Friday, September 30, 2016

september budget

Gap blouse: originally $45, on sale for $30
Ann Taylor pants: originally $110, on sale for $75
Madewell sweater: originally $80, on sale for $60 + 15% off = $50

September budget: $155

Quarterly budget: $500 + $100 left over - $200 in August - $155 in September = $250 left over

Don't let my little collage fool you - I actually ordered a ton more things this month than I kept. Like I mentioned, I'm in the process of finding an interview suit, and while I won't include that in my normal clothing budget, it did take up a considerable amount of money this month. I think I may have found two winners though, so I'll be making my final decision this weekend and showing you guys the results next week! In addition, I also ordered that blazer from J.Crew in two sizes, both of which are waiting for me at home to try on. So that will be added to next month's budget. As for this month, I finally found a new pair of pants for work - they need just a bit of tailoring around the knees, but otherwise are amazing. I'm just happy to have a pair of dark ankle pants that aren't the same black ones I've been wearing for three years. Other than than, a comfy sweater for fall (yay!) and a blouse I promise looks much better in real life than online.

Short and sweet this month! Can't promise that next month will be much more exciting - I'll be in scrubs the whole time on my sub-internships! But we'll see, I always find a way to spend a little money ;)

Your turn!

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

black like my soul.

Swing Pintuck Top for WomenWearing all black, like the true goth kid that I am.

Just kidding, I was never really goth (although I did have jet black hair for a short time in my early 20s. that was not a good look), and even though I'm wearing all black here, it somehow seems girly and fun. I think it helps that the blouse is lacy and textured, while my shoes and bag are the epitome of girly. I know I've mentioned it before, but these Sam Edelman flats are so incredibly comfortable - I'm definitely going to order them in a second color - I'm thinking nude? 

On a different note, I'm on night float this week which has been a great experience because there are less people around, so I got to do more! A few hours ago, I got to deliver two babies completely by myself (with a resident right behind me, obviously). Perks of being a fourth year, for sure :) 
DSC05158picture 2
DSC05015picture 2
Sam Edelman 'Francis' Flat
Blouse: Old Navy [exact - I got it in tall]
Jeans: Paige [exact]
Shoes: Sam Edelman c/o Shopbop [exact]
Watch: Michael Kors [exact]
Purse: Kate Spade [save | splurge]
DSC05061picture 2
DSC05097picture 2

Old Navy currently has a 40% off everything sale, which is pretty great considering many of their items are already on sale! Below are some of my fall favorites, from perfectly ripped denim to cozy scarves

one | two | three | four
five | six | seven (comes in petites/talls!) | eight

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

when your dream sweater is on sale...

Several years ago, Jean posted an outfit picture featuring the prettiest sweater - it was from Vince and I looooooved it. Unfortunately for me, Vince is pricey when it's not on sale, so I put my dreams on hold, but never forgot about that beautiful sweater. THEN! Saks OFF 5TH asked me to share their Early Access Friends and Family sale, and I found the sweater of my dreams AND IT'S ON SALE....for under $100!!!

As a girl who clearly loves a good deal (my four+ years of budgeting prove that!), finding items I love at a discounted price is basically my favorite thing ever. Saks OFF 5TH has a ton of great items from all the favorites, like Stuart Weitzman, Ash, Vince, and Furla. Above is basically what I'm going to wear with that Vince sweater all winter long - lots of stripes (Splendid makes the softest tees!), black leathers (hello, Stuart Weitzman for 35% off), and fun accessories. And maybe some great J.Brand jeans.  If you're interested in getting a few great deals for your fall and winter wardrobe, make sure you check out their Early Access sale which starts 9/26 and ends 9/27:

Spend $125, get a $25 gift card
Spend $200, get a $40 gift card
Spend $300, get a $60 gift card
(use code FRIENDSF for above deals and free shipping)

Thank you to Saks OFF 5TH and Shopstyle for sponsoring this post!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

top three [09.25.2016]

trying out a few new looks this week - which one is your favorite? 

