Thursday, April 16, 2020

clothing review: falling for instagram ads

Hello and welcome to my post about how I fell for internet ads. It only took me about four weeks to write this post, so we can thank motherhood and residency for that ;)

Okay so many of us have seen the Marine Layer ads on instagram for their tulip shaped Allison pants. I just loved the casual but pulled together look of the pants so after about the 20th ad, I finally ordered a pair. They come in sizes XS-XL, is made of a polyester/elastane combo, and retail for $98 (you can sign up for their emails and get 10% off your first order)

I find taking pictures of pants so difficult because it's hard to show how they really fit versus just how they feel, especially with black pants because pictures can forgive so much. Like in these pictures, I think they look cute and comfy!

But as much as I wanted to LOVE these pants, they just didn't fit me well. You can see it better in the picture below:

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

day in the life: labor & delivery

This post is sponsored by HelloFresh. Thank you for supporting the companies who support and feed my own family!

This is a "typical" day in the life of a third year ObGyn resident. As always, details have been changed or omitted. 

5:07 // My alarm isn't supposed to go off for another 23 minutes, but Penny doesn't really care about alarms and wants to nurse and cuddle now. I scoop her out of her pack n plan, and nurse and hold her for the next 25 minutes before putting her back down to sleep. Chris will get up in about an hour and get himself and the baby ready, and will take her to daycare.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

penny favorites: 6-9 months

Penny turns 9 months old today! That is wild. She has just grown so much in the last few months - she now has opinions and makes them known! She's really starting to enjoy eating real foods, is working on crawling, can almost pull herself up on things, and can actually spend a little bit of time entertaining herself. This is such a fun age! Compared to previous months, some of our favorite items revolved more around toys than practical items - but that's what makes it so fun!

Teething Tubes // I kept seeing ads for these teething tubes and once Penny's first teeth started popping through, I figured why not. Turns out she loves her little teething tube! She is constantly chewing on it and playing with it and slobbering all over it. They are made out of silicone, are easily cleaned in soapy water, and overall a hit! Penny is working on some of her back teeth now and is obsessed more than ever before. 

Board Books // Instead of cards for our baby shower, we received books, so we have an awesome little library for Penny...but six months in, I realized that both Penny and I really enjoyed the board books with stories, rather than just pictures. She likes turning the pages, and I like having something to actually read! A few of our favorites are the Pout Pout Fish (the original is the best but some of the other ones are cute too), Giraffes Can't Dance, Love from Me to You, and Courageous People Who Changed the World. Currently in our Amazon basket we have Llama Llama Red Pajama, If Animals Kissed Goodnight, and The Little Blue Truck. Any other favorites we should add? 

Bapron // The last three months have been a whole new world of eating for Penny. We are doing half and half purees and baby led weaning - she gets purees at daycare and a bit at home, and then we generally give her adult food that's appropriate for her to try as well. That can get messy quick. I love our little baby apron! It's great for messier foods as it covers a bit more of her clothes, it's easily washed in the sink, and dries quickly. Plus the patterns they have are so cute! 

Magnetic Stacking Bear // This was a random instagram buy from Manhatten Toys that Penny LOVES. It's her favorite toy. She likes banging the pieces together, biting the parts, knocking stacks we make over, and talking to the little bear head. I like that it's a wood toy with non-toxic finishes that is easily cleaned off with soap and water. This would be a cute Easter present!

Sensory Teether // Teething is obviously a big theme for this age - I found this toy at Target and Penny held on to it the whole rest of the shopping trip. The soft tubes must feel good on her little gums and the different colors and parts keep her entertained. Plus again, it's easily washable! 

Stokke Highchair // I spent a lot of timing research high chairs - different styles, sizes, colors, everything! Everything kept pointing towards the Stokke high chair. I loved the minimalistic design, the fact that it grows with the baby from infant to childhood, that it's fairly easily cleaned, and that it has a foot rest for the baby so it sits in a more natural position for eating. I saved a Visa giftcard we received after Penny was born and used a 20% off coupon to make the price tolerable for us. We are very happy with this purchase!

