Thursday, March 31, 2016

march budget

fashion blog on a budget
Loft blouse [seen here]: originally $60, on sale for $35
Gap blouse [reviewed here]: originally $30, on sale for $15
Loft blouse [seen here]: originally $60, on sale for $35

March budget: $85

Quarterly budget: $625 - $145 in February - $85 in March = $395 for April

Well, it was a pretty boring month...but not for a lack of trying! I ordered quite a few items, but not a lot worked out. I ordered several different work pants, but none worked out. I put in order in to Boden - it included this pretty short-sleeved wrap dress and while I love it, I don't really have a need for it right now, so I'm returning it now and possibly reordering later in the summer for CR's brother's wedding. I also ordered this swing top from Anthro that was too short on me. 

You guys know that I don't usually jump on trends for the most part, but I just couldn't resist with the lace up flats trend - I think they are so freaking cute! I ordered this laser cut pair from Topshop (they are under $50!) a few days ago, and can't wait to try them on. In April my big goal is to find a pair of dark wash distressed denim - it seems to be so much more difficult than I thought it would be! This pair from 7 For All Mankind is as close to what I want that I could find, but even then it's not exactly what I'm looking for. 

I'd also like to find some nude strappy sandals - I need something that is a bit dressier, but without too high of a heel as I don't like to be towering over people. This pair from Clark is the closest I could find to what I'm looking for - turns out, it seems to be difficult to make strappy nude sandals that don't look too matronly! I'm trying to find the right combo between what works for my life, and what looks good in pictures, to be honest. I never dress "for the blog", I wear what I want and take pictures, so while I could just buy a strappy pair of high heels that would look great in pictures, I know that I would never actually wear them in real life, so I'm just trying to find that happy medium.

So that's it for me! I have quite a bit of wiggle room for next month - I fully intend on not spending most of it though. I'm out of scrubs and back into regular dress clothes for the month though, so we will see how tired I am of dress pants by the end ;)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

march four favorites (and a fail)

Z palette (in rose gold)

Monday, March 28, 2016

bits & pieces

DSC02743picture 2

I found a new colored wall! Being a blogger in a small city is not the easiest - unlike those in bigger cities, we don't have any cute buildings, notable backgrounds, or pretty houses to stand in front of here. I found this blue building recently though, and was SO excited to finally have something new for the background.  I love the way it makes my new Loft blouse (which, btw, is currently on sale + 40% off + free shipping!) pop. I feel so bloggery! ;)

I'm currently on my second 24 hour call within the last week. Labor and delivery is all about the waiting game - we have a few ladies in labor, but we won't have a baby for hours. Until then, it's all about reading and doing practice questions...and finding snacks in between. 

DSC02741picture 2
DSC02771picture 2
Blouse: Loft [exact on sale]
Pants: The Limited [exact]
Necklace: Forever 21 [very similar for < $20]
Bag: Mulberry via eBay [save | exact]
Shoes: Tory Burch [exact]
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington [exact]
DSC02779picture 2
DSC02739picture 2
...and since Loft currently has such a great sale (40% off everything + free shipping on any order!), here are a few of my picks. Their new stuff is so freaking cute, I just want one of everything. My favorites include that coral lace dress and the espadrilles, and notably, it looks like they brought back that chambray blazer that I own, and now in extended petite/tall sizing (here's how I've worn it in the past!). 

Sunday, March 27, 2016

top three [03.27.2016]

red bows on my toes

  • I don't know what it is about the Germans, but they have a bunch of "fun" words for various gynecologic conditions and pains. For example, Mittelschermz is used to describe the one sided pain some women feel when they ovulate - the word literally means "middle pain". Spinnbarkeit is used to describe the discharge during that time - I don't know what it is about Germans and ovulation!
  • One risk factor for breast, ovarian, and uterine cancers are the amount of estrogen a woman is exposed to during her lifetime. Nuns, who never experience an "estrogen vacation" unlike women who have been pregnant, have higher rates of these cancers. 
  • Matchbox sign is a pysciatric finding where a patient presents a collection of fibers and other objects (for example, small bugs) and claims they came out of their skin. It is specifically called the matchbox sign because the collection of objects is presented in an actual matchbox. 

on the internet

  • You know that bag from Nordstrom that looks just like the Madewell transport tote (but for 1/3 of the price)? Well, they just came out with an even better version because it now has a front pocket! I think I may order that black version (because hey, I needed a cognac clutch anyway!)
  • It's going to be in the 70s this weekend! Time to finally pack away the heavy sweaters and pull out the few warmer weather clothes I have. I may have to stop by Old Navy to check out these linen shorts though - they look so comfortable!
  • I have absolutely no where to wear this dress, but I'm in looooove with that pattern. 

