Sunday, December 19, 2021

nordstrom trunk club: december 2021

Hello! After an unplanned little hiatus while starting at my new job, I'm back to talk about my Nordstrom trunk this month! I accidentally skipped last month's trunk, which actually was really wonderful, and landed a new dressed up sweater, a cozy casual turtleneck, and winter booties in my closet. 

Unfortunately, we somehow took a turn after three great months worth of trunks. This month's trunk reminded me of how I approached shopping around the time that I first started blogging - I remember I always bought items in different colors so I had an even amount of colors in my closet. Like I wouldn't buy a sweater in black because I already owned a black sweater, so instead I would buy it in like bright green so "even out" my closet. That left me with a closet full of clothes that 1. didnt go together and 2. didn't flatter me and 3. didn't get worn because I didn't actually like them. Now, after years of blogging and assessing and writing out why and why not I like something, I personally gravitate towards neutrals, and occasional light blues and soft pinks, because I like how they look on me and therefore actually get worn. That's not to say that it's not nice to branch out once in a while, but for the most part...I now know what I like and how it will work in my closet. So to get a trunk full of colorful items, after saying I really prefer neutrals, was a bit of a loss for this month's trunk. I also wasn't able to decline items before they were shipped, which means instead of removing items I know I don't want even without trying them on, they were all shipped to me without my input. Not sure if there was a glitch, but normally I would have said I wouldn't want some of the items in my original trunk. 

Cashmere Turtleneck Sweater NORDSTROM

First up is Nordstrom's cashmere turtleneck. I've actually had great luck with their cashmere items over the years - this turtleneck poncho was a favorite before it meet its early demise from a sad encounter with the dryer (RIP), and recently purchased this funnel sweater, which I have been loving. I may have even kept this turtleneck if it had come in the camel, brown taupe, or black, but this blue sweater just isn't something I see myself wearing often. It also is quite sheer, as you can see my bra right through it. It does come in lots of beautiful colors though, and fits true to size, so if you're looking to snag a thinner cashmere turtleneck on sale, this is a nice option.

The second sweater is this ribbed, polka dot sleeved number from CeCe. Let me tell you ladies, if you have a bigger chest that you aren't looking to emphasize, stay away from anything "ribbed". It's like an optical illusion that draws all attention to your chest. Also, the color "vibrant kelly" is not something I would naturally gravitate towards. Overall this just made me feel frumpy, and I didn't love it. 

Rib Crop Crewneck Sweater BP.

The last sweater is from BP, and quite affordable at <$25. While I know everything cropped + high waisted is in right now, I don't love it on me - most high waisted items make me feel a bit self-conscious in this postpartum life, and the cropped version gives me flashbacks to everything always being too short on me. If you are rocking the high-waisted pants, this would be a cute affordable option that comes in five colors. Fits true to size. 

Flutter Sleeve Matte Rumple Satin Blouse VINCE CAMUTO
Initially I was excited to try this Vince Camuto top. The color is very pretty, and the fabric was thicker than recent tops I've tried. But man, those sleeves! I found them very annoying, and definitely not something I could wear under a white coat at work. I appreciate trying to make a blouse more fun, but not for me. Fits true to size. 

So not only did my trunk come with very colorful pieces I did not ask for, but it also jumped way out of my listed price ranges. This coat costs ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS. Granted, it's on sale for $700....

It is a beautiful coat. Fit very nicely except a bit tight at the hips (you can see that it's not fitting well by the way it pulls apart), but the sleeves were a great length, and it felt well in the waist. But I do not have $700 to spend on a fancy coat I don't need or have a place to wear often. 
Sleeveless Puffer Gilet Vest RIVER ISLAND
This, on the other hand....WHAT IS THIS. This is a puffer jacket with the sleeves removed. How am I supposed to wear this. Where do I wear this. Like in what weather will I need my torso (and head?) be super covered and warm...but have bare arms. Obviously I'm keeping it. 

Flex-ellent High Waist Cargo Pants WIT & WISDOM
Nothing about high waisted, cropped, cargo pants are anything I want or need. I hate these. 

This month's trunk had two pair of shoes in them. There really wasn't anything wrong with either of them. The first pair is from Vionic. They were comfortable, the brown color is super great neutral, but I already own this pair of slip on sneakers, and I don't really need two pairs right now. I may keep them in mind in the future, and maybe if they go on sale, I'll get them. I do think they are a bit overpriced at full price. 

The other pair is from Calson, and is a waterproof bootie. I can't really explain what I don't like about these, but I knew I was never going to grab for them, and so that was enough to not keep them. 

And that's it! My first trunk where I didn't keep anything. I don't know if there was a mix up or what happened this month, as several of my friend's also didn't have a good experience this month. As the styling fee is waived every month as I have the Nordstrom card, I definitely will continue getting the trunks for now, as I really have been happy with them up to this point. I think they are a great way to try on new items that I may not have otherwise. I also like that I can try them on at home, and if I'm on the fence, try them with a few items in my closet. If you'd like to try a trunk yourself, you can use this code to get $50 off your first trunk