Friday, September 30, 2016

september budget

Gap blouse: originally $45, on sale for $30
Ann Taylor pants: originally $110, on sale for $75
Madewell sweater: originally $80, on sale for $60 + 15% off = $50

September budget: $155

Quarterly budget: $500 + $100 left over - $200 in August - $155 in September = $250 left over

Don't let my little collage fool you - I actually ordered a ton more things this month than I kept. Like I mentioned, I'm in the process of finding an interview suit, and while I won't include that in my normal clothing budget, it did take up a considerable amount of money this month. I think I may have found two winners though, so I'll be making my final decision this weekend and showing you guys the results next week! In addition, I also ordered that blazer from J.Crew in two sizes, both of which are waiting for me at home to try on. So that will be added to next month's budget. As for this month, I finally found a new pair of pants for work - they need just a bit of tailoring around the knees, but otherwise are amazing. I'm just happy to have a pair of dark ankle pants that aren't the same black ones I've been wearing for three years. Other than than, a comfy sweater for fall (yay!) and a blouse I promise looks much better in real life than online.

Short and sweet this month! Can't promise that next month will be much more exciting - I'll be in scrubs the whole time on my sub-internships! But we'll see, I always find a way to spend a little money ;)

Your turn!