  • Can you talk about your boards studying schedule? What resources did you use, how did you schedule yourself, etc. 
    • I only had 6 days between the end of second year and my boards to study, so I started studying the first day of second semester. I used Cram Fighter to make a schedule - my resources were First Aid, UWorld, Pathoma, and Memorang. I didn't want to use too many resources and get lost in all of it, so I stuck with the basics. I would listen to the pathoma vidoes first, then annotate the pathoma facts into First Aid. I read First Aid twice, and did like 95% of the UWorld questions. For the UWorld questions, I had a running document where I copied all the high yield information in. I read that document twice the week before I took my exam,
  • I am heading to Rome for the first week of May! I have no idea what to pack. I'm a jeans and t-shirt on the weekend/ dresses for the work week kind of girl, with not a lot in between. We're going to be doing a lot of walking, and the temps look to be about 70 degrees. I'm willing to purchase a couple pieces- any suggestions?
    • Ohhh, I'm so jealous! I've never been to Rome but it's definitely on my bucket list. Since it'll be spring and warm, my go-to outfit is always a nice cotton dress that you can wear several different ways (a few good options are this tank dress from Old Navy, or this chambray dress from J.Crew Factory). Both would look cute with some converse (with super low cut socks so your feet don't rub) and a cardigan for sleeveless dresses that you can easily take on and off (I believe you have to be a bit more covered up in certain parts of Rome? Someone please correct me if I'm wrong). If you're like me and suffer from chub rub, light weight shorts like these found at Target under dresses will be your absolute best friend with all that walking!
  • When you are taking pictures outside with your tripod, does anyone every stop to ask you questions/honk, etc?
    • Sometimes! I've only had it happen a few times over the years. The first few times it happened, years ago, I told him it was for a school photography project. Now I just tell them it's for a blog, they just kind of look at me funny, and move on. I do get honked at quite a bit though, so I generally try to avoid busy roads! I just kinda pretend I don't see anyone, and get it done with as quickly as possible. 

on franish

notable sales

  • Ann Taylor: 40% off almost everything
  • Banana Republic: 40% off everything 
    • Short sleeved silky blouses are my saving grace during warmer months - how fun is this thick striped version? Definitely going to keep my eye on it.
    • I don't own any floral pencil skirts...but I sure am tempted by this pretty blue version. I think it could actually be pretty versatile since it has so many colors in it!
    • A denim jacket is a must for spring, and it doesn't get more classic than this medium wash one. Mine is very similar, and I wear it all the time!
  • Express: 40% off everything
    • Nows the time to pick up my absolute favorite camisoles - I wear these on just about everything! I wear a size medium, and I find the really help "secure" everything, if you know what I mean!
    • Their portofino shirts have a cult following, so I'd love to try out the olive polka dot version! So cute.
    • Have any of you tried their slim editor pants? They look like something I'd love, so I'm wondering how they fit. True to size? 

  • I did my first 24 hour call this week. It's not required by the rotation, but I asked to do it so I could get a feel for what it's like. It ended up being more of a 28 hour call, but it definitely was worth it. Day in the life post coming hopefully this week!
  • I used a free code to get a free box from Graze, and I ended up really liking it! I signed up to receive a box monthly now just to add a bit of variation to my usual snacks. Even CR is a bit excited about it (since it's something that comes in the mail that he can actually enjoy too haha).
  • My attending introduced me to Clash of Clans this week, and now I can't stop playing. Anyone else playing it? I say we need to start a Clan ;)

Thursday, March 24, 2016

what to wear on clinical rotations

Although my school had a professional dress code for our first two years of medical school, the transition from classroom to working in a hospital/clinic was not as smooth as I originally thought. Shoes that were fine for walking in and out of the building did not hold up for eight hours on my feet, skirts that were fine for sitting behind a desk aren't always appropriate for patient encounters, and even my hair and make-up routines have changed since starting my clinical rotations. Now that current second years are getting closer to wrapping up their pre-clinical years (you're so close!), I've had a bunch of questions asking about clothes during clinical rotations, so I figured one post discussing all parts would be easiest! Personally I think that third year has been the best year of medical school so far, so get excited!

As a disclaimer, these are just my personal opinions and experiences. What works for me at my hospital may not work for you at yours, what my opinions on appropriateness may not be equal to yours, but I think that overall, these are easily generalized to anyone going into clinical rotations!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

spring ahead (+ a shoe giveaway!)

