Sunday, February 7, 2016

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  • A recent study has shown that the fiber intake during early adolescence is associated with a lower chance of developing breast cancer. The full study can be found here, but this article on NPR condenses it for an easy read.
  • My friend Lizzi sent me this article the other about a woman and her intuition about her labor and delivery. I can't stop thinking about her story, and it will make me think differently in the future if a patient presents similarly. 
  • While we get our "normal" DNA from both of our parents, there is a small amount of DNA in our mitochondria that we only inherit from our mothers. There are certain diseases called mitochondrial diseases that ethic committees are now discussing if they can't be prevented by doing mitochondrial transplants, so that an embryo would technically have genetic materials from three different people. 

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  • Why are you studying in America and your Sister in Germany? Are there major differences between medical school? 
    • The major difference between American and German medical schools is that in America, you go to college first, and then go to four years of medical school. In Germany, you start medical school immediately after high school, and you go for six years. I've always felt more American than German, and I knew that I would spend the rest of my life living in the US, so it made the most sense for me to stay here. My sister always felt more connected to Germany, and she may eventually move back to Europe to work, so those were two big draws for her. 
  • I'm an MS3, and with the long hours of rotations, I find it hard to cook food and not end up eating unhealthy cafeteria food. Have you been able to keep your 4 hour body diet or do you have tips for food/snacks that you bring on rotations? 
    • It's been a bit hard to stick to the Four Hour Body diet now that we are on rotations. It was so easy last year because I was home all day long, so I could cook for every meal. Now that's not always the case, and honestly, it's just easier sometimes to eat in the cafeteria instead of making and bringing lunch every day. We do still live by a lot of the rules though - we don't have carbs for breakfast or for dinner, and don't really keep many sugary items or bread in the house. My go to snacks on rotations are carrot sticks, packets of peanut butter, protein bars, and hardboiled eggs. I try to choose the healthier options from the cafeteria, or have a salad. It's definitely not easy to always eat healthy, but it is doable. Like I've mentioned, I put on weight very easily, so not sticking to a strict diet has made me gain a few pounds over the past 7 months, but I know that eating healthier overall and keeping my sanity is more important than five pounds. 
  • What do you wear while running errands, having coffee with friends or whatever you do during your of time.
    • I am actually pretty lazy when it comes to what I wear at home - I'm almost always wearing yoga pants and my LL Bean fleece. When I'm out running errands....I may just wear that. If I'm actually doing something though, I wear dark jeans with an everlane tee and cardigan. 

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  • I spent Friday night celebrating my bff's birthday as she was back in the area for school, and it was SO good to be reunited with my friends. It was great just to talk, play pool, and cuddle dogs for the night :)
  • My trusty first generation iPad was no longer really doing too well, so finally upgraded to an iPad mini this week. I'm very excited about it because it's the perfect white coat size, so now I just need to find the right case for it. Does this dachshund case scream professional? I love it. 
  • My IM sub-speciality in GI starts tomorrow and I'm so excited. Have any of your medical students done a month the service/do you have any tips for me?