hoping I can find it too, at least to try it on. I'm also going to try this one from the J.Crew Factory on.

Tees: I tried on this tee at Express last week and really like it. It's still in neutral colors (I tried on the dark blue sleeve/white torso version), the sleeves are long enough, and the shirt is long enough on me. During the next big sale I think I'll go back for it.

So that's the plan. Anything you are looking for specifically this month?