Saturday, June 22, 2013

packing for germany

The last time I went to Germany, several people asked about how I pack for when I travel. I figured this time would be a good as time as any to do that! This isn't really an advice post since I'm a pretty infrequent traveler, but more of an insight to how I do it. When I travel to Germany, it's a bit different than most visitors because I stay and travel with my family the entire time. That means I can bring a bit more with me since it's not as much of a problem to get the luggage from one place to another. Besides my large suitcase which gets checked in, I also bring a smaller carry on suitcase that holds all the items I was asked to bring over - mostly quilting supplies for my aunt and candy for my sister. For this trip, I am also putting a dress and heels into this carry on because we are going to a party pretty much as soon as we get off the plane, so I want to have it with me in case my luggage doesn't make it right away. I also keep my jewelry in the carry on suitcase because although it's not monetarily that valuable, it means a lot to me. As far as clothes packing goes, I know it would be smart to prepare outfits for each day, but the weather next week is looking pretty unpredictable, and I'm lazy, so I really just throw in all my favorite clothes and hope something comes out of it. There are of course a few outfits planned since there are several birthday parties, but other than that I just kind of wing it. 

OK! So here's what I'm wearing on the plane. Comfortable, easy to layer/unlayer, and easy for getting through security. 
 Everlane Sweatshirt | J.Crew Factory Tee | F21 Scarf | Fossil Watch | UO Jeans | Revas

 My purse - old magazines that haven't been read, my ginormous wallet that also acts as a passport holder, bag for chargers/headphones, necessary makeup and lotion bag (again in case my big suitcase doesn't arrive right away), my macbook, iPad (with the new Dan Brown book I'm super excited to read) and my iPhone because I didn't think I had enough Apple products packed.

 Gap Dress | Vintage Dress via Goodwill | Target Dress
Black Blazer | Cargo Jacket | thrifted cardi | ON cardi | Gap Popover | Gap Popover | J.Crew Factory popover | J.Crew tee | Everlane tees | Banana Republic Factory Tee
 Limited Heels | Revas | ON flats | running shoes | Havianas | Target Sandals | Gap Outlet Sandals
 various accesssories
and boring running clothes and pajamas.

Ta da!! :)

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