DSC02837picture 2picture 2 Oh hey, is it snowing where you are too? Same here.

But let's all remind ourselves of the beautiful weekend we had last week - when it was 65 and sunny and the perfect dog walking weather. While fall is my favorite season, spring is a close second - everyone is just excited to finally not wear a jacket and to pull out those lighter layers. 

When Laura asked me to participate in her weekly link-up with the theme being spring fashion, I knew I wanted to wear my white jeans. Unlike Hallie, I'm a bit nervous about wearing white jeans during the winter, so now that it's just a tad warmer out, it's time to break them out! Today I'm wearing them with my new blouse from Loft, but I plan on pairing them with just about everything else in my closet - white tees and a cardigan? chambray tops (blazer?!), striped tees? 

All of the above.
DSC02805picture 2picture 2
DSC02811picture 2picture 2
DSC02787picture 2picture 2
Blouse: Loft [exact]
Pants: Articles of Society [exact]
Shoes: Ferragamo c/o Shopbop [save | exact]
Watch: Michael Kors [exact 25% off]
Lips: Clinique [exact in fab pop]

Sunday, March 20, 2016

top three [03.20.2016]

tan scarf + cognac boots are a go to (my scarf is currently 40% off!)

  • Gestational pemphigoid (formerly known as herpes gestationis, although it's not a herpes virus) is an autoimmune skin disease that occurs during pregnancy. It starts as a blistering rash on the stomach, and can spread to the rest of the body. As if being uncomfortable during pregnancy wasn't enough already!
  • If you have ever been pregnant, and especially if you are negative blood type, you know all about Rhogam, which is a solution used to prevent hemolytic disease of the newborn. About 15% of people in the world are Rh- (myself included). The history behind the invention of Rhogam is kind of interesting -  male prisoners were actually used to prove it's effectiveness! 
  • C-sections are the most common surgery performed in the country. 

on the internet


  • How do you balance blogging and medical school? Any advice for a starting blog of fashion/lifestyle as a medical student?
    • For me, I very rarely put together a post in one day - I work on posts throughout the week (and sometimes month!). I just don't have enough material, nor the time, to post every day, so I just to post 3-4 times a week, so I just work on a post every night for a little while. For me, I really enjoy blogging. So instead of watching tv or something (which I still do, of course), I will blog for 45 minutes when I get home. During the first two years of school, blogging was my break from studying - it was what I did to get my head out of the books for a little bit. My advice for starting a blog while in school is just to do it! Don't become discouraged if you don't always find time for it - during my first year, there were months where I posted like 6 times the entire month. School comes first, but having a fun hobby is a must for anyone in school. 
  • Whenever I try to shop online, it seems like all the pictures show show models with no curves wearing something that looks like a tent! You seem to be able to order things online that look great on you (and not like a tent on a pole). Do you have any tips on how to figure out how something will look on you when you don't have the same body type as the model? I would like to do more online shopping, but I find the pictures so uninspiring.
    • My biggest piece of advice is to really know what works on your body and what doesn't. Having general guidelines really helps narrow down items online. As you can tell from my reviews, this doesn't always help, but it's a good jumping point. Once you know that cap sleeves or boyfriend jeans or off the shoulder tops don't work on you (those specifically don't work on me), you won't be tempted to try them. Not to say you shouldn't be afraid to try out new styles, but especially with online shopping, it's easier to stick with what you know works. Then, I always read the reviews on the website to see how it fits and what others thought of the piece - that often times really sways me in one direction. Lastly, I'll google the item to see if someone hasn't already reviewed it - there are a ton of review blogs out there, so chances are, someone may have tried it on to show how it looks on a real person (versus a photoshopped model online). Besides all that, shopping with places with free returns is huge - Nordstrom, Shopbop, and Zappos all offer free returns!
  • My husband and I are headed to Las Vegas in a few weeks! But I am having some trouble deciding on outfits. I want something that is comfortable for lots of walking during the day (and cool enough for temps near 80) but that can easily transition for dinner and drinks somewhere trendy (and when it's chilly at night) without having to make a stop back at the hotel. Any suggestions?
    • Ohhh, that's a bit tricky! My advice would be to find a basic piece to build off of - something like this simple black cami dress from Old Navy. Pair it with comfy but still nice looking sandals, like this minimal wedge Lucky pair - comfortable to walk around in all day, but the wedge makes them fancy enough for evening. Then use a crossbody bag (I love mine from Sole Society) and keep a thin cardigan, a teasing comb, and lipstick in it - 5 minutes in a bathroom will be all you need to get ready! And don't forget the sunscreen!!!