Leather Moccasins // This is kind of a random item in the list since I haven't included other baby clothing, but we just love these little moccasins. They are very similar to the Freshly Picked mocs but for like half the price. Our first sets were a little gold set and a blush set and she wears them every day. Penny loves to pull her socks off her feet, so having soft shoes on makes it harder for her to bare her little feet! Plus I think they are just adorable - they even have ones with red bottom soles! 

Building Blocks // I've been a huge Bannor Toys fan since Penny was born - I got her a teether soon after she was born she plays with every day! For Christmas, I got both her and her cousin a set of their wood and silicone blocks. We play with these every single day! They are fun for us since we can build her little buildings or stacks and she gets to knock them over, she can chew on the blocks, and bang them together. I know this is something that she will grow with over the next few years, and it's probably my biggest recommendation on this list!

Friday, January 31, 2020

top three: january 2020

celebrating my sister's birthday

medicine //
  • During pregnancy, the kidneys grows 1.5 cm, and will return to normal size within 6 months postpartum
  • Waardeburg Syndrome is a group of syndromes that can cause hearing loss, and changes in pigmentation of the hair, skin, and eyes
  • As Penny has started eating real foods, food allergens has been something that's been on our mind. It was interesting to read about the LEAP study and how they figured out that early exposure to allergens is actually protective.

on the internet //

spotted for me //

spotted for penny //
  • H&M is my favorite place for baby clothes...we are ready for spring over here with this adorable set!
  • Not a lot of things I love more than baby overalls
  • Okay, maybe baby chambray is right up there with baby overalls. Little chambray shirts go with everything!

ask me anything //
  • I’m considering a career change into medicine after 11 years out of college. I have two young kids (3yr and 3mo old) - any tips for the transition? Thoughts on med school v. PA or nursing? Am I completely crazy to think about doing this with a young family and at age 33?!?
    • I do not think you are crazy at all! I think first things you have to think about is how you see yourself working in health care. While doctors and nurses both work in the same environment, their roles (and education) are very very different. Becoming a full fledged doctor comes with another few years of getting the pre-reqs, 4 years of medical school, and at least another 3 years of training - along with that comes $150-$300k in debt, as well as very little flexible time during most of the 5+ years of clinical work. Maybe PA school would be a great in between - it's 2 years of school and no required training after, you'll make great money, and very likely have more flexibility in balancing your home life and work life than you would as a resident/young attending. I see many women on instagram about my age who have children about Penny's age who now are working part time, a luxury I can't have. There are SO many more things that go into this, as I don't know you, but those are just some of my rambling thoughts!
  • After my third vaginal child birth, I discovered I have a prolapse and after seeing my obgyn was referred to a pelvic floor physical therapist. I've since been discovering a lot on my own too about pelvic floor health and I'm a little annoyed that I knew nothing about it before/during pregnancy. There seems to be a disconnect between obgyns and pelvic floor health. I feel like I'm backtracking when more could've been done preventatively if I'd been made aware by my doctor. Any comments on this being an obgyn? Appreciate it! :)
    • There is definitely a disconnect and it's really a shame we don't get more training or have more understanding of pelvic floor therapy in residency. We had one lecture last year, and I have myself referred a few people to pelvic floor therapy, but couldn't really tell you much about what goes in there. Would love to hear more about what you learned by going to pelvic PT!
  • Can we see pictures of your closet? Do you have a wardrobe inventory? I have a small reach in closet and it’s a mess and I’m struggling with what to wear and the “I have nothing to wear” Syndrome with a stuffed closet and don’t know how to start. Advice?
    • I also have a small reach in closet! Here's a picture from a few years ago, not much has changed in the general lay out. Since I've basically moved every 2 years for the last 10+ years (this is the longest I've ever been in one house!), I was constantly going through my closet and editing it down. I still feel at times like I too have nothing to wear, but I know that's not true, and just go for my tried and true favorites. I wrote a whole series a while back about building a cohesive wardrobe, which included a post about cleaning out your closet so you can start fresh. I hope that helps!

