Sunday, September 11, 2016

top three [09.11.2016]

take me back to this delicious food, please!

  • On my new favorite show, Botched by Nature, I learned about the difference between amastia and amazia. Amastia is the absence of all breast tissue, areola, and nipple. Amazia is just the absence of breast tissue, with intact nipple and areola. Both are can only be fixed by surgery. See, reality television is educational! ;)
  • Ambien's name comes from AM + bien (meaning good) - good morning!
  • Hallux: your big toe!

on the internet

  • In my search for a suit for interviews, I stumbled upon these tweed ankle pants from Ann Taylor. I tried them on in stores, and loved how they felt and looked. I just ordered them online so I could try them in talls (so I can have them hemmed to right where I want them to hit) - I can't wait to show them to you! Now if only they came out with a bootcut version as well. 
  • Have you seen that you can get customizable Nike's? It was finally time to replace my old pair of shoes, so of course I had so much fun making a pair look just the way I want them too! They should be here any day now. 
  • How many clutches does one girl need? Probably two at most, but I'm fallen head over heels for Clare V's newest clutch. Isn't she a beaut?!

ask me anything
  • I work in a medical office setting and follow a business casual dress code. Do you have any suggestions for colored jeans/pants that are appropriate for work as well as weekend casual?
    • It really depends on how casual said business casual is, but I think if you stayed more with dress pants rather than jeans, you'll find that you can have pants appropriate for work but that can also be worn casually! A great inexpensive version would be these pixie pants from Old Navy - if you find the right sizing, you can get them in a bunch of colors! Loft also makes a cute pair that comes in colors you can wear to work and on the weekends! I personally would go for red or olive pants, like Banana Republic's version!
  • Seeing how you are sort of tall yourself, do you have any suggestions for tall girls wearing heels to work and also casually?
    • I think if you want to wear heels as a tall girl, you just wear heels! I very rarely wear heels because I've never learned how to walk in them comfortably and well, so I don't really have much advice to give other than wear your shoes and height with confidence! My biggest tip for uncomfortable shoes is keeping a friction stick in your purse!
  • I love your budget posts! As a fellow med student, I love buying cute workout gear (I feel like it helps motivate me to workout). Do you budget for your workout clothes as well? It's definitely can be very pricey sometimes, especially places like lululemon.
    • Because I don't buy a lot of new work out clothes, I don't include them in my budget. If you feel like you do though, and it makes sense for you to include it in your budget, I say go for it - budgets are all about personal preferences and needs! I personally go with the more inexpensive work out clothes (these pants and these tops from Old Navy are my favorite!) so a new pair of pants here and there isn't going to break the bank for me.

on franish
  • on the instagram: airport style....although after our flight was delayed 8 hours, I was not as put together. 
  • on the twitter: post snapchat takeover :)
  • what you missed on snapchat (@fhasselhof): designer purses coping other designer purses - scandalous! 

notable sales

at home
  • I drive about an hour a day, so after getting sick of podcasts, I've taken back up with listening to books. I love reading, so this is basically a close second. I just finished listening to Truly Madly Guilty - it's my first book I've ready by Liana Moriarty. At first I hated the story and the narrating, but a few hours in, I couldn't stop listening! After reading Grace's recent book post, I think I may have to listen to another one of Liana's books, Big Little Lies, next. Have you read/listened to any great books lately? 
  • It's my last week at home for the next two months. I'm trying to get over a bit of a cold, but I'd really like to get a few really good work outs in, tackle my mountain of laundry, and pack for my time away. Luckily for the first month I'm only 1.5 hours away, so I still get to see my boys on the weekends.
  • It's unbelievable that it's been 15 years since 9/11 happened. I can't decide if there is more or less hate in the world now, but it's still incomprehensible that humans are hurting each other in such awful ways. I know it doesn't matter that some Midwest style blogger mentions it or not, but it felt so wrong not acknowledge the most horrific thing that has happened in our lifetimes. I can't bear to even look at the images and video from that time - it still hurts my heart thinking about it all these years later.