Friday, July 31, 2015

jean shopping made easy

striped tee with jeans and cognac sandals Jeans are absolutely my favorite type of clothing. I could wear them every single day, and be fine with never having to wear a skirt or dress ever again. The strange thing is that for as much as I love jeans, I hate shopping for them. It takes me a really long time to find some I like, which is why I rarely buy any. If they fit in the hips, they are too loose in the waist, or if they fit my thighs they are too short, or any one of those combinations.

A few weeks ago, Fitcode approached me to test out their site with no obligation on my part to share my experience. Free jeans that supposedly will fit me like I want them to? Sign me up. 

The way it works is that you take a super short (5 question) fit test to describe your body type, and then it tells you what jeans would fit you best. 

how to buy jeans online

I'm Fitcode 710. The jeans include all my favorite brands like Paige, Hudson, Joe's Jeans, and all the jeans sold at Nordstrom. Once you pick out the style of jean you like, you can even see a video of them on someone with your same fitcode, which I think is genius because we aren't all size 00 models like on most websites. They then show you the different places you can buy the jeans, and for how much. It really takes all the work out of jean shopping for you.

I decided to go with this lighter wash of jeans from 7 for All Mankind just because I've always wanted a lighter pair, and honestly, I'm obsessed. While us girls with thicker thighs are told that dark washes are more flattering (which I do agree with), I think it's okay to mix things up sometimes. These are actually the only jeans I've worn this summer (when it's cool enough to wear jeans), and they really do fit me great. I didn't have to get the waist taken in, like I have with some other jeans I own. The fabric is thick, doesn't loosen up a ton during the day, and has just been holding up really well. 

Like I mentioned, Fitcode did not ask me to write this post, but I offered after having such a great experience with the process. I know how difficult it is to find clothes that fit you the way you want them to, so maybe this will help you out too the next time you are jean shopping!
 Halogen® Relaxed Slub Knit U-Neck Tee
Jeans: 7 for All Mankind c/o Fitcode [exact]
Tee: Nordstrom [exact, on sale for a few more days!]
Shoes: Jack Rogers [exact]
Watch: Michael Kors [save | exact]

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

july budget

Loft blouse top: originally $39 + 35% off = $25
Ann Taylor dress [reviewed here]: on sale for $120 + 50% off = $60
Nordstrom Tee: on sale for $16 (for only a few more days!)

July budget: $101 

Quarterly budget:  $119 in May + $195 in June + $101 in July = $415

Not too bad! I knew that July would be a really light shopping month for me as I spent most of it on my general surgery rotation where I wore scrubs from 4:45 AM - 5 PM+. With going to sleep by 9, and not spending as much time on my computer, there wasn't a lot of time to spend money! I do like the three items I purchased though. My favorite is definitely this eyelet dress from Ann Taylor. I got it during a pretty good promotion which is currently still going on, so if you are interested in this dress, I highly recommend it. You can read the full review here.

I purchased the black top last weekend when I was in Pittsburgh - I know it'll be the perfect layering top. I love the black on black look, and once I finally find a few cardigans, it'll probably be in pretty heavy rotation. If you are interested, I chose to stick with a large in this top. The medium fit me fine, but I liked the extra length that came with the large. 

The last tee is the striped tee that I picked up during the Nordstrom sale. I actually ordered the black + white stripes in a medium and white + black stripes version in a large. I preferred the looser look of the size large top - again, the medium was fine, but it did feel a bit tight in the arms. I was pulling on them the whole time I wore the shirt, so I knew it was definitely not the right shirt for me in that size! I'm very happy with the size large tee, and am excited to wear it on my days off (which I have just a few of coming up!)

Halogen® Relaxed Slub Knit U-Neck Tee
I also ordered a few other items from the sale that didn't work out for me. This mixed media tunic seems really cute in theory - flattering v-neck, long sleeves, pretty colors. I totally agree with Audrey though, in that it is super wrinkly. I already hate ironing, and especially for a top that is meant to be more for my personal life, I didn't find it would be worth the effort. SO CLOSE though.
Pleione Mixed Media V-Neck Tunic
Last is this long open cardigan. I kind of knew that this wouldn't really work for me, but I wanted to try just in case (that's what free returns are good for!). I'm wearing a large here in the charcoal color. Besides the fact that I feel a bit ridiculous wearing a giant sweater while it's 90 degrees out (notice the shorts and tee below...), it wasn't very flattering on me. The dropped shoulders are never a good thing on me, and overall it was just a bit too big on me. I definitely am interested in this type of sweater for when it cools down (in three months) but if I'm going to spend $60+ on a sweater, I want it to look good on me!
Caslon® Long Open Stitch Cardigan
You may notice that the Ann Taylor tunic I reviewed here isn't included. I actually found a hole in the seam a few days after I reviewed it, and had to return it. They didn't have any left in the store I was, so I was kind of out of luck. I'm pretty bummed, but there will be other shirts ;)

