Friday, April 28, 2017

april budget

J.Crew shoes: originally $118, on sale for $90
J.Crew skirt: originally $128, on sale for $95

April budget: $285

Quarterly budget: $500 - $60 in February  - $130 in March - $285 in April

I was going to say this is the most exciting budget post I've had in a while, until I look at the picture and realized it's all neutral color 😂 (although technically the sweater is a blush and not tan). But I am so excited about the items I purchased. I actually bought the Leith dress last month, and for some reason didn't include it in my budget post, so it's here now (you can see the review of it here). 

If you follow along on instastories, you know we had a lengthy discussion about the polka dot skirt. When I saw it in stores a few weeks ago, I beelined for it. I basically knew I had to have it, and so waited for a sale, and ordered it. I almost didn't want it to fit or have it be a really poor quality so I wouldn't be tempted to keep it, but you guys...this skirt. The pattern is adorable, the fabric is thick and forgiving, and since it's in such neutral colors, I know I could wear it with a bunch of different items I already own. On the other hand, I'm about to start a residency where I do spend the majority of the time in scrubs. After lots of discussions with readers, I've decided to keep it. I just love it so much, and it's rare for me to really really love something. So I'll just be a little more dressed up for clinic and look for reasons to wear it. I think sometimes it's okay to keep something you really love even if it's not always the most practical. Sometimes I'm a bit tired of always being practical! 

But I did lean more on the practical side with the pointed toe flats. My friend saw me looking at them a few weeks ago and said "those literally look like they were made for you" because they are everything I want in a shoe! I love the look of pointed toe flats (even if I only have two pairs of them) and they are such a neutral shoe that I can wear them with just about everything in my closet. I will probably end up having to put in an insole in them as they don't provide a ton of support, just as an fyi for those looking for shoes!

As far as sponsored posts, I worked with JCPenney on post (you can see it here). I'm obsessed with the dress and jean jacket, both of which are coming with me to NYC this weekend! Although most of our trip is centered around wedding dress shopping (!), you know there will be a bit of shopping involved. Fingers crossed I find both a dress and my graduation present to myself (eek! I'm so excited). 

sidenote: if you have just a few minutes, would you mind helping me out on a research project by filling out this survey? One participant will win a $200 Nordstrom giftcard. Thank you!

Thursday, April 27, 2017

baby, you're so classic

St. John's Bay Short Sleeve Shift Dress Is there anything more classic than stripes?

You guys know I love a good stripe, whether it's a shirt, skirt, pants, sweater, or scarf! My favorite though is a striped dress - I just find them the most versatile! I used to wear a black and white striped dress all the time back in the day! I've always been on the look out for a short sleeved, black on white, t-shirt dress though. I've tried several over the years, but for some reason could never find the right one - some were too short, others were just too tight. I found this St. John's Bay dress at JCPenney though, and it's truly perfect. It's long enough on my frame (very important), has the type of stripes I've been looking for, and it isn't too tight around my midsection and hips (I'm wearing a size large). Best of all, I got it for $25! 

I paired it with this jean jacket from Levi's - it's technically called a trucker jacket, but I find it to be the perfect jean jacket. Jean jackets are another one of those things I find a bit harder to shop for - sometimes the denim color is off, some are super cropped, or the fabric is too stiff. This one is really soft (you can actually move in it!), and it hits me at the hip, rather than the waist. It's just the classic American jean jacket 👌
DSC07250picture 2
DSC07223picture 2
DSC07260picture 2
Dress: St. John's Bay c/o JCPenney [exact]
Jacket: Levi's c/o JCpenney [exact]
Purse: Liz Claiborne c/o JCPenney [exact]
Shoes: Bamboo Festival c/o JCPenney [exact]
DSC07224picture 2
Levi’s® Trucker Jacket
JCPenney's VIP Event is happening from 4/27 until 4/30. Use code BUYNOW13 to save:

Online: An extra 30% off $100 or more select apparel, shoes, accessories, fine jewelry, home, furniture & mattresses. 