on franish //

at home //
  • Well January came and went! This month was a busy one, I was back on L&D, which always makes for long days. We also took our inservice exam, and I interviewed for my first attending job! This month I'm on GYN, which involves lots of surgeries, and ED/hospital consults. 
  • I'm going to Scottsdale at the end of February with my class for a conference, and need all the suggestions! We have been there once, so I can't wait to be back, but it's been a few years, so any food/drink/experience recommendations you have, I'd love to hear them!
  • Penny said her first word last month. It was "dada". Of course :(

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Aerie Cloud Sherpa Oversized Pullover review

 Aerie Cloud Sherpa Oversized Pullover

Man you guys, this month has been something. I'm back on L&D for the month, which is always busy. We also had our annual inservice exam last week, I've worked 2 of the 4 weekends, and I have my first interview for my first attending job (how are we here already?!..didn't I just write this post?). Needless to say, all of that combined with the baby, I've hardly been on my computer. 

But I did want to pop in quick today to share my favorite clothing item I've purchased recently. I happened upon this amazing sherpa pullover when I accidentally opened a marketing email (I almost always just delete all of them) and 5 minutes later, was entering my credit card to order it for myself. 

I own several sherpa sweaters and pullovers and you guys, this is the best one yet. The problem I've had with almost all sherpa sweaters is that they are amazingly soft and fluffy on the outside...but then are scratchy and uncomfortable on the inside. Not this one though, it's "cloud" name really lives up to how it feels. It's soooo soft on both the inside and outside, and is therefore just so nice to wear. I've been wearing it every chance I get! 

 Aerie Cloud Sherpa Oversized Pullover
Couple of things on sizing. I ordered my normal size large. Reviews say it runs a little large and I agree with that, so if you are between sizes, maybe size down. It is also a bit boxier than like a Patagonia or LLBean sweater, so something to also be mindful of. As you can see above it has dolman style sleeves. It is a bit longer in the back, which is great if you, like me, like your butt covered when wearing leggings. As far as colors go, I have it in natural...but now I'm also considering ordering the basketweave color. I just think it would look so cute with some distressed jeans. 

This Aerie sherpa is on sale today for $30, which is the cheapest I've seen it (it was $40 when I ordered it). I think I'm going to get that basketweave color and these distressed jeggings!

Aerie Cloud Sherpa Oversized Pullover

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

top three: december 2019

medicine //
  • I recently saw a post about the "most kissed lips in the world"...the original model for today's CPR dolls. So sad, but also slightly creepy.
  • Certain inflammatory infections can cause fistulas, or tracts, to develop between organs that aren't supposed to be connected, like the colon to the uterus. 
  • Friendly health reminders: make sure your pap smears are up to date. Talk to your parents about their health conditions so you can tell your doctors about them (especially cancers in your family!). Bleeding after menopause is not normal, see your doctor immediately if that happens. Get your flu shot. Stay healthy out there, love you, mean it. 

on the internet //

spotted for me //
  • I'm slowly beginning the process of finding my first real physician job out of residency (18 more months until I'm done!), which includes lots of meet-and-greets, tours, interviews, and dinners. Unlike medical school and residency interviews, I plan on actually dressing in clothes I like and feel comfortable in, like this neutral and modern blazer, which I plan on pairing with a simple white top and my new work pants
  • I know it's not really for this season of life, but I can't help but want this belt bag. I just imagine it with a black t shirt dress and cognac sandals and wearing it all summer long as my summer uniform...clearly planning for six months from now ;)
  • There's just something about the black and white print on this shirt that I'm dying to try. I think it would look darling tucked into higher waisted jeans!