on franish

notable sales
  • Club Monaco: extra 30% off sale items
    • Two types of lace makes this LBD your next favorite item in your closet. 
    • This button up blouse is everything I want in a shirt. That minimalistic floral pattern is so pretty!
    • Okay, while these are a bit out of my price range, how freaking amazing are these gold tennis shoes? I need them (and am already setting alerts on eBay). 
  • Gap: 40% off everything
    • All of my favorite belts come from the Gap (random, but true). With their great sales, you can get a 100% leather belt for under $20. I've had one since I was a sophomore in college that I still wear all the time!
    • Their mesh cami is the perfect combination of sexy and cute. 
    • This eyelet fit and flare dress is the perfect summer dress - comes in three chic colors and in petite/regular/tall sizing! Very tempted by that green color!
  • J.Crew Factory: up to 60% off everything
    • That navy skirt I was hoping for finally showed up online! 
    • Ok, I'm a bit obsessed with the lace hem on this sweater - how cute is that floral pattern? 
    • I'm SO excited that this polka dot dress is back in all sizes! I ordered it weeks ago, but they only had a size down, which obviously didn't work out. I ordered my true size today and can't wait to receive it (ps. if you spend $100, use code HEYSPRING to get an extra 20% off!).
  • ps. Shopbop's sale section: several adorable espadrilles (perfect for spring!), cute work out pants from Running Bare, and lots of items from Splendid

  • Not much to report over here this week as I've spent most of it in the hospital. I had one of the longer weeks of this current school year - on Friday I was at the hospital for 16 hours. We had a lot of interesting birth situations, heart breaking loss, and overwhelming joy. I think that probably sums up the field of Ob-Gyn as a whole, huh?
  • I had round 4 of my tattoo removal this week - I'm hoping it may be the last! Let me know if anyone is interested in a complete post about the process (spoiler: it's really freaking painful).
  • I recently started watching Grey's Anatomy from the beginning - it's so fun to watch it all 10 years after starting to watch it for the first time, especially now with a lot more medical experience than I had when I was in high school. 

Friday, March 18, 2016

catch ya later

DSC02675picture 2 This will hopefully be the last winter pictures of the year! Winter is always hard for blogging - I've always lived in places with true winters, so trying to get pictures in between snow storms, early darkness, and ugly backgrounds, it's always been tough. I think this year was the hardest winter yet though, as I've spent the majority of it in scrubs and/or in the hospital before 7. 

So needless to say, I'm so ready for more sunlight, pretty flowers, and not having to wear boots all the time (as much as I love them). I'm thinking about picking up a few pairs of colorful or patterned flats to add to the mix - something like these floral pointed toe flats that are cute but versatile. I'm just imagining them with skinny jeans and a flowy white blouse. Cute, right?

On a side note, today is Match Day (the day that 4th year medical students find out where they will be going for their residency)! I've been a wreck all day knowing that this is happening in 52 weeks. I'm just so nervous! To any of you 4th years out there - congrats!!! (and please pass along any tips you have!).

DSC02595picture 2
DSC02654picture 2
DSC02669picture 2
Sweater: Nordstrom [cute ruffled option]
Pants: Express [exact]
Scarf: Nordstrom [exact on sale!]
Purse: Michael Kors c/o Shopbop [similar]
Boots: Vince Camuto [exact]
DSC02663picture 2
DSC02602picture 2

ps. there's a ton of great sales going on right now for winter items. Below are a few coats/sweaters/boots that you can pick up for a steal. My personal favorite is the Cole Haan wrap jacket - it's so pretty!

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

review: Origins A Perfect World Antioxidant Moisturizer with White Tea

DSC02886picture 2

I've been in a bit of a skincare overhaul for the last year or so. While I've always been one to wash my face at night and slap on a moisturizer, I've really been focusing on the treatment and prevention side of skincare. With the help of Paula's Choice (acne kit + toner) and a tretinoin cream, I feel the treatment side of my skincare is pretty well figured out - my acne is pretty under control at this point. Now I'm focusing on the prevention side - making sure to use sunscreen, staying out of the sun, and finding products that help protect my skin from wrinkles. I was missing a moisturizer I could use to help treat my skin on the nights I don't use my tretinoin cream, so when I saw this Origin's moisturizer (a brand I've had some pretty good luck with recently), I wanted to give it a try. 