In stores & online: Extra 25% off with your JCPenney Card or Extra 20% off any other method of payment select apparel, shoes, accessories, fine jewelry, home, furniture & mattresses

Below are a few of my favorite striped items! Happy shopping :)

Thank you to JCPenney and ShopStyle for sponsoring this post!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

gift ideas for graduating medical students

what to get a medical student for gradution
With thousands of medical students across the country getting ready to graduate from medical school, I've received several requests for a gift guide...which luckily, I've been thinking about for months now! I love making gift guides, and having made a Christmas one for medical student for the past four years, I was excited to make one for upcoming graduates. I've had a few items on my list for a while, I've asked my girlfriends, and I consulted google (although the posts I found were from 2005 and recommended buying mp3 players, so only a bit outdated!). Below are 14 items that I think would make great gift ideas for any student about to graduate from medical school!
  1. Patagonia fleece (embroidery optional): Consider it a part of their "welcome to residency" uniform. A lot of residents choose to wear a comfortable fleece versus the traditional white coat while working in the hospital. While there are a ton of different companies that make fleeces, my personal favorite is the Patagonia "better sweater". To make it more personalized, you can take it to any local embroidery shop to have their new doctor title and department embroidered on it! Don't forget that the proper way to write a doctor's name is either (I'll use my name as an example):  Dr. Franziska Hasselhof, or Franziska Hasselhof, DO (not "Dr. Franziska Hasselhof, DO"). 
  2. Diploma frame: Most school bookstores sell these online, and I think it's one of the best "traditional" presents you can get any recent grad! CR's parents have gotten him one for every degree he's received, and I'm so jealous (although I graduated from college six years ago, I'm debating finally getting one from UW for my undergrad degree). This is one present I'd love to receive - they are so pricey, and really allow a new grad to show off that degree they worked so hard for.
  3. Apple Watch: You can read my full review of my Apple Watch here, and why I love it, but in short, it's great to have access to your phone on your watch, and as soon-to-be residents, we all need a watch! You can get one of the older series for around $200
  4. Lunch boxes: Not the sexiest of all presents, but definitely practical! With most of us putting in around 80 hours a week some weeks, having a way to keep your food cool for hours at a time will be super important! Even though I have a food allowance for our cafeteria, I know that I'll personally try to bring most of my own food to stay on track with my dieting goals. 
  5. Subscription Wine boxes: When I asked my girlfriends for ideas for this post, one suggestion a Wine of the Month club and the rest of us immediately responded with YES THAT IS SUCH A GREAT IDEA! What's better than having delicious wine delivered to your front step once a month? I love this idea - it's a great way to wind down at the end of the day, and the recipient can invite over some of their co-interns for wine and bonding time. It's a win all around. Here's a run down of the 12 most popular services (I think I'd try Tasting Room, myself!). 
  6. Yeti mug: With most residents showing up at the hospital between the hours of 4-6 AM, coffee or tea will be a staple for most of us. A Yeti mug will keep their beverage of choice either hot or cold for hours on end. Include a giftcard to a local coffee shop (that has an early morning drive through) or one of those subscription coffee boxes for home brewers. I'm personally hoping I can perfect my at-home mango black iced tea!
  7. Meal Subscription box: When I lived with a couple who were both residents last summer while I was on an audition rotation, they had a meal subscription service drop off supplies twice a week. They said they absolutely loved that they had to do zero work ahead of time to make delicious home cooked meals - no grocery runs, no food going bad in the fridge. They loved that they were still cooking healthy meals and spending that time together in the kitchen. These services are kind of pricey, which makes them a great gift for a recent grad! There are a ton to chose from - Refinery 29 narrowed down 16 of the most popular ones, so you can find something for any type of eater!
  8. Noise Canceling headphones: Although we will no longer have the "student" title, our learning is far from over. Between Step 3, daily education requirements, inservice exams, and board exams, we have years of exams ahead of us. Noise canceling headphones have been one of those items I use constantly, and am so thankful for! Plus they are great if someone needs to catch a few minutes of sleep in a not-so-quiet hospital call room. 
  9. Personalized mug: I love these mugs, and have a whole bunch waiting to be handed out in five weeks! 
  10. Cleaning service: This is something a different couple who were both in a surgical residency mentioned last fall. They said they received it as a graduation present, and that it's been amazing to have someone come over once every 3-4 weeks to deep clean their house. Again, something that'll be a bit pricey, but also something they'll appreciate for the several months their house is spotless at least once a month ;)
  11. iPad mini: The mini's are small enough to keep in white coat pockets, which is especially great for anyone who will be in a speciality that rounds a lot (most medicine services). It'll be great for looking up something quickly, for all of their medical apps, and for down time on quieter night shifts. 
  12. On the go charger: With a lot of hospitals switching from traditional pagers to iPhone paging systems, there's a greater chance phones will die on those longer shifts. I love that this Rebecca Minkoff charging cable keychain is just plain cute, but also hides a lightening cord. 
  13. Embroidered scrubs: While those soon to be residents going into surgical specialities will have to wear hospital-issued scrubs while in the OR, it would be nice to have a nicer set or two to wear for off-service blocks or days outside of the OR (for example, I will spend one day a week in our clinic, where I don't have to wear hospital issued scrubs). I really like Maevn's scrubs, or you can get a set from Medelita and have their names embroidered on them. 
  14. Pens: You know what's a hot commodity amongst anyone in the hospital? PENS. A big box of nice pens should last a resident quite some time. My personal favorite pens are the Tul pens and the Pilot G-2 pens. If the recent grad loves stationery and paper products, include fun highlighters, a cute pencil bag, and occupational appropriate USB flash drive!
Congrats to all of you soon-to-be doctors! 