  • This week was the first time I got to watch an external cephalic version. This is a procedure used to try to flip a baby from breech into the cephalic position to improve the chances of having a vaginal delivery. Here's how it's done!
  • During pregnancy, the hormone relaxin relaxes the ligaments in your body, mostly to prepare your pelvic to give birth. It also relaxes the ligaments in your feet, which causes some women to develop flatter feet during pregnancy. Flatter feet mean that shoe size may increase in pregnancy (fingers crossed this does not happen to me some day - I don't want to get rid of my shoes!). 
  • Geophagia: the practice of eating dirt or clay. It may be related to a type of eating disorder called pica, where non-edible foods are digested. 

on the internet


ask me anything
  • Can you talk a little about online shopping and how you make it work with your budget? I'm curious because I live in a remote area and prefer petite sizing, so I do the bulk of my shopping online. Do you use credit or debit? How do you decide when an item is worth ordering in two sizes to find the best fit? How much do you tend to order in one go? When you have returns, how do you keep track of them?
    • Great question! When I first started my budget, I lived in a larger city where I didn't really do a lot of online shopping, so what I spent in the stores is what I had - there was no returning and dealing with all of that. Now things are a bit different, and I do almost all of my shopping online. I do use store credit cards for a few places because I order a lot from those places, and the rewards are pretty great. This way, I don't take large chunks out of my checking account when I know that I'm going to return a lot of the shipment, and I eventually get basically free money to spend at the stores I already shop at! This is also how I order multiple sizes at the same time without my checking account bottoming out - it just gives me a lot more flexibility. I always pay off my credit cards every month, which is vital when you use this method. For example, I just ordered this blazer from J.Crew in both a 10 tall and 12 regular - I want to try both to see which fits better, and then I'll return the other one without any loss.  When I do have returns, I make it a habit that when I open a box, I will immediately try it on, and decide then if I'm keeping it or not. My rule is that if you have to think about it for a while, it's not meant to be. So if I order something, try it on and don't like it, I'll box it right back up. I generally go to the post office every 2-3 weeks to take back my returns. 
  • I've seen you mention the spreadsheet you use for choosing researching residencies on your snapchat. I was wondering a.) what things you research b.) if you'd ever do a blog post on it?
    • The biggest reason there was even a spreadsheet made initially was because CR and I were trying to figure out which hospitals/cities had both Ob-Gyn and Family Medicine residencies for us to couples match to. From there, we looked at to see who makes up the majority of the classes - we are very realistic about our own stats and numbers, so that made a difference for us to make sure the places we are applying to are not a waste of our money (it's very expensive to apply to a lot of residency spots!). After that, we included information about the city if we didn't know a lot about the area, how big the hospitals are and how many people they take each year. Once we started applying for sub-internships, we had a box that we used to keep track of how and when we contacted the program, and their final decisions. Once we got to the application part of the process, we deleted those boxes and now use them to keep track of interview invites and rejections. CR and I have a shared google calendar which we use to keep track of our own interview invites. It was all definitely a work in progress - we started last December! 
  • I know you've probably answered this question before, but I'm 1/3 of the way through 3rd year and I'm still trying to figure out what shoes are stylish/cute but COMFORTABLE. Booties and boots in the winder are a God-send but I struggle in the summer. I see you wear Revas, which I have mixed feelings about with comfort for myself. Any other suggestions? I heard Tieks are great but I can't justify the pricetag.
    • Stylish comfortable shoes are vital during clinical years, for sure! Let me know just preface this by saying that by the end of a ten hour day of standing, your feet and legs are going to ache no matter what. The Revas are definitely not wonderful shoes for rotations where you stand a ton - they just don't have a ton of support and unless all the way broken in, can rub your feet the wrong way. What I did was wear shoes like these flats that have an elastic top (so no uncomfortable rubbing) with some insoles in the bottom for support. I also really love my new Sam Edelman flats - they are so so comfortable, and supportive too!

on franish
  • on the blog: mixing up the beauty routine
  • on the instagram: wishing the most important lady a happy "birth" day :)
  • what you missed on the snap (@fhasselhof): lots of doggy snaps when I got home yesterday!

