Thursday, December 8, 2016

all i want for christmas is booze...and sales

what to wear to holiday party
I am in shock how quickly this year has gone by! I feel like it's still July (even though the weather is most definitely not as nice). Tomorrow is our Christmas party, and this is what I'm going to wear! My hospital has a family medicine residency program that has adopted all of its students, so we get to go to their holiday party - last year's was a ton of fun, so I'm excited to hang out with my friends, eat amazing homemade food, and drink free booze. 

Yay, holidays!

Also, besides the free food and booze, the holiday's come with lots of good sales. J.Crew is still having some great ones, with a current 30% off your entire purchase (40% if you spend more than $200!), which is pretty major if you still have a few people to shop for (or if you just really need a plaid blazer for your own holiday party!). Both my blazer and my peplum blouse are from there, if you are interested! If you need a gift, personalized pajamas are my personal pick. 
J.Crew - Lace peplum top
Clare V. Supreme Fold Over Clutch
J.Crew - Tall Regent blazer
Blazer: J.Crew [exact]
Blouse: J.Crew [exact]
Pants: The Limited [exact]
Necklace: J.Crew Factory [exact]
Shoes: Ann Taylor [exact, now 40% off]
Clutch: Clare V c/o Shopbop [similar]

Monday, December 5, 2016

gift guide for stationery lovers (+ a giveaway!)

A couple of weeks ago, I was browsing at Anthropologie when I ended up in my favorite section, the stationery section! I fell in love with this adorable pencil case - my friends in college used to make fun of me mercilessly because I loved a good pencil case, and it's kind of funny that ten years later, I'm still just as in love with good stationery and accessories as I was then. I ended up not buying it because I no longer use as many paper goods as I once did, but it did get me thinking about how there are still a ton of stationery and accessories we can use now as adults.

A few of my favorite items in this gift guide are from one of my favorite online paper goods site, Minted. I've worked with them several times in the past, including on how to create a gallery wall on a budget, and how CR and I found a way to decorate our home in personalized and neutral themes. In this post specifically, the personalized stationery, gold map (you tell them the address, they make it for you!), and pin board, are all from Minted. They also have a ton of other cute gifts (check out their gift guide here). We also got our Christmas card from them this year! To help spread the holiday cheer, Minted is offering two readers a $125 giftcard each - go here to enter the giveaway. We are looking forward to working with Minted in the future, including sharing our Christmas card, and future wedding invitations!

Sunday, December 4, 2016

top three [12.04.2016]

I just really love my: cognac boots (one | two | three)

  • Osteopetrosis, which literally means "stone bone", is when there is imbalance between bone formation and bone resorption. The bones become thicker and denser, and are more likely to break and dissolve because the structure of the bones isn't normal. 
  • Melorheostosis is another abnormal bone disease that has a characteristic "dripping wax" appearance on x-ray
  • Those of you with babies know this already, but babies are born with reflexes that they eventually outgrow, like the root reflex and startle reflex. Some of these primitive reflexes can reappear later in life, usually due to trauma or dementia.

on the internet

  • I have a deep seeded love for riding boots, so of course I'm majorly in love with Coach's classic pair that comes in three colors (and that is now 40% off!).
  • Y'all know I LOVE these types of knit sweaters - that cream color is calling my name!
  • I'm unsure of exactly how flattering this Free People sweater would be, but it looks so comfortable that I can almost forgive that major drop shoulder action going on there. 