what it promises:
Research at several major universities has proven that white tea is among the most potent antioxidants, anti-agers, anti-stress, anti-smoke, and anti-pollution antidotes. Now its protective powers are energized and optimized in a moisturizer that surrounds skin in a virtually impenetrable protective bubble. This barrier intercepts damage before it causes lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and loss of firmness.

how I use it:
Every other night (the night I don't use my tretinoin cream + vanicream moisturizer), I will lightly exfoliate with the First Aid radiance pads, allow that to dry for about 20 seconds, and then rub a thin layer of the Origins moisturizer into my skin. 

what I like:
Like all Origins products I've used, this one smells great. It's a faint citrus smell that isn't overwhelming, and just makes it enjoyable to use. I find a little bit goes a long way - I've been using this for about a month now, and it doesn't even look like I've used any out of the jar (which is good, since it's a bit pricy at $43 for 1.7 oz). 

I really like that I'm treating my skin while also getting a great moisturizer. I wanted a product that helped treat my dry skin but also did something for it, and so having an anti-aging, anti-oxidant moisturizer is exactly what I was looking for. 

Some of the reviews find this is a bit too greasy for oily skin, but as someone who uses this on drier skin and only at night, I have not found this to be true. 

what I don't like: 
It seems that the reason Origins products smell so great is because of the added ingredients that make it smell so freaking good. I personally don't care so much about that - I'm not that sensitive to smells (in fact, I really enjoy the smell of this product) but I know that those ingredients (bergamot, lemon, orange, spearmint, and vetiver oils, according to Beautypedia) can be irritating. These aren't synthetic fragrances, but worth noting. 

would I buy this again?
The thing with preventative skin care is that you can't really see a result right away - with acne treatments, you know if it's working or not, but you can't really tell if an anti-oxidant, anti-aging product is working. Therefore, I can't say that this is a "holy grail, will buy a hundred more times" kind of product, just like I haven't been able to say that about any anti-aging product. That being said, I do really enjoy using it, so I will probably buy it again. I may try out some other products in between, but I've been very satisfied with the Origins A Perfect World moisturizer

ps. I've been receiving a few more beauty questions in my Ask Me Anything, so I'm thinking about doing a full beauty/skin care Q&A for an upcoming Beauty Tuesday. Have any specific questions? Feel free to add them in the comments, or in this google doc!

Monday, March 14, 2016

review: work pants are the worst.

While I love how cute and fun dresses are, I'm really a pants girl - I just feel so much more comfortable wearing pants than I do wearing things that really show off my legs. Unfortunately, I find that finding the right pair of pants can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, especially when you try to do it through online shopping. Below are a few items I've tried over the last few weeks - I couldn't find any reviews online for these pants, so hopefully this helps a few other ladies out there who also suffer through the process of finding pants!
Ryan-Fit Gray Slim-Straight Pant

Sunday, March 13, 2016

top three [03.13.2016]

I love her
  • There has been a huge increase in the number of twin births in the US in the past two decades. Monozygotic (identical) twins are formed when one egg is fertilized by one sperm, followed by an error in cleavage, but the exact mechanism of why this happens is unknown. Experts think it may be caused by decrease in tubal motility - oral contraception are actually a known cause for decreased tubal motility, and it has been shown that if a woman gets pregnant within three months of stopping her oral birth control, she has a higher chance of having twins! #twinning
  • Y'all know I love #VeraTheUterus, but the uterus is really such a cool organ! When there isn't a baby in there, it can actually be quite small - we saw one the size of a quarter this week (granted, this patient had not had children), but immediately post birth, it is basically the size of a small cantaloupe. I tried to find pictures to show the difference, but I'll spare you.
  • This is your friendly biannual reminder that if you have had a regular pap in the past, please remember that you need one every three years if you are between 21-29, and should get co-tested every 5 years if you are over 30. Cervical cancer has gone from being one of the most prevalent cancers to being one that can be caught early, so please make sure you see your doctor on a regular basis :)

on the internet

  • The 70 degree weather this week (now we're back to snow flakes...) made me realize that once again, I don't know how to dress in warm weather. All I know is that simple dresses, like this beautiful wrap one from Boden (I want the navy spotted version) are what gets me through. I did end up ordering it yesterday (I used the code 6A8F to get 20% off!)
  • I've been eyeing this scalloped tote for months now...and now it's 25% off! Pink or aqua? 
  • My pearl necklace is one of my favorites, so maybe a larger abstract version would be fun to have too?