spotted for penny //

ask me anything //
  • I know you have LL Bean boots, and the fleece quarter and the quilted quarter zip. I have the first two after your recommendations and love them also! What else do you own from LL Bean?
  • Are you you still spinning at home? How has your bike held up? Looking into this option myself!
    • I haven't just because I'm short on time - I'd really love to get back into it, I think about it quite often. I loved my at home spin work outs, I always felt amazing doing them and after. Chris still does them and the bike (our homemade peloton) is holding up amazing! 
  • Would you consider doing an updated video tour of your home?
    • Yes! I will film one in the next few weeks and will write a post about it! 

on franish //

at home //
  • Happy New Year's Eve! We are in Rochester for the long weekend, celebrating a delayed Christmas with my husband's family, as well as the new year. It's been so nice to have these days at home with Penny before starting a busy six months of work. 
  • This month I spent the month with our breast surgeon. ObGyns are very often the doctors who find breast cancer, either through yearly exams (have you had yours? Make it your goal for early 2020 to see your friendly neighborhood gynecologist) or through screening imaging, so it's been very insightful to see what happens once lumps are found. It also makes me hate that the organ we use to feed our babies can turn on us and try to kill us. Cancer is just so cruel.
  • Penny is in such a fun age right now! She's so interactive and smily and starting to move around more. We are also starting the babyled weaning process of feeding her more foods, which has been so fun to see her trying new foods and becoming more coordinated. 

Thursday, December 26, 2019

penny favorites: 3-6 months

Penny turned six months (half a year!!!) old this past weekend, and I can't believe my little baby is already half way through her first year. The time goes so quickly! It has been such a joy watching the leaps and bounds she's grown mentally and physically over the past three months - she's like a real interactive human now rather than our little newborn. 

As first time parents, we have been trying to be mindful of what we buy for Penny while still trying to figure out what we and she needs. I can easily fall into the trap of buying buying buying - first of all, baby things are so cute and second, I'm trying to figure out what makes our lives easier, and what she likes to play with. Especially as she grows older and actually plays with things, we are trying to stick with more organic materials and less battery operated. I also don't want so much stuff that we don't know where to put it or worse, end up throwing away a bunch of stuff, so we (ok, I) am trying to hold myself back from buying all the things.

I shared our baby favorites from 0-3 months, so here are the items we all have loved and used over and over again for our now 6 month old!

Sakura Bloom Ring Sling // We loved loved loved our Solly wrap for the newborn phase - I babywore Penny every day. But as she grew older, she became a lot less interested in being all snuggled up, and wanted to look around. We received the Sakura ring sling recently, and we have loved still baby wearing (and having free hands!) while letting her look around. I feel it's slightly less secure than the Solly wrap, so I mostly still support her with one hand, but it takes a load off my arms, which is definitely a big plus. I know moms who still use theirs with their 2-3 year olds, so I'm excited to get a lot of use of this for the next few years!

ABCs of Biology // Okay, maybe I'm a bad parent for saying this, but I think most baby books are a bit boring (except the Pout Pout Fish, which is a personal favorite to read). I initially purchased this book as a present for a friend, but after reading it to Penny, I purchased it for ourselves. The book has bright pictures for the baby, but with information captions for the parents to read - all in all, a book I've enjoyed reading to her over and over again without getting super bored. There's also the ABCs of Science, ABCs of Math, ABCs of Engineering, ABCs of Quantum Physics...I think I'm going to need the ABCs of Space pack

Teether toy // I used to see these teethers on a pacifer clips and not really understand the point of them...until my own baby started to sprout teeth at 4.5 months, and now I get it. Penny is obsessed with her little polar bear (we call him Charles the Chew Bear) and I love that she has a silicone teether that I don't constantly have to pick off the floor. We got ours at a local boutique (the brand also has an Etsy shop) but there are tons of cute options out there, from sloths to llamas to sushi! This is one of those "trying to be mindful" situations because I want to get all sorts of cute ones (hello, adorable watermelon!) when in reality she only really needs one, and she doesn't care what it looks like. This would also make for a really cute baby shower present, like on top of the present with a bow!