notable sales

at home
  • What a week, you guys! This has been the most exhausting, but possibly also the best, week of medical school so far. I worked a 75 hour week, which is the most I've ever done (I know what you real doctors are thinking...might as well get used to it now!). I learned a lot though, got to do quite a bit, and am just overall still so excited about this field. 
  • CR surprised me with an Apple watch for my birthday! He swears he got a good deal, but I still feel absolutely spoiled. I have loved playing with it - I definitely made sure to take the stairs even more just to get a few more points in the exercise app! I already ordered a new strap for it for my scrubs months, but if any of you have any tips, tricks, bands, or apps you love, please share!
  • This week I'll be on nights, which I'm very excited about as there are a lot more students and residents off service on during the day. Fingers crossed I get to be a part of some more great deliveries this week! 
  • P.S. This month's Popsugar Must Have box unveiling is on snapchat currently (even CR said this month was a pretty great month!). They sent me a box to try, and if you'd like to try one for yourself, used SHOP5 to save $5 off your first box!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

beauty tuesday: mixing up the routine

I don't know about you guys, but I tend to do my make-up the exact same way every day. I very rarely mix it up, and by "mix it up", I mean use a different eyeshadow color. I'm definitely not that adventurous when it comes to make-up, even though there are things I always want to try. I see people using teal eyeshadow or really fun bright lipsticks and tell myself that would look ridiculous on me, so I don't even bother. When I was approached by Kohl's to talk about their amazing beauty section, I really saw this as an opportunity to test out a bunch of things I have always wanted to try. Some are more adventurous (matte lipsticks, blue eyeliner, spray on foundation!), while others are every day products I've just wanted to try. There were quite a few items I'm definitely incorporating into my new and improved every day routine...and who knows, maybe I'll continue to try new items instead of continuously re-buying the same color lipstick every few months.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

top three [09.18.2016]

four years letter, and I still wear an Everlane tee most days of the week. 

  • I've mentioned before that the pap smear is the most successful screening tool invented to date, but did you know that the incidence of cervical cancer has decreased more than 50% in the past 30 years?! That's amazing!
  • The average latency period for food-related anaphylaxis is 15 minutes. I've never seen anyone have a reaction except on TV, so I was always under the impression that it was an almost immediate response, but the time period varies from just a few minutes up to 30. 
  • Flonase is one of my personal favorite medications. Its name comes from the fact that it stops nasal flow. 

on the internet

  • I have a post coming up about plans for my fall budget, but the majority of it is going towards this blazer. Prepare yourself to see it all.fall.long!
  • Like a good blogger, I also love the Clare V leopard clutch. But at $200, it's not exactly a staple that needs to be purchased. Luckily Sole Society is coming through and giving us the look for (much much) less!
  • I tried this sweater from Madewell a few week ago and I loved everything about it - the fit, the colors, the texture. Now that it's on sale I might finally have to pull the trigger!

ask me anything
  • Every year as we approach the changing of seasons to cooler weather, I go on my annual hunt for the perfect blush scarf. One that is big, but not too big; is airy, but not an insubstantial summer scarf. I know you have a blush scarf on your 'holes in my closet' list. Any progress on the hunt or possible contenders?
    • This has been on my list for so long, and I'm resolved that this will be the year I finally find one. My ideal scarf would be similar to this one from Caslon - but that price tag is a bit outrageous for one piece of fabric. I've been looking at all my usual places - Forever 21, Target, Nordstrom, Zappos, and none of have anything similar for a more palatable price. So as of now, still no luck! Please let me now if you ever find something similar!
  • This may seem like a silly question, but since I'm planning on attending medical school next year. Are med school strict on nail polish?
    • For the first two years of school, it doesn't matter what your nails look like at all. During clinical years, it really varies by speciality and hospital. In general, if you are in the OR, nail polish is not advised. Some hospitals allow it, some don't, but as a student, I just always have bare nails during those rotations. For non-surgical rotations, I don't think there is a hard and fast rule for nail polish - I just keep my nails short and without chipped polish, as it looks more professional. But like I said, for the first two years, you can wear whatever you want! 
  • I am also planning to do OBGYN, and I'm wondering what your thoughts are about the tension between safe obstetrical care and the pressure women feel to undergo only 'natural' labour, and the disappointment some people feel when they actually need an OB instead of a midwife or GP.
    • Such a good question, and also so difficult to answer. I'm obviously just a medical student, so I have not been in a position where I have had to convince a women to undergo a procedure that could save her or her baby's life. Our bodies are for the most part equipped to undergo labor and delivery, but at the same time, millions of women have died because something went wrong that ideally shouldn't have. Medicine has advanced so much, even in just the past 50 years, that luckily we can prevent a lot of those deaths now! I understand the desire to want to go "all natural", and I've seen a lot of amazing women give birth without any help. But I've also seen a lot of amazing women need a bit of help, either with pitocin, forceps, vacuum, or c-section. In the end, they all had healthy babies, and I hope that that is ultimately the biggest victory. On a personal note, I'm going to take all the great things medicine has invented, and take all the epidurals and help I can get to get my future babies out ;)