Sunday, April 23, 2017

top three [04.23.2017]

everlane reviews throughout the years - have you entered the giveaway

  • Melkersson's Syndrome is a neurologic disorder that's characterized by a triad of recurrent facial paralysis, swelling of the face (usually the upper lip), and folds and furrows developing on the tongue (called lingual plicata). Google that last one at your own risk. 
  • An empty, non-pregnant uterus weighs around 70g and holds 5 mL. Immediately post-birth, it weights around 1,000g and holds around 5,000 mL. HOW COOL IS THAT?!
  • Plexor: the technical term for that little plastic headed hammer used to test reflexes

on the internet

  • This is the second year that Topshop has made this scalloped top, and I just really want it...except all the reviews say it runs really short and boxy. Has anyone tried it? 
  • I know these are technically for children...BUT I LOVE THEM. Now to just convince the person I share a bedroom with that they are necessary. 
  • I got this workout top a few days ago and wore it for the first time yesterday. CR (who does not have any social media) did not get it. When I tried to explain what #squadgoals was, he just looked at my blankly 😂


ask me anything
  • I feel like I am in a somewhat similar situation as your story - always interested in science but decided a little later that I really loved medicine and took a gap year after graduating. Now I'm getting ready to start a post bacc so I can hopefully get into med school but I am freaking out. I'm so nervous that I won't get in or that I am not smart enough to handle it. Now that you have successfully matched - yay! - do you have any advice for newbies? Did you ever feel the same? How did you deal?
    • I have definitely felt the same way! For a lot of years, my now ex-boyfriend told me that I could never cut it in medical school. I didn't even realize how damaging that was until after we broke up, and I had to see him to pick up a few things from our old house, and he asked me if I had failed out of medical school yet. So yes, I definitely felt like I couldn't get in and be successful. You just have to surround yourself with good people who are rooting for you, to believe that you CAN do it (!), and that if you need help, to not be afraid to ask for it. Focus on school, come up with great study plans, and you'll get in and do great! :)
  • I'm starting my fourth year of pharmacy school in 2 weeks which consists of a year of month-long rotations. I'll be living in student housing for a few rotations a few hours away to be at a rural hospital. Do you have any advice on what to pack for rotations away from home or on how to prepare a capsule wardrobe for a month? 
    • I spent half of fourth year living not at home, so I definitely know about your current situation. So for things to bring that aren't clothing, I would suggest bringing your own pillows and sheets (some places provide them but you for sure want your own), a long phone cord, and snacks (soooo many snacks). As far as clothing goes, think about what your "uniform" is. For me, that's black ankle pants and a loose fitting top. So what I did was bring like 2 pairs of those pants and 5 of those shirts, and just rotated them around. For you it may be simple sheath dresses or pencil skirts with a blouse, but I find sticking with one "uniform" makes it a lot easier to pack when you're gone for a month at a time! 
  • I'm looking for cognac sandals to wear all summer. Any suggestions?

