Sunday, February 28, 2016

top three [02.28.2016]

Mulberry + black pants = never fails

  • Struma ovarii is an ovarian teratoma (a type of tumor) that produces thyroid hormone, which can cause thyrotoxicosis (an excessive amount of thyroid hormone).
  • Micrographia is what it sounds like - small writing! It is often seen in patients with Parkinson's disease, and that presentation can actually be used to help make the diagnosis. Interestingly, there isn't one clear cut diagnostic test to diagnose Parkinson's, and it's largely made on clinical presentation. 
  • Working in GI this month means that I've learned all about the world of digestion. Probably the most interesting thing I've learned about and discussed with patients is fecal transplants, which is an option for some patients who have incurable diarrheal disease from Clostridium difficile. The first documented case of this was in the 1950s, when four residents donated their feces for fecal enemas in a last ditch effort to help four of their patients with fulminant pseudomembranous colitis. Nowadays, there are whole donation centers that will pay for your "donations" that will eventually be made into capsules that can either be swallowed, or the option that most patients choose, dropped into the small bowel via a scope. 

on the internet
  • I love this bright red dress on Jessica - and I love it even more with the matching red shoes (totally stealing that idea!)
  • Looking to start a blog, or trying to expand? Carly shares some great tips in this post. An established blogger who isn't sure what you are worth? Check out this post from My Style Vita that shares a bit more about what most bloggers are roughly charging (while I don't have very many sponsorship opportunities, I do find that my prices are similar to what she mentions!)
  • Kimberly is giving me major spring fever in this outfit - I need those shoes!

  • CR's brother is getting married this summer, and I feel it's never too early to start planning what we are going to wear (CR is actually going to marry them, so we're all very excited!). I'm thinking something like this pretty blue floral dress with a matching tie for him. 
  • You guys, gold mocs are definitely happening this spring - they are just so cute and fun and most importantly, comfortable!
  • How freaking cute is this scalloped bag from Cambridge? I just love that blue color!

ask me anything
  • I was wondering if you have a laptop and if you ever brought it to school during your 1st and 2nd years? Or did you find that you only needed to bring your iPad to class for note taking? If you did bring your laptop, did you use a backpack to bring it or did it still fit in your tote? 
    • I do have a labtop - I used to have a Macbook Pro that I had for almost 6 years before it finally broke a few months ago. In school, it really depended on what classes I had that day for whether I would bring my computer or my iPad. During anatomy, I used to download all of the powerpoints on my iPad, and used Notability to record the lectures and draw on the slides. For most other classes (that were way less visual), I just used my computer. I still used my tote for whenever I was at school. Looking for a tote you won't feel bad weighing down with all your stuff? This one from Charming Charlie is adorable, professional, and under $40!
  • Do you have a season you feel most comfortable dressing for? I always feel like I look better in summer styles (brighter pure colors, shorts, and sundresses), but perhaps this is just because of my acquired wardrobe? Still, I feel like sweaters and winter pants just never suit me. Thoughts?
    • I'm the complete opposite! I really should live somewhere where it is fall year round, because it's my favorite. I love being a bit more covered up, wearing layers, and wrapping up in scarves. I'm still trying to figure out how to dress in warmer weather because I still haven't quite figured it out!
  • I've been a fan of your blog for quite some time and thought you'd be the perfect person to ask about my dilemma since I love your style! My husband and I will be attending a military ball in March at which point I'll be about 14 weeks pregnant with our first baby. I'm looking into rent the runway but I have no idea what shape will be flattering at that time. That will be right around the time we'll start telling people so the dress doesn't necessarily have to hide it but I don't think I'll have a cute little bump that I'll want to show off just yet, more like I just ate too much pizza. Any suggestions? I'm looking for something floor length and formal.
    • First of all, congrats on the baby - can I come deliver it? ;) I don't have much experience (read: any) dressing a pregnant body...or going to a military ball, so I don't know how much help I will be, but my biggest suggestion would be to go with something a bit flowy but still flattering. You mentioned Rent the Runway, so I picked out a few options. If you want to go va va voom, this beautiful red criss crossed version should hit you in all the right places.  If you want to go glitzy and glam, this sequined version is a stunner (plus reviews say you can wear it with a regular bra!). If you want to go a bit more classic, this blue version is conservative but has a bit of a unique back. 

on franish

notable sales
  • Amazon watch sale
  • J.Crew Factory: extra 30% off 
    • There's an outlet 20 minutes from my hospital, and I may have to drive there this week to see if I can't find this dress to try on because I'm in love with it and need it in my life. I'm only a little bit dramatic sometimes ;)
    • I love the unique denim floral pattern on these shoes - professional enough for work but still really fun for your time away. 
    • Prepping for a beach vacation? Pack this cute cover up, and please take me with you.
  • Old Navy: 30% off your entire order

  • One more week of GI, and honestly, I have never had a rotation go by so quickly! I feel like I just started and now it's about to end. This week I really did feel like I was playing mini-resident - I was seeing all the consults by myself, writing notes, getting patient care in order, and just in general getting as much done as I could. It makes me excited to finally actually be helpful rather than feel like I'm always in the way. 
  • Yesterday I spent the day going to a wine and painting class, followed by a "how to make appetizers class"...with my attending. Oh my god you guys, it was the more fun time I've had in a long time. So many laughs, so much good advice, and so much inspiration. 
  • Thank you so much for all of your casserole and big batch recipe suggestions last week! We made quite a few of them this week, and it was so nice to come home and just pop something into the microwave. Definitely trying a few more out this week.