on franish

notable sales
  • Ann Taylor: 40% off your purchase
    • I will be ordering this soft pink shell for interviews - it's practical, it's easy to wear, and it's on sale ;)
    • How freaking pretty is their cluster pearl necklace? I don't really need another pearl necklace....but this one is different, promise! 
    • I'm also debating adding this v-neck blouse to my order. I wish it came in a few more colors (olive, please!), but I love the style of it.
  • Banana Republic: 40% off sale items
    • I am so sad that this striped dress is no longer available in my size. I keep checking in hopes that someone returns it so I can buy it, but no luck so far. I just love it!
    • Wouldn't this lacy-top look so cute under a blazer? Perfect for a date :)
    • If only I had place to wear an adorable polka dot dress, I would make it mine immediately. 
  • J.Crew Factory: 40-60% off everything (prices as marked)
    • I'm very interested in these v-neck blouses - I'm hoping they come out with a striped version too! Wouldn't a navy + white blouse in this style look super cute?
    • I would wear said striped blouse with these leopard flats, 100%. I used to have a pair of leopard loafers I wore all the time, now I'm tempted by these. 
    • Don't you love when JCF comes out with something from the retail store, but for like half the price? That's how you're going to get the stadium coat in the factory version!
  • Bonus: Shopbop's sale section includes lots of goodies from Free People, heaps of Sam Edelman shoes (so many good sandals!), and even several pieces from DvF!

at home
  • I read this article about what happened to Bush and Air Force One on 9/11 earlier this week, and I can't stop thinking about it - I've been sending it to everyone! It's fairly long, but so interesting. 
  • Tomorrow starts two months of ObGyn and I could not be more excited (and also nervous!). These next two months of audition rotations are so important, so you may not see as much of me around here, but I'll try to post as much as possible. Lots of casual weekend posts coming your way though as I'll be in scrubs most weekdays.
  • It's my birthday on Wednesday! I get to spend the day on L&D - I'm really hoping to help with at least one delivery so we can be birthday twins ;)

Thursday, September 15, 2016

sun diego

DSC05273picture 2

My vacation style mantra is the less hassle, the better. Like I mentioned in Friday's post, I don't really plan outfits in advance for travel, but rather, just throw all my favorite into my suitcase. This outfit is what I wore to brunch on Sunday, and since we had a few minutes while waiting for out friends to show up, we snapped a few pictures! The t-shirt is from Everlane, and I think I love this "luxe" version even more than the original - the sleeves are a bit longer, the body is a bit looser, and the v-neck is a bit deeper (I'm wearing my normal size large here). 

One the top of my packing list for the weekend was sunglasses! I wore my new Bebe aviators and Etro sunnies the whole time we were in San Diego. Both are from Eyeconic, which is an online store that sells all sorts of designer glasses and sunglasses. What I love about this company, as a person who wears glasses every day, is that not only do they have a pretty great virtual try on system (see what virtual versus real life try on here), but the prices include the cost of the prescription lenses (and not the super cheap lenses, but the scratch resistant, UV protection lenses). Best of all, if you receive your glasses in the mail and don't 100% love them, you can just return them. They also sell contacts, which is great for those of you who aren't as lazy as me, and actually wear contacts more than once a week.
DSC05305picture 2
DSC05317picture 2
Skirt: J.Crew Factory [same style]
Tee: Everlane [exact]
Sunnies: Etro c/o Eyeconic [exact]
Bag: Coach via eBay
Shoes: Santorini souvenir [similar on sale]
DSC05290picture 2
DSC05281picture 2

Thank you to Eyeconic for sponsoring this post! 

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

the interview suit: part one

As thousands of fourth year medical students across the country are putting the finishing touches on their residency applications (we submit on Thursday...eek!), we're all starting to think about the next step...interviews. For the majority of us, we haven't really worn a suit since our medical school interviews, and I know for me, my interview suit doesn't really fit me the way it once did...which lead me to start the task of finding a new suit.