on franish

notable sales

at home
  • We watched The OA this week and omg you guys - I couldn't stop watching! Have you seen it?! It's like a low-key sci-fi suspense, but it's not like aliens and superheroes. I found it so interesting! (It's on Netflix)
  • This is my last week of MFM - I can't believe how quickly the time has gone. It's been a good mix of gestational diabetes, and then pretty intense situations like cancer while pregnant, and rare infectious diseases. After this week, I'll be on my last rotation ever!
  • This upcoming weekend is when I'm going to NYC with my mom to go dress shopping. I've been planning our itinerary for months now, and can't wait to go explore!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

healthyish, vol. 16

...and we're back!

Last week, I just wasn't feeling it. I was having a bad week, and so I just kind of let myself sit on the couch watching HGTV and eating not the healthiest foods. The good news is by the end of the week, I was ready to get back to my healthier ways, and felt re-energized to work out. My friend Amy and I decided we were going to start BBG again, this time together, and it's been so good having a work out buddy! It's a bit of a commitment for us as we live 30 minutes apart, but we have made it work, and are excited to continue doing it together. It felt good (...but bad) to be so sore again!

Sunday: BBG Week 1 legs
Tuesday: BBG Week 1 arms + abs
Wednesday: 1 hour spin class
Saturday: 1 hour spin class + BBG Week 1 full body

Looks like I kind of forgot to take pictures of food this week! For breakfast I had scrambled eggs or an omelet every morning. I brought bananas, Baby Bell cheese, and turkey sticks for snacks, as well as ate a bunch of apple and orange slices my attending offered me about every hour (I love apple slices!). For lunches and dinners we had a big thing of pulled pork in the crock pot with my beloved cheesy "potatoes", as well as chili, and butternut squash noodles with turkey meatballs. All were amazing!


This week I would like to make two meals tomorrow to last us all week. Bringing my own lunches makes such a big difference in my eating habits!

this week's treat:

We are having a few friends over later to grill cheeseburgers and brats (YAY!), as well as having mac and cheese, salt potatoes, lemon bars, and cupcakes. I can't wait!

weigh in: -0.0 lbs (total: -10.0 lbs). Not surprising considering the weight I probably gained last week, but glad to be back at this point. Can't wait to see where I'm at in a week from now (probably still unable to walk correctly haha).

Thursday, April 20, 2017

to everlane, with love ( + giveaway)

silk tank | mules
Everlane was one of my first blogging discoveries back in the day. Back then, they only made one item - a t-shirt. And I fell for it hard.  I've reviewed it, I've worn it, and now I own at least 15 of their shirts. I wear one every single day (my home uniform is always black leggings, Everlane tee, and a drapey sweater). It just hits me in all the right places, it's not see through, and it holds up so so well.

Over the years, Everlane has added more to their collection of clothing, always staying true to their "radical transparency" tagline about knowing where your clothes come from, how much they cost to make, and where the money goes. I own probably a dozen of their items besides the tee - I carried their backpack for all of first and second year of school, I wear their dress pants, their pocket tote is my gym bag, and I own several of their silk blouses and dresses. Not every piece they make works on my frame - some items run boxier than others, but they now have such a wide variety of items that I always find something I love in their new arrivals. Check out a few of my favorites below - that back zip tee looks just like my beloved BR tee, and the silk v-neck blouse would be perfect for the summer.
sweater | blouse (already on the waitlist!) | silk dress

Basically, I'm a huge fan of Everlane, and have been for years and years. To celebrate my "blogging anniversary" this week, I want one of you to experience and love Everlane as much as I do, which is why I'm giving away a $100 Everlane giftcard. You can enter the giveaway below - open to US, Canada, and Australia only as that is where they ship. 
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

my daily make-up routine (& a Sephora giveaway!)

