Saturday, January 21, 2017

healthyish, vol. 4

I spent most of the last week at home, which was great because we got a lot of things accomplished (like making our rank lists and starting the cleaning out process for moving in a few months). We tried a few new recipes, made a few old favorites, and went out to eat a few times too. I'm in Miami with my family this weekend, celebrating my youngest sister's 21st birthday, so it'll be a nice mix of lots of walking, getting some Vitamin D, and enjoying the local food!

Sunday: 45 minutes on the stairclimber
Monday: 1 hour spin class
Tuesday: 1 hour spin class (which was pretty lackluster, tbh)
Wednesday: 1 hour spin class (which totally made up for Tuesday's class)
Saturday: SoulCyle with my sister, dad, and cousin (so fun!)


Like I said, this week was a nice combination of old favorites and new recipes (that will become old favorites!). We had our go-to omelets (with avocado - yum!), brunch bowls (1/2 sweet potato, breakfast turkey sausage, black beans, and poached eggs), and chili. We went out to eat two times after second looks at programs near us - I got salmon both times and it was delicious! CR doesn't really like seafood, so it's nice to have it at a restaurant once in a while when I'm craving it! In the new category, we finally followed our friend Carrie's lead, and tried our hand at cauliflower crust pizza (see her post about it here). You guys - this basically tasted exactly like a regular thin crust pizza. It was delicious! With the sauce and cheese it's definitely more of mid week "treat" rather than an every day meal, but seriously, it was fairly easy and it tasted amazing. This is the recipe we used that Carrie suggested.


Last week's goals: Go to four spin classes, try out a new exercise class with my friend (we want to try kickboxing!), and stay away from the scale until next Friday. 
     - Spin classes: done! 
     - New exercise class: unfortunately the kickboxing place isn't open yet, so that didn't happen this week
     - Weigh in on Friday: done! 

Next week's goals:
     - Pack healthy snacks for our trip to Michigan and Rochester
     - Spin three times
     - Go on a long walk with the dogs


Like I said, I'm in Miami this weekend, so we are having a bit of fun ;) Trying not to go overboard, but also not worrying too much about calorie counts. We did go to SoulCycle this morning, so hopefully that offsets a few calories ;)

weigh in: down 0.4 lbs, total of 4.4 lbs

I'll be honest guys - I was kind of disappointed to see that number this week. I feel I've been working really hard. I work out more than I basically ever have (thanks, fun spin classes!) and I have been doing really well sticking to my set calories and so on. Some weeks you just lose more than others, so now it's just up to me not to be discouraged by that, and keep doing what is making me feel better, which is eating healthier and doing exercise I enjoy doing.

Hope you guys all had a great week - would love to hear what fun work out classes you took or what new recipes you tried!

Friday, January 20, 2017

day in the life: emergency medicine

as always, some details have been changed

5:47 AM: I have to get up earlier than I normally do because we have an early morning meeting, so waking up was not super easy this morning! It's even harder when your bed is still warm ;)

5:55 AM: After brushing my teeth and washing my face, I put on my moisturizer, a quick sweep of my favorite concealer and powder, and then eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and mascara. This is my bare minimum routine and I basically have it down to two minutes. I then spray some dry shampoo (the best!) in my hair, and throw it up into a bun.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

how to: do an at home facial in three easy steps

how to do a facial at home

Years and years ago during my freshman year of college, I took a sociology class. In it, we learned that the only trait that is seen as attractive across all countries and cultures is good skin - teeth, hair, body type, and make-up all vary, but everyone considers good skin beautiful. This has obviously stuck with me, and for the last few years, I definitely have been trying to get ahead of the game - we're not getting any younger here! I wash my make-up off every night, I use sunscreen, I use my retin-A at night, I do masks fairly regularly, I try to drink plenty of water, and so on. For a while, I was getting a facial every couple of months, and while my skin felt awesome for a day or two, I have over the past year or so not gotten one in an effort to put my money towards other skin procedures (more about my microneedling experience in a few weeks!). So instead, I have figured out how to do my own facials at home that still give me smooth and glowing skin for a few days without dropping $75 every six weeks on the same results. I do these about once a week (usually during The Bachelor!) and feel that it has made quite the difference in how my skin is the rest of the week!

how to exfoliate your skin
EXFOLIATE: Pretty vital to the process of getting smooth and glowing skin is getting rid of that top dull layer! My go-to process is after washing my make-up off in the shower, I'll do a quick pass with my go-to face cleanser and a cleansing sponge - basically just to remove the last of any make-up, and to get any big flakes. Plus taking a shower before all of this helps open up your pores. After getting out of the shower, I put on a layer of Glamglow's clearing treatment on any blemishes (this jar came in a holiday set last year), and the original mask over the rest of my face. I also put on a layer of KaplanMD's Perfect Pout lip mask. I wait about 15 minutes or so, just until the mask is dry. Because this mask can be drying, I don't like to keep it on my skin much longer than that. I then using a wash cloth, and gently scrub the mask off. 