Unlike men, women really have a tougher time finding suits as we don't have full sections of stores dedicated to suits of all sizes, colors, and styles. Even stores like Ann Taylor and The Limited rarely have extended sizes in stores. I went to Ann Taylor last week, and they had one style of blazer in straight sizes, and one style of pants, again only in straight sizes (i.e. no petite or talls). I've been casually checking out stores for the past few months, looking to see what was out there. Using Elyse's and Joyce's guides for interview suits, here is what I personally want for my interview suit.
what to wear to residency interview women

  • A pantsuit: I feel most comfortable wearing pants, so it only makes sense for me to get pants instead of a skirt or dress. As far as I know, skirts or dresses with blazer is equally as professionally, I just personally really don't want to deal with pantyhose (what if I get a tear?!), and like I said, I feel more comfortable in pants.
  • In black: Many will advise that black is too dark and too serious, but in my mind, it's timeless and always looks appropriate. I also think it's the easiest when it comes to accessories. If I weren't set on a black suit, I'd go for a navy suit, but those tend to be more difficult to find, and also tend to show a bit more wear and tear (and wrinkles!). I think as long as the suit fits you well and the fabric doesn't show major wrinkling, a suit in black, navy, or grey are all appropriate. I just chose black because I know it's what I will feel most comfortable wearing. I ordered this four pocket blazer, and three styles of pants to try on.
  • With a non-button up blouse: I have tried everything to stop button ups from gaping at the bust - I've sized up and altered, I've sewn them shut, I've used fashion tape. Nothing makes it lay completely flat, so instead of fighting it, I'm going to completely remove it from the equation! I plan on buying several sleeveless or short sleeved blouses, and will rotate them throughout the interviews. I asked on twitter if anyone ever removed their blazers during the interviews, and feedback shows that no, they didn't, which is why the sleeves of the blouses don't matter as much.
  • Simple accessories: I plan on wearing my black wedges I've been wearing for years - I can comfortably walk in them and I don't want to buy another pair of black shoes (I don't think my Revas would be a good shoe to wear with my suit). I plan on using my black Mulberry purse, and wearing my simple diamond necklace and pearl earrings.

  • Sunday, September 11, 2016

    top three [09.11.2016]

    take me back to this delicious food, please!

    • On my new favorite show, Botched by Nature, I learned about the difference between amastia and amazia. Amastia is the absence of all breast tissue, areola, and nipple. Amazia is just the absence of breast tissue, with intact nipple and areola. Both are can only be fixed by surgery. See, reality television is educational! ;)
    • Ambien's name comes from AM + bien (meaning good) - good morning!
    • Hallux: your big toe!

    on the internet

    • In my search for a suit for interviews, I stumbled upon these tweed ankle pants from Ann Taylor. I tried them on in stores, and loved how they felt and looked. I just ordered them online so I could try them in talls (so I can have them hemmed to right where I want them to hit) - I can't wait to show them to you! Now if only they came out with a bootcut version as well. 
    • Have you seen that you can get customizable Nike's? It was finally time to replace my old pair of shoes, so of course I had so much fun making a pair look just the way I want them too! They should be here any day now. 
    • How many clutches does one girl need? Probably two at most, but I'm fallen head over heels for Clare V's newest clutch. Isn't she a beaut?!

    ask me anything
    • I work in a medical office setting and follow a business casual dress code. Do you have any suggestions for colored jeans/pants that are appropriate for work as well as weekend casual?
      • It really depends on how casual said business casual is, but I think if you stayed more with dress pants rather than jeans, you'll find that you can have pants appropriate for work but that can also be worn casually! A great inexpensive version would be these pixie pants from Old Navy - if you find the right sizing, you can get them in a bunch of colors! Loft also makes a cute pair that comes in colors you can wear to work and on the weekends! I personally would go for red or olive pants, like Banana Republic's version!
    • Seeing how you are sort of tall yourself, do you have any suggestions for tall girls wearing heels to work and also casually?
      • I think if you want to wear heels as a tall girl, you just wear heels! I very rarely wear heels because I've never learned how to walk in them comfortably and well, so I don't really have much advice to give other than wear your shoes and height with confidence! My biggest tip for uncomfortable shoes is keeping a friction stick in your purse!
    • I love your budget posts! As a fellow med student, I love buying cute workout gear (I feel like it helps motivate me to workout). Do you budget for your workout clothes as well? It's definitely can be very pricey sometimes, especially places like lululemon.
      • Because I don't buy a lot of new work out clothes, I don't include them in my budget. If you feel like you do though, and it makes sense for you to include it in your budget, I say go for it - budgets are all about personal preferences and needs! I personally go with the more inexpensive work out clothes (these pants and these tops from Old Navy are my favorite!) so a new pair of pants here and there isn't going to break the bank for me.