ask me anything
  • I have always wanted to start writing a blog, but I worry about the conflict with my professional life (I'm a PA student). I'm a pretty open book, and would love to share some of my life experiences, but I realize that anything you put on the internet is open for criticism. Do you ever refrain from posting something because you feel it could negatively affect your career? 
    • I refrain from posting stuff all the time. There are so many things I wish I could share with you guys, but like you said, there are things that could negatively affect my career if I started sharing the pictures and stories I have. I always aim to be professional, kind, and gracious on here because that's how I try to be in real life too. I also always remind myself that I'm sharing my story, rather than my patients' stories - so I tell you guys about what I learned this week or what skills I practiced, but I don't share specifics about a patient or their life stories. Those aren't mine to tell. I think having a blog as a student is a wonderful hobby to have, and I think you can definitely share your own experiences without sharing too much of things that don't belong on the internet!
  • So we know you're applying to become an OBGYN, and you're doing a couples match, but what is CR hoping to become? Will it really mean you are on wildly different schedules all the time?
    • CR is going into family medicine! There will be times in our future where we will have wildly different schedules, mostly during residency. Between 24 hours shifts, various time shifts in the ER/ICU, night float, and various call schedules, our work schedules won't always line up. Not to get ahead of ourselves, but post residency, life should settle down a bit as he will have a fairly stable(ish) schedule. We knew all this going in, and luckily we are both fairly independent people, so hopefully we will be able to make it work. 
  • Can you help me find a good patterned (floral?) wrap maxi dress. I'm attending a wedding this spring that I really want this style dress.

on franish

notable sales

  • This was my first week back on OB and it was so good. I got to help deliver three babies with my attending, and then delivered a baby completely on my own (the baby came much quicker than anticipated!). I also got to assist in several c-sections and hysterectomies - all really routine things, but things I was excited to be a part of every day. 
  • Yesterday I walked/ran a 5K with my attending from my last rotation. Working with her, and having her take us students in so warmly is something I am so thankful, and something I'll remember if I have students working with me some day. 
  • Today I'm spending the day at Ikea (my friend wants to do a bunch of Ikea hacks!) and the mall - I'm just excited to get some flowers at Trader Joes (..and maybe a pastry or two from my favorite bakery!)...and meatballs from Ikea, obviously. Hope you are having a good Sunday!

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

third times a charm

DSC02533picture 2
I actually wore this outfit three times before I managed to get some pictures of it - the first time it started snowing right before I left for work, the second time the lighting in the pictures was way off, and by the third time I wore it, I was just not going to let some extra sunniness stop me. While not my favorite set of pictures ever, I did love the outfit enough to wear it three times within three weeks ;)

I'm on my third day of OB, and it just feels right being there - I love being on a rotation that I've done because I know my place in the care team, I know how I can be helpful (and when to stay out of the way!), and it really has been a great time to work on skills. If you follow along on snapchat (@fhasselhof), you probably heard about how CR and I have completely different schedules right now - he's working in the emergency department this month, and his hours have varied every day, but we basically haven't really seen each other since the rotation started. Good practice for the future, I suppose ;)

Coming up in the next few days will be another review post, mostly about work pants, which are the absolute worst thing to shop for. 

DSC02552picture 2
DSC02530picture 2
Blouse: Loft [similar]
Pants: Express [exact]
Boots: Vince Camuto [exact]
Scarf: Nordstrom [exact on sale!]
Watch: c/o Larsson & Jennings [exact]
Lipstick: Clinique [exact in fab pop - review here]
DSC02541picture 2
DSC02561picture 2
ps. now that it's warmer out (it was 70 today!), there are so many great winter items on major sale! Below are three pairs of boots that are 35-45% off the original price. My pair of boots is on sale too, although I could totally pick up that classic pair of Vince Camuto boots below - so pretty!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

beauty tuesday: my holy grail beauty items

holy grail beauty items
foundation | lipgloss | powder | mascara | eyeliner

I love new beauty products as much, if not more, than the next girl, but there is something so reassuring about buying a product again that you know is always going to work on you. There are certain items I enjoy, but am not loyal to - for example, once my bronzer runs out, I'll buy a different one, not because my current one isn't good, but because I want to see if I can't find something even better. Same goes for the three different brow products I'm using - I'm constantly switching between the Brow Wiz, the thicker version from Charlotte Tilberry, and the Anastasia brow powder. They are all good products, but one hasn't stood out amongst the rest.

But..the following five products I have purchased over and over again (some for years), and don't feel like I want to even try something else. They may be the first product I tried of their kind (for example, my liquid eyeliner) or I had to try a lot of different versions before finding the perfect one (my mascara!), but they are items that, for me, I can say are holy grail beauty items.