TREAT: I have loved exploring all the different types of sheet masks out there - they are the perfect product for these at home facials! Once you exfoliate, this is the time you want to address whatever issues you're having with your skin, whether it's dry skin (me during the winter!), acne (especially around that time of the month), dullness (again me during the winter), or oily skin. I first started using the Sephora masks about a year ago, but several of you had mentioned getting cheaper ones from Memebox, so I ordered a whole bunch a few months ago that I'm still working through. Most of those masks cost between $1 to $3, so if one isn't great, it's not a huge loss! So far, I think my favorite mask from them has been the E.G.T. Timetox mask (no longer available on Memebox, but it is on Amazon) and the Tosowoong Pure Propolis Mask. I still have a whole stack to go through though, so I'm sure I'll fall in love with others. I've also tried the Tony Moly pack found on Amazon, which I quite liked (plus it's super cheap and you get a bunch of mask that treat different issues). I still occasionally will buy the more expensive masks, like the Dr. Jart+ mask I tried last night, and the SK-II mask that I'm saving for a special occasion because it's so pricy, but have found there really isn't much of a difference between the more inexpensive versions and the expensive versions, especially because the results you see from either mask aren't going to last forever - it's all somewhat temporary. So once you have exfoliated and dried your face, you just slap one of these on your face and wait 20-30 minutes. I also will put in my teeth whitening trays during this time - you can't really move your face much while wearing the masks, so it's really killing two birds with one stone! After the time is up, you remove the mask, and the rub the rest of the serum into your skin.

MOISTURIZE & SEAL: This part will really vary depending on your skin type. I have quite dry skin, so I like to use a heavier moisturizer, especially after using a product that can dry out your skin like the Glamglow mask. Recently I've been using Nature Republic's steam cream - it's pretty heavy duty, so it's the perfect last step for me (but definitely not something I would use as a daily morning cream). I would say it's a medium weight cream - it's not like a Nivea cream that is heavy but it's also not your light weight moisturizer that goes on super sheer. Like I said, this last step again depends on what you are looking for for your skin.

And that's it! Super easy, super efficient, and gets the job done! My skin always feels so soft after I do this, and while I would love the relaxing atmosphere of a spa while someone rubs creams all over my face, I feel I've gotten similar results sitting at home on my couch watching tv.
And although I've documented this on Snapchat a dozen times, here's last night's facial in all its bare skin glory during The Bachelor (Corinne is crazy and insecure, correct? I have lots of thoughts). Now if only I could figure out an at-home remedy for my dark tear trough (which I've had since I was a kid, so I can't even blame school for them!). 

Sunday, January 15, 2017

top three [01.15.2017]

maroon scarves forever

medicine facts will return when vacation is over in three weeks! 

on the internet

  • I'm slowly trying to figure out wedding things (we just booked our photographer!), so now it's time to start thinking about wedding event clothes! We're taking our engagement pictures later this spring, and I'm thinking about a dress similar to this style - it's just so pretty (plus any excuse to wear a white dress!). 
  • I've really been loving the look of mock neck sweaters on others this winter...and with this sweater on sale for less than $25, I'm excited to try it out on myself! 
  • It's been years and years since I last bought a winter coat, and with many snowy winters in our future, I'm crushing hard for Cole Haan's winter coat...even though with 25% off, the price is still hard to swallow! 

ask me anything
  • First semester of my freshman undergrad complete, and all I can say is that I'm extremely disappointed. I'm pre-med, yet I received a 2.69 this semester. I was a 3.7 high school student, and I never saw myself going this low in my first year of college. I took four classes (Biology, U.S History, English, and Precalculus). I got an A in English, B in Precal., and C's in both history and biology. Biology is my major, but I got a C in it. Do you think there's any way I could bounce back, or is medicine just not for me?
    • I definitely think there is time to bounce back - in fact, a lot of medical schools say they look at the trend over the years rather than each semester's grades, so in this situation, you can only go up from here and improve your GPA! Now that you have one semester of college under your belt, you kind of know how college and high school differ - you have to have a lot more self motivation to study because there is typically less homework and more exams that count toward your grades. I wouldn't recommend taking a bunch of science and hard math classes at once - you have four years to get all the pre-reqs in, so maybe take one or two science classes next semester, and then take other classes that interest you (that may also fulfill graduation requirements and that may help boost your GPA!). If you are struggling with certain topics, don't be afraid to find a tutor (I had to get one for o-chem - it made a big difference!). Definitely don't let one semester discourage you from pursuing medicine, but realize that you have to work really hard the next couple of semesters so you can have an "upward trend"!
  • Are you planning on changing your last name when you get married?
    • Yes :) 
  • I'm going on vacation to Bermuda next month, and am looking for cute coverups. Any suggestions?