    on franish
    • on the instagram: airport style....although after our flight was delayed 8 hours, I was not as put together. 
    • on the twitter: post snapchat takeover :)
    • what you missed on snapchat (@fhasselhof): designer purses coping other designer purses - scandalous! 

    notable sales

    at home
    • I drive about an hour a day, so after getting sick of podcasts, I've taken back up with listening to books. I love reading, so this is basically a close second. I just finished listening to Truly Madly Guilty - it's my first book I've ready by Liana Moriarty. At first I hated the story and the narrating, but a few hours in, I couldn't stop listening! After reading Grace's recent book post, I think I may have to listen to another one of Liana's books, Big Little Lies, next. Have you read/listened to any great books lately? 
    • It's my last week at home for the next two months. I'm trying to get over a bit of a cold, but I'd really like to get a few really good work outs in, tackle my mountain of laundry, and pack for my time away. Luckily for the first month I'm only 1.5 hours away, so I still get to see my boys on the weekends.
    • It's unbelievable that it's been 15 years since 9/11 happened. I can't decide if there is more or less hate in the world now, but it's still incomprehensible that humans are hurting each other in such awful ways. I know it doesn't matter that some Midwest style blogger mentions it or not, but it felt so wrong not acknowledge the most horrific thing that has happened in our lifetimes. I can't bear to even look at the images and video from that time - it still hurts my heart thinking about it all these years later. 

    Friday, September 9, 2016

    san diego [...mostly what we ate! ;) ]

    This past weekend, CR and I went off on a little three day trip to San Diego. Due to our schedules, we actually have only been able to go on one real vacation since we started dating (we went to Seattle the summer between first and second year) - the next time we get to go on a real vacation is next June! So we have been trying to take advantage of three day weekends as much as possible, which is why we jetted off to visit one of our besties in San Diego! Here's what I packed, wore, ate, and saw!

    Sunday, September 4, 2016

    top three [09.04.2016]

    • The man who invented cardiac catheterization, Werner Forssmann, actually initially did the procedure on himself. The whole story is pretty interesting - that poor OR nurse!
    • Most of the muscles that control your hand are actually in your arm!
    • Odynophagia: the medical term for painful swallowing

    on the internet

    • From the front, this Hinge sweater isn't too have to see the back to see how special it is!
    • I live in "fancy" tees for work during the summer months. This Ann Taylor version comes in four beautiful colors, and I just can't decide which one I love most!
    • We got our first taste of fall this week (I wore jeans!!!), so seeing this adorable polka dot vest makes me even more excited (plus it's now 50% off!).

    ask me anything
    • I just started my first year of med school and have been wondering how you have managed to look after your puppies throughout your schooling? I have a puppy and am struggling to spend enough time looking after him given the heavy workload, any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!
      • If you puppy is truly a puppy, then your situation is a bit different than my own, as my dogs were four years old when I started school, so they were out of the puppy stage. I got really lucky during my first two years because my roommate loved my dogs, and she was always more than willing to help with them. I also made it a point that right after lecture, I would take my dogs to the nearby dog park - I would walk the perimeter to get some movement in, and they got to make friends. My best friend did get a puppy during first year though, so there are several things that we/she did. First, a lot of our time together outside of studying was spent at the dog park - it was a great 2-for-1 as we got to catch up, be outside, and wear out the dogs. If you don't have friends with dogs, it may be worth posting in your class's facebook group to see if anyone is interested in a playdate - you get to meet new people and your dogs get their energy out! My friend also took her puppy to doggy day care several times a week - it's pricey, but for her, it was very much worth it. Now in my clinical years, I live with my boyfriend, so the dog responsibilities are split between us. We take a lot of walks together, which is all my seven year old "puppies" really want to do - they'd rather be sunning themselves on the couch ;)
    • My friend is getting married in late September and I have no idea what to wear. It's a formal wedding and I want to wear a dress. Any suggestions?
      • For formal occasions, I think Rent the Runway is really a great option as most of us don't own super fancy dresses. If you have a pair of shoes you want to show off, try this cobalt stunner from Allison Parris. If red is more you color, I bet this dress would look great on you! If you want to wear a really amazing statement necklace, this Badgley Mischka gown would be the perfect thing to pair it with. 
    • Having now done several OBGYN rotations have you thought about what you might specialize in?
      • I'm not sure if I'm going do a speciality at this point! I really like the idea of being a general ObGyn - prenatal care, delivering babies, gynecology maintenance, and surgery. I think if I were to do a fellowship (another three years after four years of residency), I think REI (reproductive endocrinology and infertility - basically, an infertility doctor)  would be so interesting, so it's something I'm definitely going to explore at the end of this school year, and throughout residency. But just like medical school, our future profession choices can/do change throughout school and training, so we will see what happens in four years!