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue: I have been wearing this for ten months now, and am about to buy my second container. While this is my newest "holy grail", it was such a game changer for me. It's a gel/cream that promises to be the perfect combination of BB, CC, and tinted moisturizer. It really is like a gel mixed with a tinted moisturizer! On more casual days, like when I'm just running errands, I'll wear it by itself to give me that little bit of coverage to even out my skin tone. Most days for work though, I mix it with a more medium-full coverage foundation (currently this version from Laura Mercier, although I'm very interested in trying out the Double Wear foundation from Estee Lauder). It gives me the perfect amount of dewiness that I can't find in a medium coverage foundation, so by mixing it together, I get the best of both worlds. Highly highly recommend this for anyone who has drier skin and needs just a little bit more moisturizing!

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie: I have owned about five different colors of this same formation over the past few years. I just find that they have the prettiest colors, smell nice, last fairly long for a gloss, and are just beautiful little tubes of lipgloss! Above, my current favorite color is Hot Shot.

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Powder: This is one of those products I've been wearing for years - at least four now! It's hard to really put into words why I love this - basically, it's a setting powder mixed with color that evens out your skin, all without looking cakey or dried up at all. It comes in a container with a built-in shaver, which means you are less likely to spill but also makes the powder light and fluffy to apply. I have repurchased this at least 8 times - one container lasts me around 6-8 months, and I basically refuse to even try a different powder because I love this one so much.

Too Faced Better than Sex: I have raved about this mascara for a while now, and while I have seen it on blogs for years, it was really my mom who made me try it! She was loving it, and then sent me a tube for my birthday two years ago, and I haven't looked back. I have since repurchased it probably at least ten times. I now wear it over Urban Decay's lash primer (see more about that here), and I think that combo makes it look like I have falsies on...even though it's just my own lashes! Did you see that Too Faced is coming out with a waterproof version? I'm curious to see if it's just as great as the original, although I don't really have a need for waterproof mascara most days of the year.

Stila Liquid Eyeliner: This eyeliner has been my 'ride or die' eyeliner for the past 7 (!!!) years. I first purchased it in college, and have not purchased a different eyeliner since. It has a thin, marker-like tip that has a waterproof, smudge proof, quick dry formula in it. It takes me like 20 seconds to do my eyeliner because it's precise, it's an all-in-one product (versus the gel eyeliners where you constantly have to dip a brush in the product), it gets tight in between my lashes (very important for this blondie!), and it stays on all day. I know many people find liquid eyeliner to be intimidating, but I think this eyeliner makes it just so easy (but let me know if you'd like a more in depth video on how to use it!).

Sunday, March 6, 2016

top three [03.06.2016]

still haven't tried to wear my chambray blazer with something other than black pants...

  • Oscillopsia is a fun new word I learned this week. It is used to describe the sensation of objects moving around in the visual field when looking in any direction. It can be a side effect of certain antibiotics.
  • One of the biggest clues for PCP intoxication is vertical nystagmus (which looks like this). 
  • Coloboma is a missing structure of the eye - an abnormality that occurs before birth. Here's an example - it's sometimes called a "cat eye" for obvious reasons!

on the internet
  • I'm back to being addicted to watching The Bachelor - I used to watch it loyally with my girlfriends in college, but then kind of lost interest when I moved for school. Now I'm back...and I can't get enough of reading Sharleen's recaps. As a former contestant, she has so many great insights into the show. If you're looking for a funny Bachelor recap, Lincee is my favorite!
  • Elyse shares her tips to make info stick when studying - I love hearing what works for others! My way of making it stick is making my own documents of notes, organized in the way I like it (no more than three indentations, simple charts) that has the highest yield/buzzwords in red. I can always see them in my mind when I'm taking an exam!
  • French braids are my go-to hairstyle for the I'm a bit obsessed with this prettier version

  • I saw my friend Morgan this week, and she was wearing the cutest red polka dot blouse that I immediately fell in love with. When I asked her where she got it, she told me it was from Loft, and that I had turned her into a total Loft of course I had to order it too! #twinsies
  • Spring has sprung ( some places) but we're still in the snowy part of winter, which makes it okay if I buy at least two of these comfy purl knit sweaters, right? 
  • With the start of spring fashion comes the end of winter fashion...which means cheaper items for us! Get a classic pair of riding boots, like this pair from Franco Sarto, for a major steal. 

