Monday, February 29, 2016

february budget

Banana Republic blouse [seen here]: originally $80, on sale for $35
Blank jeans [seen here]: originally $88, on sale for $60
Nordstrom sweater : originally $90, on sale for $50

February budget: $145

Quarterly budget: $625 ($500 + $125 carried over) - $145 = $480 left 

This is the most non grey, white, or black budget recap month I've had in a long time! Maybe it was Valentine's day or the fact that I felt like I needed to bit more "color" in my wardrobe, but either way, I'm loving the pretty new colors in my closet. Unfortunately, both of the tops are now out of stock - fingers crossed that Halogen brings back that sweater in a bunch of colors because I can't get enough of it. The jeans are still available with most sizes still in stock as well - they are such a comfortable pair of jeans that I highly recommend. 

I've been sticking pretty under budget for the better part of the year, but this is the first time I've actually rolled over the extra amount. We will see if I actually end up using it all, chances are probably not, but I like having the option. I may just stick that money away to save up for a couple of suits for interview season instead - that'll be a whole pain in itself, so if anyone has experience buying suits, please advise! Luckily I have quite some time until I actually need one, but I'd rather save up a little bit since I figure it's going to be a bit pricy! 

I do have my eyes on several items this month. Like I mentioned yesterday, I would really love to try on this blue and white short sleeved dress from J.Crew Factory - I just see it as the perfect summer dress paired with cognac accessories! I've also had my eye on this double v-neck shell - all of the patterns are so freaking cute, although I'm currently leaned towards the green grid version. 

Well that's all for me - your turn! Please link up below and let me know how budgeting went for your this month. Last month we had the most amount of link-ups ever!