ask me anything
  • I'm looking to get an undereye cream and also need suggestions on a night time skin routine. I'm very lazy at the end of the night after working full time and then running after two kids when I get home but lately I've noticed my skin taking a toll. So I need to do something about it! 
    • Number one is always removing your make-up, and I totally get it - it can be annoying to sit there and wipe away at your make up when all you want to do is fall into bed. My favorite product to use during that time is Glossier's facewash - it gets rid of all your make up (including stubborn eye make-up), feels awesome, and lasts forever. Next step is to use a product that will tackle a lot of issues at once, and for that, a retinol is perfect. You can go with the stronger prescription creams (you'll need to see a dermatologist for that, although PCPs can definitely prescribe this as well), but there are many over the counter products that aren't as strong but definitely still have a lot of benefits - you guys know I'm a huge fan of Paula's Choice products, so this may be a good place to start. Finish off with your favorite moisturizer (I go between Clinique's heavy duty version and Belif's). I personally always want to use an eye cream, but always find myself just too lazy. If you are looking for one to start using though, I like CeraVe's - it feels nice, and is inexpensive! Like any routine, you have to find something you'll stick with, so making it as easy as possible means you're more likely to stick to it. 
  • Help! Any recommendations for holiday cocktail dresses for an office party? Sleeves are a bonus. 
    • Sleeves are definitely one of my personal requirements during the colder months of the year, so I'm alllll about sleeves. The one that's been on my list is actually the most inexpensive on the list, and is from Old Navy! It comes in both black (pair it with lots of gold for a glowy look) or pair the white version with red for a really festive feel. The most expensive of the bunch is one I just had to include because it is so freaking gorgeous - it's this dress from Ted Baker that's so pricy, but seriously...gorgeous. Ugh, I just love it! A nice price middle point is Topshop's geometric dress that would be great for the holiday season (pair it with a pretty red lip!) but can definitely be worn year round with other accessories. If you're looking to go a bit trendier, bell sleeves are still all the rage this year!
  • You've been traveling all over the place according to snapchat! As a third year medical student, is there anything you've been using for your trips that you recommend I ask for for Christmas this year?
    • Ooooh, great question, and one I was partially going to tackle in my upcoming medical student gift guide (here are the previous versions for pre-clinical years and clinical years). Probably one of the best things I've received is this personal organizer that CR got me - between living in dorm rooms, crashing in friend's houses, and traveling all over the country for interviews, I don't think I've used any one item as much as this one! If you don't own any good luggage, this may be a good time to finally ask for a nice suitcase. I personally have a carry on suitcase from Delsey that I'm obsessed with - it's pricey (although currently so much cheaper than what I paid for it!) but I know that I will use it for literally decades. Other ideas that aren't as fun include an iPass/Easy pass if you don't have one, Audible credits, and a Pandora One account. 

on franish
  • on the blog: the beginning stages of wedding planning!
  • on the instagram: the faux trees just don't compare!
  • what you missed on snapchat (@fhasselhof): a peak at what came in my Popsugar #MustHaveBox that they sent me! Want to try one of your own? Use code SHOP5 to take $5 off your first box!

notable sales

at home
  • This week was a crazy one, but ended up being really great too. Now that I'm getting closer to the end of interview season, I'm sad that this exciting time is almost over, but also looking forward to spending less time alone in my car, and more time with friends at home. One more week until CR officially only lives an hour away instead of five! That means we finally get weekends together back too! Brunch, here we come!
  • How is your Christmas shopping going? I haven't purchased a single thing for anyone - really hoping that I get some of that done this week! Thankfully some of these places know how much we are procrastinating, and continue to have some great sales on gifts. 
  • With an upcoming trip to the Philadelphia area for an interview, I'm hoping to go to my first Fly Wheel class - I'm nervous, but also so excited! I've heard amazing things about these 45 minute power house cycling classes. 

Thursday, December 1, 2016

the most wonderful time of the year

Woolrich Century Duffle Coat

It's such a cliche, but I just love the time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. The winter weather is just starting, all the good sales are going on, you get to buy presents for all your loved ones, and you get to decorate for the holidays! I love Christmas decorations, and basically insist that we keep our Christmas lights up on our house until mid February. Unfortunately because we are traveling still quite a bit until December, and because CR isn't even back to living at home until January, we are not getting a Christmas tree this year.

Luckily, I still got some of that Christmas tree excitement when we stopped by one of my favorite spots in Rochester, the Pittsford Dairy, this past weekend. They had all of their trees and decorations out, which gave me just that amount of holiday cheer I needed. For our adventures that day, I wore my new Lucky boots - they are a bit higher than normal to the knee boots, and are lined partially with this amazing faux fur that adds a bit of warmth. I thought they paired perfectly with my Woolrich coat. I've long admired the classic American style of the company, and since I've spent the last three years living and working in PA, I'm excited to finally own a piece of this US based company. Thanks to a great coupon code on Shoebuy, I got both for a steal! They currently have a 30% off sale (+ free shipping!) with code DECEMBER30 (some restrictions apply) that runs from now until 12/18/16 (11:59PM). 

DSC06010picture 2
DSC06033picture 2
DSC05962picture 2
DSC05965picture 2
Coat: Woolrich c/o Shoebuy [exact]
Sweater: Loft 
Pants: Express [exact]
Shoes: Lucky c/o Shoebuy [exact]
Scarf: Nordstrom [similar]
DSC06036picture 2
DSC05961picture 2
DSC06049picture 2
DSC05986picture 2

Thank you to ShoeBuy and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

wedding wednesday: the venue

one | two | three | four | five | six
When we got engaged last month, so many of you ladies said you wanted to know about our wedding planning process! I, of course, am more than happy to discuss ad nauseam, but instead, I'm hoping to do posts here and there as the big parts of the wedding come together, so for my first post in this 18 month series, I'm going to talk about how we found our venue site!