  • I'm a freshman in undergrad and am on the pre-med track. I am hoping to attend medical school and want to be an Ob/Gyn too! I was wondering if you had any tips for me going through undergrad? Thank you!
    • My biggest piece of advice is to remember that this process is a marathon, not a sprint, so take your time to get to finish line! Spread your science classes out through the next few years, and mix in classes that you will enjoy and make you a more well rounded student and applicant. Find a cause that is worthwhile to you to volunteer for! I volunteered as a wig fitter in college and then with a seniors euchre program after I graduated, and it really opened my eyes to so many different types of people (plus I really enjoyed my time doing it). Take time to explore other options, and if you find your way back to medicine, then go for it! It may not happen the first time, but it's worth trying again. 
  • Are you and CR planning on doing couples match for residency?
    • We are :) We have been researching and checking out programs for the last few months now, and are very excited to get closer to starting the match process (although in all honesty, I just want it to be a year from now so we know where we will be going!)
  • My husband and I just booked a cruise for our vacation this summer (yay!) which means I need to find a bathing suit that I like and feel comfortable in (noooo!). I am about your age, size ,and build (though a little shorter). Any suggestions for stylish one piece/tankini suits or places to shop for them?
    • YAY! Pack me in your suitcase, please! I have heard really great things about the one pieces from Modcloth actually. I've had my eye on several - for one pieces, my absolute favorite is this sexy but covered up black version (it's quickly selling out so I'm thisclose to getting it, even though I don't even have a vacation coming up!), although this emerald version is pretty darn cute too. For two pieces, this season is amazing for us because high rise bottoms are in right now! This fern covered one is adorable, and would be perfect for a cruise!

on franish

notable sales

  • Hello from Detroit! CR and I are planning on applying to some of the hospitals up here for residency, and since we had a free weekend between rotations, we figured it would be the perfect time to come up and take a look. I've never been to Detroit, so I'm excited to just see a new city!
  • I made a couple of updates around here this week! First and foremost, there's been a little bit of a redesign, thanks to Maru! I'm not ready to commit to a whole new website and layout - I really prefer the simple "older" style of blogs where it's all on one page rather than "magazine style", but I love the simpler look Maru created for me. I'm obsessed with my new header! Second, I finally purchased my own domain name. About six months ago, I wanted to change all of my social media names from my own (very unique) name to something related to my blog. Unfortunately, I did not plan ahead four years ago when I first started my blog, so half of the social media names of @franish were taken, so I finally just made everything @franishtheblog. It's not what I really wanted, but I couldn't think of something better. I also did not purchase four years ago, and now someone is sitting on it for $4500! So...that is all to say, welcome to the same blog, just with an updated face and address! :)
  • TIME FOR BABIES! Tomorrow starts my OB rotation and I am so excited. I really did love  my three months on IM - I learned so much about medicine and had such a wonderful experience...but this is the rotation I've been waiting for since September. I'm nervous though! I have a whole wishlist of things I want to learn/improve on this month, and I just am putting more pressure on myself than I have in the past. I can't wait :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

two truths and a lie

DSC02434picture 2

one: Growing up, I thought I was going to be a science teacher. I even applied to be in the School of Education in college. 

two: My family order is girl (me), girl, boy, girl. CR's family order is boy (him), boy, girl, boy. Oh, and we're all about the same ages too.

three: I moved to the US when I was five, but spent all of 8th grade in Germany because my parents wanted me to have that German experience too. 

so which two are true and which is a lie? let me know your guesses! and then go check out my recent interview with Flock & Gabble for another round of two truths and a lie, plus a lot of thoughts on blogging!
DSC02432picture 2 DSC02449picture 2
Blazer: Loft [similar]
Blouse: Anthropologie [similar]
Pants: Paige [exact]
Clutch: Clare V. c/o Shopbop [exact]
Shoes: Tory Burch [save | exact]
Watch: c/o Larsson & Jenngings [exact]
Bracelet: gift from my friend Lizzi [similar for under $10]
DSC02414picture 2
DSC02445picture 2

As you may know, Shopbop's annual spring sale started yesterday. If you've had your eye on some more pricey items, ones that rarely go on sale, now is a wonderful time to snatch them up for less. Some of my favorite items in my closet can be found on Shopbop, from my Ferragamo flats, to the clutch I am holding above, to my Paige denim that beat any other jeans I've ever worn. Personally, I have my eye on a few of their sweaters that are marked down - may as well get a sale on sale! ...or a few things for the house ;) You can find all the details (plus exclusions) here!

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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

beauty tuesday: february's four favorites and a fail

First Aid Facial Radiance Pads review
I'm starting a new little series here I'm calling "four favorites...and a fail". These are new and older items that I've been loving throughout the month. Let me know what you think!