notable sales

on franish
  • on the blog: recent empties, and which ones are going to be repurchased
  • on the instagram: last time wearing the suit!
  • on the twitter: tapping is definitely a pet peeve!! 

at home
  • This week was such a good one. I had my last interview (yay!), and then spent a few days exploring Chicago with my sister. We stayed at the Silversmith Hotel in the Loop, so we did a lot of exploring in that area. We went to the Art Institute for one morning, had our fill of German dinner and brunches, and got in a ton of steps that day. I just love Chicago - having lived in Madison for seven years, I've been there a ton of times, but always explore a new area, so I'm happy I got a bit more time in the Loop than I had in the past. I also got to take two Soul Cycle classes (one with Hallie, which was amazing because she's amazing), and got pizza and drinks with Liz, so overall, it was such a fun trip!
  • Looking ahead for the week, I have a few spin classes scheduled, will hopefully being doing a second look at a program, and then I'm leaving for Miami on Friday! I'm definitely excited to get a bit of sun and spend time with my family - the six of us haven't all been together since 2013!
  • I know I promised a Day in the Life post last week, but then I kind of fell behind on fingers crossed I can get it together this week! It'll probably be the last one in the medical school series

Saturday, January 14, 2017

healthyish, vol. 3

This week was definitely more about setting myself up to not fail rather than really actively sticking to my diet. I was traveling Tuesday - Friday, between going to my interview which always includes a dinner and lunch, and driving to Chicago to spend a few days there with my sister. I packed a big lunch box full of snacks for the first two drives - carrots & hummus, turkey roll ups with laughing cow cheese, hippeas, and a banana. At the interview dinner I only had a few bites of the appetizers, ordered the salmon with vegetables, and had one third of the dessert (I couldn't be the only one who didn't order a dessert!). In Chicago, it was definitely a balance between enjoying the great food and trying to make healthier choices. I tried the new egg bites from Starbucks as a protein snack before my first SoulCycle class - they definitely have an interesting texture! My sister and I went to a German restuarant for dinner, and I ordered the salmon and potato pancakes, so not exactly the healthiest! I also went to dinner with Liz, and had a pizza, which was amazing. On my way out of town, I stopped at Left Coast since it was near where I went to SoulCycle, and got some amazing avocado toast for brunch and a smoothie for a snack later on in the drive. So like I said, I knew that these four days of traveling would make it difficult to really stick to the way I eat at home, but I think I found a good balance of enjoying the food while not over eating.


Sunday: 45 minutes on the stair climber (150 flights of stairs!)
Monday: 60 minutes of spin class (22 miles)
Tuesday: I was supposed to go to spin but the instructor didn't show!! >:(
Thursday: SoulCycle + 15k steps exploring Chicago
Friday: SoulCycle with Hallie :)


Last week's goals: Pack enough snacks for my road trip to my interview and home so I don't get tempted by drive throughs, hit 23 miles at spin again on Monday, and actually try to track 100 ounces of water/day. 
        - No drive throughs!  I'm actually very proud of this one (I think telling you guys this made me actually stick to it!)
        - Spin on Monday was more about climbs than sprints, so I hit 22 miles. So close!
        - This did not happen. With 5-6 hours of driving most days, I would have had to stop every hour to pee!

This week's goals:
       - Go to four spin classes 
       - Try out a new exercise class with my friend (we want to try kickboxing!)
       - Stay away from the scale until next Friday


We aren't having our normal cheat meals today because of the above mentioned pizza and desserts and so on that I already enjoyed. So for the next week, definitely excited to be home and find a few new things to cook at home. I did buy a few new work out clothes from Old Navy though, so those are my treat for the week! I got a new pair of my favorite type of work out pants, a new sports bra, a cute little tank top, and a zip up for the cold treks to the gym. 

weigh in:

I didn't weigh myself today! Between the not great diet and bloating during this time of the month, I know that seeing a number I'm not excited about will just kind of throw me off. I'd rather continue to work hard for the next six days, and see where I'm at in a week! I guess it's also about not living and dying by the scale - I know that I ate pretty healthy this week, got a lot of exercise, but also enjoyed my time with friends and family, so that's more important than what the scale shows!