It's been a hot second since I last wrote about my daily make-up routine ( it's been like 18 months), and since quite a bit has changed (and a few things have stayed the same), today's post is all about my current make-up routine! I have this thing down to a science, and can do all of this in about ten minutes now. If I'm in a hurry, I skip the foundation and highlighter parts, but for the most part, here's what I use every day!
  1. Smashbox primer: I have larger pores, and this does a great job of "blurring" them out. Downside is that some days I need more hydration, so I sometimes use the Laura Mercier primer for those dryer days. 
  2. Hourglass foundation stick: A YouTube favorite, I started using this about four months ago and absolutely love it! I love that it's really buildable (I don't it to be super thick, so I just use a few swipes of this), that you don't have to get any foundation on your hands, and that there is such a broad selection of colors so you can really get your perfect color. I blend it out with my Beauty Blender. Highly recommend, especially if you travel a lot (no risk of spills!).
  3. Urban Decay concealer: Still one of my favorite concealers I've ever used ( I'm on my third tube now). I am curious about the Tarte Shape Tape though - everyone seems to love it!
  4. Smashbox powder: Still one of my holy grail items. I've been using this for over six years now and have no plans on changing my powder anytime soon. I use it with an It Cosmetics brush and the combo is 👌
  5. Charlotte Tilbury bronzer: One of the newer pieces of my routine, I love the color and formulation of this bronzer. It's not too orange, and has good staying power without being overwhelming. This guy is a bit of a splurge for sure. I use it with this Morphe brush (which I absolutely adore!).
  6. Bobbi Brown blush: I wear the "pretty pink" color and it's the perfect amount of pink glow for every day wear. I apply it with a Sephora blush brush that I've had for years and years. 
  7. Urban Decay setting spray: As I mentioned last week, I spray this on a beauty blender, and then tap on to my skin. Have you tried this trick yet? It's one of my favorites!
  8. Becca highlighter: This is something I've owned for over a year, and continue to really enjoy. I use an Anastasia brush to apply a little on my cheek bone and nose. While I love the pretty glow this provides, it's also the first step I'll skip if I'm in a hurry. 
  9. Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow: In every day life, I just use my fingers to put a swipe of the lightest color on my lid. It brightens up my deep set eyes, and I think it provides a better foundation for my eyeliner. If I'm going somewhere special, I'll apply a bit of the darker color to my crease for added definition.
  10. Stila eyeliner: You already know this was going to be here - it's the only eyeliner I've used consistently for the past seven years or so. #holygrail
  11. Eyelash curler: One of those steps that makes such a huge difference that I never ever skip it! Eyelash curlers are the secret to longer looking fluttery lashes. 
  12. Eyebrow pencil + eyebrow gel: I have used several different methods for "applying your brows" but I really like using the brow definer pencil the most - when you apply and then use the spooley to brush it out, I think it looks a lot more natural than a pomade like the dipbrow, and it's a lot quicker to use than a powder. Combined with a clear gel, they now last all day!
  13. Eyelash primer + mascara: Saving the best (and most important!) step for last! I have been using this eyelash primer for about 18 months now, and am on my third or fourth tube of it. It makes such a difference in the thickness and volume of your eyelashes, and really makes your mascara stay put (I never have issues with flaking). I've been playing around with a few new mascaras, but my go-to is still the eye opening mascara. It does dry up quicker than others I've used, but a few drops of contact solution fixes that problem real quick, and extends the use of the tube for at least another month this way!
And that's it! It takes so much longer to write that up than to actually do it 😂  I did want to mention that this upcoming week is the spring VIB sale event! Here are the details:

  • VIB Rouge: 
    • April 18th - April 24th
    • 15% off with code ROUGESPRING
  • VIB:
    • April 19th - April 24th
    • 15% off with code VIBSPRING
  • Beauty Insider:
    • April 20th - April 23rd
    • 10% off with code BISPRING

Since I'm doing pretty good on my go-to products (I have a few favorites stock piled from previous sales), there are just a few things I'm going to order. I want to try  Hourglass's primer (I've read so many good things!), this CC cream from It Cosmetics, and Dior's lip scrub+ balm combo (I tried this last weekend and my lips looked amazing after!). To celebrate my five year of blogging anniversary though, I want to give one of you a little extra spending money for the sale! Enter the giveaway below - and as always, thank you for being my internet friends and loving make-up and skincare as much as I do! Giftcard will be in US dollars.