Sunday, September 4, 2016

top three [09.04.2016]

  • The man who invented cardiac catheterization, Werner Forssmann, actually initially did the procedure on himself. The whole story is pretty interesting - that poor OR nurse!
  • Most of the muscles that control your hand are actually in your arm!
  • Odynophagia: the medical term for painful swallowing

on the internet

  • From the front, this Hinge sweater isn't too have to see the back to see how special it is!
  • I live in "fancy" tees for work during the summer months. This Ann Taylor version comes in four beautiful colors, and I just can't decide which one I love most!
  • We got our first taste of fall this week (I wore jeans!!!), so seeing this adorable polka dot vest makes me even more excited (plus it's now 50% off!).

ask me anything
  • I just started my first year of med school and have been wondering how you have managed to look after your puppies throughout your schooling? I have a puppy and am struggling to spend enough time looking after him given the heavy workload, any advice would be much appreciated! Thank you!
    • If you puppy is truly a puppy, then your situation is a bit different than my own, as my dogs were four years old when I started school, so they were out of the puppy stage. I got really lucky during my first two years because my roommate loved my dogs, and she was always more than willing to help with them. I also made it a point that right after lecture, I would take my dogs to the nearby dog park - I would walk the perimeter to get some movement in, and they got to make friends. My best friend did get a puppy during first year though, so there are several things that we/she did. First, a lot of our time together outside of studying was spent at the dog park - it was a great 2-for-1 as we got to catch up, be outside, and wear out the dogs. If you don't have friends with dogs, it may be worth posting in your class's facebook group to see if anyone is interested in a playdate - you get to meet new people and your dogs get their energy out! My friend also took her puppy to doggy day care several times a week - it's pricey, but for her, it was very much worth it. Now in my clinical years, I live with my boyfriend, so the dog responsibilities are split between us. We take a lot of walks together, which is all my seven year old "puppies" really want to do - they'd rather be sunning themselves on the couch ;)
  • My friend is getting married in late September and I have no idea what to wear. It's a formal wedding and I want to wear a dress. Any suggestions?
    • For formal occasions, I think Rent the Runway is really a great option as most of us don't own super fancy dresses. If you have a pair of shoes you want to show off, try this cobalt stunner from Allison Parris. If red is more you color, I bet this dress would look great on you! If you want to wear a really amazing statement necklace, this Badgley Mischka gown would be the perfect thing to pair it with. 
  • Having now done several OBGYN rotations have you thought about what you might specialize in?
    • I'm not sure if I'm going do a speciality at this point! I really like the idea of being a general ObGyn - prenatal care, delivering babies, gynecology maintenance, and surgery. I think if I were to do a fellowship (another three years after four years of residency), I think REI (reproductive endocrinology and infertility - basically, an infertility doctor)  would be so interesting, so it's something I'm definitely going to explore at the end of this school year, and throughout residency. But just like medical school, our future profession choices can/do change throughout school and training, so we will see what happens in four years!

on franish

notable [Labor Day] sales
  • Ann Taylor: 50% off sale items
    • I love the print of this sleeveless blouse - it goes with everything!
    • I've been looking for a silky type of cami, but most I have tried have been too short on me. This version looks promising!
    • Show off those sexy shoulders and arms with this halter dress - makes all those push ups worth it ;)
  • Anthropologie: 40% off sale items
    • I can just imagine how much fun it would be to wear this linen shirtdress - I would just be swishing it around all day long.
    • I'll take this light pullover in both the mint and the  mustard. Which color do you prefer? 
    • You wouldn't initially think that this swing skirt would be super versatile, but you can pair it with so many different colors in the skirt that you'd be surprised by how much you wear it. 
  • Nordstrom sales section

at home
  • Hello from San Diego! CR and I flew out here for the three day weekend, and we are having the best time. Our vacation schedules for third and fourth year didn't match up, so this was a great alternative to get out and explore, even for just a few days. We have had so much good food, have seen so much of pretty SD, and are already looking forward to coming back in the future!
  • Speaking of CR, he's very excited to say that one of my readers recognized him while they were on their family medicine rotation together. Hi, Cara! :)
  • Did you guys watch that Badger game yesterday? On, Wisconsin!