Baby Paper // I can't remember where I learned about Baby Paper, but for $6, I ordered one off Amazon and you guys...Penny loves this thing probably more than she loves me. She has spent an hour straight just stuffing this thing in her mouth and crinkling it. I keep it on my baby-designated purse and pull it out when we are in stores or eating and she just gets so excited. Cheap and super effective - a win win in the baby toy world!

Avanchy spoons // We started with purees when Penny was around four months old. We are now doing a combo of purees and baby-led weaning, and have really enjoyed using the Avanchy spoons. They have a silicone mouth piece with a bamboo handle. Penny is now helping us feed her by grabbing the handle and bringing the spoon to her mouth, and chewing on the mouth piece (I think the silicone feels good on her gums). We also purchased one of their suction cup bowls that we haven't used yet, but will probably get good use out of in the next month or so as we let her explore more of "adult" foods. 

Baby Bjorn bouncer // My in-laws have this amazing bouncer from when my husband was a baby that Penny loved being in - it has a little toy bar in front of it and she happily played with it for fairly long stretches of time. Obviously they don't make that version from thirty years ago, but when I started researching current versions, all reviews pointed towards the Baby Bjorn bouncer. Now, brand new this thing costs $200+, which seems very steep for a metal frame with a piece of fabric on it. I actually found ours second hand on Facebook Marketplace, which is where I would suggest starting out. We got ours for $50! I did end up purchasing the toy bar to go in front of it new, but we have just loved this bouncer that I would say it's the number one item on this list. The bouncer itself is super light and foldable, so you can tuck it away behind the couch or in the closet (my husband loves this feature), and can easily move it all over the house, so you can use it in the kitchen while making dinner, in the living room while folding laundry, and in the bedroom as you get ready. It's also easily washable, which is great if you are buying second hand or just have a messy baby. Penny also enjoys sitting in it as she gets to sit up, and has something right in front of her to play with. We are so happy with item!

Bibs with teethers // Are we noticing a trend? So many of our favorite items include something for my poor baby's gums. She started becoming super drooly around four months, to the point where our daycare would have to change her outfits because she was soaking her shirts. Our daycare also doesn't allow the teethers on the clips, so finding these teethers on the bibs was a great compromise! It protects her clothes from all that slobber, and gives her something to chew on. Plus I love the pretty floral patterns!

Kyte Sleep Sack // We started the transition out of swaddles around ten weeks of age, first by taking one arm out, then a week later unswaddling the other arm, and then for another two weeks just using the velcro swaddles like a sleeping bag that still gave her that "chest pressure" secure feeling. We tried a few different sleep sacks but I really fell for the Kyte sleep sacks. They are made of the softest bamboo fabric and come in the prettiest colors. We own the 0-6 month size in the 1.0 and 2.5 TOG. The sizes are pretty generous, I think we will probably end up using this size for at least several more months as she isn't anywhere close to outgrowing it. You can order directly from their website, which has a lot more options for colors and sizes, or on Amazon and get free shipping with Prime. The reviews on Amazon aren't great, but we have had no issues with our sleep sacks, and have been using them for three months now. If you like the brand, you can also join their facebook group and get early access to their sales, which is great because the items are pretty pricy. 

Pipette Balm // Penny started developing some eczema around three months of age. We switched to Baby Dove's wash for bath time, and then started using this Pipette balm after, and her skin cleared up in days! I think having fragrance/dye free really made a difference for her, so we will be sticking with that combo. The balm is really so nice to apply after her bath and helps seal in moisture, especially during these dry-air winter times. I kind of want a bigger tube to use for myself...

We now have a six month old who will probably be on the move soon - would love to hear any suggestions you have for the age group we are moving in to! From play mats to items for learning to eat, to favorite books to read!