    on franish

    notable [Labor Day] sales
    • Ann Taylor: 50% off sale items
      • I love the print of this sleeveless blouse - it goes with everything!
      • I've been looking for a silky type of cami, but most I have tried have been too short on me. This version looks promising!
      • Show off those sexy shoulders and arms with this halter dress - makes all those push ups worth it ;)
    • Anthropologie: 40% off sale items
      • I can just imagine how much fun it would be to wear this linen shirtdress - I would just be swishing it around all day long.
      • I'll take this light pullover in both the mint and the  mustard. Which color do you prefer? 
      • You wouldn't initially think that this swing skirt would be super versatile, but you can pair it with so many different colors in the skirt that you'd be surprised by how much you wear it. 
    • Nordstrom sales section

    at home
    • Hello from San Diego! CR and I flew out here for the three day weekend, and we are having the best time. Our vacation schedules for third and fourth year didn't match up, so this was a great alternative to get out and explore, even for just a few days. We have had so much good food, have seen so much of pretty SD, and are already looking forward to coming back in the future!
    • Speaking of CR, he's very excited to say that one of my readers recognized him while they were on their family medicine rotation together. Hi, Cara! :)
    • Did you guys watch that Badger game yesterday? On, Wisconsin! 

    Thursday, September 1, 2016

    the most comfortable flats...ever?

    blue blazer with blush accessories Okay, let's talk about my new favorite pair of shoes, Sam Edelman's scalloped flats. I've told you guys before how much I like the look of Chloe's flats, but they are a bit out of price range, so when I saw the same style for almost a fifth of the price, I was so excited! I went with the suede blush pair, which at first sounds really impractical, but I've worn these shoes at least five days of the last two weeks, and they go with SO much! Plus no lie, they are the most comfortable flats I have ever worn. The heel is cushioned, the leather is soft, and I easily wear these for 8+ hours in the clinic. I'm so impressed that I'm definitely going to try out other Sam Edelman shoes in the future - either their classic ballet flat or if I'm feeling particularly sassy, their pointy toe flats. Although, I really could see myself just getting these scalloped flats in the nude leather too - I just love them!

    p.s. I know $100 is a lot to spend on shoes, so if you want to get the look for less, Target has a very similar style for $35. No promise that they're as comfortable as my Sam Edelman pair, but definitely worth checking out!
    Sam Edelman 'Francis' Flat
    DSC05210picture 2
    DSC05211picture 2
    Blouse: Anthropologie [exact]
    Blazer: Loft 
    Pants: The Limited [exact]
    Shoes: Sam Edelman c/o Shopbop [exact]
    Necklace: made by Katrina
    Purse: Mulberry [save | exact]
    Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington [exact]
    DSC05251picture 2
    DSC05218picture 2
    DSC05220picture 2
    ^ I was in a small park near my house, which was completely empty when I got there at 7:30 to take these pictures. I set up my tripod, was about to take the first picture, when this guy pulled up right next to my car, and just watched what I was doing. I hate taking pictures in front of people, but I really loved this outfit (and my hair was cooperating!), so I just continued awkwardly smiling at my tripod. Half the pictures turned out like this though, with me side eyeing him the whole time!