Before CR and I even got engaged, we had several discussions about what we each wanted in our future wedding. I was not raised in a religious household, and although CR was, we both individually did not want to get married in a church. I think if he had wanted to, I would have done the necessary steps for that to happen, but it was really nice that we were on the same page about having a non-church wedding. CR obviously didn't really have thoughts on where he actually did want to have the wedding, so when I brought up the idea of a barn wedding, he was all in. I personally love the idea of a barn wedding for several reasons. One, I just think they are gorgeous - anything with sparkly lights, lots of flowers, and the contrast of wood with lots of white is my favorite. Second, I like that you can have the whole wedding festivities in one place, from rehearsal dinner to the ceremony to the reception, as they are typically booked Friday-Sunday. Third, since it has indoor and outdoor space, there's a back up in case the weather is bad. And fourth, having a more bare backdrop (as opposed to a hotel banquet room) gives you more options on personalizing it and having it look the way you want it to. You also get a bit more space than just a banquet hall, so you can fun activities like lawn games and so on. Basically when I said lawn games, CR immediately agreed!

Next we had to decide where to even have the wedding. I'm from Wisconsin, but the only people that live there are my parents and a few friends from high school and college - all in all, about ten people. My extended family lives in Germany, and my college and medical school friends are all over the country, so in the end, my side of the guest list was going to have to travel no matter what. CR, on the other hand, is from Rochester, New York, where about 90% of his very large family still lives. We just knew that it really made the most logistical sense for us to have the wedding somewhere in upstate New York - that was the easiest thing for us to decide on so far!

Wedding barns are "the thing" nowadays (probably because of the reasons mentioned above!), so we narrowed it down to about five wedding barns within an hour of Rochester. We compared availability (many have online calendars that show bookings, which is so helpful!), capacity (we made a rough draft of our guest list so we had an idea of how many people were going to be invited), amenities (onsite bathrooms, AC or heating, deck or no deck), the caterers used, and the price and what that includes (how many days, tables, chairs, decorations). From there, I had my favorite picked out just based on pictures, but was also interested in a few others, so we emailed them for details and to set up times to check them out.

With engagement season in full swing, and seeing that many of the barns were already partially booked for 2018 (and some already in 2019!), we wanted to get moving on at least looking at the venues. We had discussed timelines and agreed that there was no way this was going to happen in 2017 - between the match happening in March, finding a house, graduating in May, going on a post-graduation trip, moving, and starting intern year at the end of June, it was all just way too much, so an eighteen month engagement sounded perfect to get our lives in order, actually enjoy this time, and still have the late spring wedding I was hoping for. Since we live five hours away in Ohio, we don't have a lot of chances to come look at the places in New York, so we asked the venues if there was any way we could see the barns the Friday after Thanksgiving.

We ended up booking two appointments with the barns last Friday, including the one I was interested in. We saw a different barn first, and it was very nice - big open barn, pretty lights already up on the beams, on site bathrooms, and the option of having a live band. There were several things we didn't love as much - it was a bit rougher around the edges, the ceremony locations weren't our favorites, some of the decorations were not what I would have personally gone with, and they wouldn't let you use a different caterer for your rehearsal dinner. All in all, I liked it, but wasn't in love with it.
The second barn was the one I liked based off of their website. It's a fairly newly renovated barn - they just wrapped up their third year of holding weddings there, so there were a lot of features that we really liked. The floors were new (but looked like the belonged in that barn), the deck outside was beautiful, they are in the process of building a wood bar on the deck, the barn has AC, the bathrooms are in the silos (so cool!), and we liked the ceremony sites better. A couple things that were bummers were they no live bands are allowed, and they don't allow sparklers. We just really loved that it felt like a modern wedding site but in a rustic location, if that makes sense. Overall, I could just actually picture our wedding here, and was already thinking about how I wanted to decorate.
So we pretty much decided this was perfect for us! While we had originally talked about doing a May wedding (CR's parents' anniversary is May 26th, which falls on a Saturday in 2018!), we went with June 2nd so we wouldn't interfere with our siblings' college graduations and Memorial Day weekend. So, with hopefully everything falling into place with the Match and our future vacations, we are 550 days away! Not that I'm counting ;)