Friday, January 13, 2017


LOFT - Split Neck TunicAhhhh, vacation :)

We get four weeks of vacation each school year, and since it's been fifteen months since my last one, I am so excited to finally have a few weeks off! I'm currently in Chicago - my sister and I met up here for a few days for exploring, eating, and shopping! I'm heading back to Ohio today (after a SoulCycle class with Hallie!). Next week I'm going down to Miami for a little family trip for my youngest sister's birthday, and the following week CR and I are hoping to go to Montreal! So lots of little trips packed into a few weeks. 

Of course, I couldn't really post without quickly commenting on my outfit! The shirt is from Loft (currently 40% off!) and is something a little different for me with the looser fit and sleeves. Definitely fun to get a bit out of my comfort zone, even if it's just with a different style shirt! The shoes are probably one of my favorite things right now - they are tortoise shell! They look like they'd be uncomfortable, but I think these are actually more comfortable than the traditional Revas. 

Blouse: Loft [exact]
Jeans: 7 for all Mankind c/o Shopbop [exact]
Scarf: H&M 
Shoes: Tory Burch c/o Shopbop [saveexact]
Purse: Coach 
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington [exact - use code FRANZISKA15 for 15% off]

Loft is getting ahead of the weather and has a ton of cute (almost springtime) new pieces in! We're just starting winter here, so I can't get too excited about pencil skirts yet (although the tulip one is super cute, right?) but there are a lot of items you can either layer (like that amazing lace top that is now in my cart) or that wrap cardigan. Everything is currently 40% off!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

beauty tuesday: recent empties

It's been almost five months since my last empties review! I recently ran out of a ton of products at the same time, so I figured it was finally time for another post. As you'll see, I'm a big creature of habit, so once I find something I like, I stick with it!

ONE // I've talked about Glossier's cleanser several times (here in a review, and here in my top buys of 2016). I bought my first bottle of this back in February, and used it probably three days a week, so it really really lasted for me. I use this either in the morning when I need to wash off an overnight face mask, or at nights after days I wear minimal make-up. It removes all my eye make up easily, it's soothing, and I enjoy the smell.     VERDICT: already repurchased

TWO // I have purchased this powder countless times over the past six years. I'm absolutely obsessed with it - it's hydrating (great for those with dry skin), it has good coverage (on my less make-up days, I only wear this on my face with concealer on blemishes), and it lasts a long time. I just love it.   VERDICT: already repurchased

THREE // You guys know I already love this magic potion (see my original review here). Every once in a while I think to myself, no way is this really what keeps my acne at bay, and then I go a week without using it, and my skin just freaks out. So it's one of those items I've found that has been extremely effective for me.   VERDICT: already repurchased

FOUR // I love this moisturizer - I talked about it in my last empties post (this is the container I had already repurchased). It has been perfect for both the summer and winter, which makes it my go-to moisturizer.   VERDICT: ....already repurchased

FIVE // When I find a mascara I like, I'm very loyal to it for a long time, which is why I wore the Better than Sex mascara for three years before discovering Bobbi Brown's Eye Opener mascara. You can see my comparison of the two mascaras here. Ultimately, I've really enjoyed this mascara to the point it was one of my favorite finds of 2016.    VERDICT: already repurchased

SIX // Unlike with mascara, I jump from concealer to concealer. I've tried a ton, including ones from Nars, Too Faced, Tarte, It Cosmetics, and Benefit. Urban Decay's Naked concealer is one of the only ones I've ever repurchased, which is why it was also one of my favorite purchased of 2016.    VERDICT: repurchased (review coming soon!)

SEVEN // Possibly my 20th time I've repurchased this eyeliner. It's just my absolute favorite - it lasts all day, it goes on in a sharp line, and the tube lasts at least three months at a time. It's been the only eyeliner I've worn for the past five+ years.    VERDICT: duh, repurchased and a back up

EIGHT // I've been switching between Anastasia's eyebrow pencil and Charlotte Tilbury's eyebrow pencil, and I finally finished the Anastasia version. I really like this, and honestly can't tell much of a difference between the two, but since this version is $7 cheaper, I'll probably go back to this one.    VERDICT: will probably repurchase

NINE // Well it's been more than a year, and I finally finished my Glam Glow mask! I bought the holiday set in December 2015, and used it about once a week since then. I keep going back to it because it removes impurities, gets rid of the flakes, and is the perfect first step in my weekly three step at home facial. I actually repurchased the holiday set a few months ago when it was on mega sale on HauteLook so.... VERDICT: already repurchased ;)