Sunday, June 30, 2013


Yesterday was our last full day in Germany. We spent it in Stade, a little city on the Elbe River, which is my dad's hometown. My grandma still lives in the house my dad and uncle grew up in, and it's the place of most of my childhood German memories - lots of birthday parties, several Christmas, and summer stays. My sister and I spent part of the morning walking around, doing just a little bit of shopping, eating pastries, listening to an organist play on the organ my dad played on in his youth, and enjoying the semi-warm weather. Of course not even close to warm enough to actually wear any of the other clothes I brought ;)

photo (27)
^ cute right? so much brick, so much ivy, so much pretty
photo (30)
^my sister bought this vintage YSL trench in Paris. I'm so jealous. Extra motivation to sell all of my clothes to buy this jacket.
^ I'm obsessed with the store signs. A UNICORN. for a pharmacy!
photo (28)
photo (32)
photo (31)
Jacket: Hof in Germany [similar]
Scarf: Victoria's Secret
Pants: Urban Outfitters [exact]
Shoes: Old Navy 
Purse: Coach via Etsy [current]

Now I'm back in Wisconsin for the next five days. On Tuesday I have my super fun appointment with immigration services to update my greencard, and immediately afterwards we're packing up the pups to go to a little secluded cabin about an hour away, where we're staying until I leave for Seattle on Friday. No time to be bored I suppose!