Monday, November 28, 2016

november budget

J.Crew top: originally $88 + 25% off = $66
Loft cardigan: originally $70 + 40% off + rewards = $0
Loft blouse: originally $54 + 40% off = $34

November total: $100

Quarterly budget: $500 - $100 = $400 for December and January

Because of how much I've been traveling for the past month, there hasn't been a lot of time left to shop! Which is great for my wallet and savings accounts ;) I, of course, did manage to find a few things though that I'm really excited about. The J.Crew top is one I've mentioned before - I ordered it during a 25% off sale (not nearly as great as the 40% off + free shipping they have right now!), and have worn it twice already. If you're interested, I got the 10 tall, which helps it not be as boxy on me. In addition to that purchase, I went shopping with one of my girlfriends a few weeks ago during a weekend visit, and I picked up a super soft cardigan and plaid tunic during a 40% off sale (they currently have a 50% off sale!!). Both have been worn numerous times, especially the cardigan (I'm wearing it as I type!). 

I did do a bit of online shopping during Black Friday - during J.Crew's sale, I ordered one of their classic plaid shirts that I'm hoping looks as cute in real life as it does online. Ann Taylor was (and is) having a 50% off everything sale, so I finally ordered that sweater I've been talking about for weeks, as well as an unusual shoe purchase for me. Can't wait to see how both work out for me! If I keep any of them, I'll include them in next month's post (the great thing about having a quarterly budget!). 

If you have your eye on anything on what most consider the best online shopping day of the year, here is a quick round up of the sales going on:

ANN TAYLOR: 50% off everything 
ASOS: 30% off everything
BANANA REPUBLIC: 50% off everything, no exclusions 
LOFT: 50% off everything + free shipping
MADEWELL: 25% off your entire purchase
MODCLOTH: 30% off everything + free shipping

and as always, it's your turn to share!

Sunday, November 27, 2016

top three [11.27.2016]

my Black Friday purchases: plaid shirt (40% off) | shoes (50% off) | scarf (47% off)


on the internet


  • I am having the hardest time finding toppers that fall between a casual cardigan and a business formal blazer. Do you have any recommendations for a structured "third piece" that can help make outfits feel more complete, but aren't as stuffy as a suit jacket or blazer? I would love something versatile enough to pair with a tank top shell and pants/skirt for work, or over a dress.
  • I'm beginning my bar course soon in preparation to take the bar in February. How did you stay disciplined and on schedule when studying for boards? It's going to be a long 8 weeks of studying and I would appreciate any tips you have!
    • For me, it was all about having a schedule set up for every day. I knew exactly what I needed to get done each day - what pages I was going to read, what questions I was going to do, and what notes I was going to review. It kept me on track, it kept me motivated to check things off the list every day, and it kept my anxiety at bay because it can be really daunting to look at all you have to learn over that time period, but breaking it up into daily chunks makes it all seem so much more manageable. Other things that helped was making time most days to work out, cook real meals, and get good nights of sleep - you can't run on empty, and this is a time you really have to dedicate yourself to your studies! I also always had my little things that made the experience better - pandora one so I wouldn't have to listen to commercials, my noise canceling headphones to drown out my dogs, lots of bubble water, and my favorite pens!
  • My parents keep asking me what I want for Christmas, but I'm at that age where I don't really have any wishes! What are you asking for this year?
    • I'm struggling with that same issue this year! I think eventually you just get to that age when you just buy the things you want, instead of waiting for the holidays. On my wish list this year I have an Apple Watch keychain charger, a humidifier, and a nice candle. With our upcoming graduation, move, and wedding, we really aren't asking a lot from each other and our families. 

on franish

notable sales

at home
  • We booked our wedding venue!!! I'm kind of shocked how quickly that happened. We knew what kind of venue we wanted (a barn) and where (upstate New York), so when we were up here for the long weekend, we looked at a few of the most popular one, found one that had basically everything we wanted, and just went for it! It's all going down June 2018 - it seems so far away, but then I look at everything we have to do until then, and it seems much closer than one would think. 
  • This weekend we ran our Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving - it was a little over four miles in the cold rain, but it was actually pretty fun! Plus it made me feel just a little bit better about all the stuffing I had later in the day. I hope you guys had a great Thanksgiving as well!
  • If you have a second, I'd be so grateful if you could vote for me for the Everyday Style award. Thank you!!
  • PS: Happy Birthday, Mom!