So I was a bit under for my quarterly budget, which is always a good thing! I may or may not transfer the rest of the funds into the next months - we'll see (I explained a bit more of my budgeting philosophy here if you are interested). I did put in a good sized order to Banana Republic this weekend with a 40% off promotion they had. I fell in love with this tuxedo boyfriend shirt over the weekend, and I can't wait to see how it works with my actual jeans and boots. I also saw these charcoal grey slim ankle pants in store - they only had 00, so I ordered both a 10 and a 12 to try on. Why is it so hard to find grey work pants?! Last but not least, I ordered this v-neck popover top in white, as well a pair of green shorts I realllllllly hope work out.

So that's me! What about you? I'd love to see how your budgeting worked out this week - please feel free to link up below, and as always, please let your readers know where they can find more budgeting bloggers!

Monday, July 27, 2015

snip snip!

black dress with cognac accessories
Remember how I mentioned (....several times) that all my hair got cut off even though all I asked for was a trim? Well, here it is! It isn't really that horrible, but it has definitely taken some time to get used to! He kind of botched the cut itself too, so I'm just patiently waiting for my hair appointment in 4 weeks to clean it up. 

In other news, today is the start of my ENT surgery rotation. I actually have no idea what this month looks like for me, time wise, but I'm looking forward to do a slightly calmer rotation, especially since it's CR vacation month. I've heard this rotation is a lot of one-on-one time with the surgeon, so I'm definitely excited to get a bit more hands on and learn a ton. I also have my surgery shelf at the end of it, so it's time to start studying again. Good thing I have a real desk again ;)  Any of you who have taken the NBME shelf exams - any particular book you recommend? I already have this book, but am open to others!
LARSSON & JENNINGS CM gold-plated watch
Jack Rogers 'Lauren' Sandal
Dress: Target [similar below]
Shoes: Jack Rogers [exact]
Belt: Gap [similar]
Watch: c/o Larsson and Jennings [exact]
My dress is several years old, but Target has tons of cute options. I love this shirt dress option - it's currently on sale, and it comes in four fun colors...but of course I love the black version ;)

P.S. A few people mentioned that my pictures weren't showing up in Feedly - I think Flickr changed some things, and that made me change a few things, and then it all became a mess. I left everything this time - do the pictures show up now? Let me know if not! :)

Sunday, July 26, 2015

top three [07.26.2015]

one of the more fun items in my closet 

  • I found this article about pathologists fascinating. Pathology is still something I'm considering going in to (as well as EM, OB, peds, and just about everything else...), so it's interesting seeing one small part of it. 
  • Moyamoya disease is a congenital disorder that causes a blockage of the vessels in the brain that can lead to recurrent "mini-strokes". The blockages causes collateral circulation to develop around the arteries. The name moyamoya comes from the Japanese term "puff of smoke" because of how this condition looks on angiographs
  • I used to be a nanny for a 5 year old whose dad was a vascular surgeon. At that time, I didn't really understand how anyone could operate on capillaries. Clearly, I've wised up a bit since then as most vascular surgeries are obviously on the larger vessels in the body. I actually watched several more routine vascular surgeries this week and it was so impressive to see a doctor dissect away at an artery and connect it to a vein to create an AV fistula to be used for dialysis. The amount of hand control that takes is seriously insane. 

on the internet


on franish

notable sales

  • My four weeks of general surgery are over. It was kind of a rough go for a while, but the last two days were actually really great. We were really involved, got to see our own patients, and got to do more in the ORs. I can totally see why people go into surgery, but I know that I couldn't do that residency for that long. Now I have four weeks of ENT surgery, which is going to be a completely different experience because there aren't any residents and there is a lot more clinic time. It also means I don't have to get up at 3:30 AM anymore ;)
  • This weekend my BFF Caitlin and her dog Piper came to visit us. We went out in Pittsburgh with two of our friends, and spent the weekend eating donuts, going on long walks, and cooking meals together. I really wish that my girlfriends lived closer so we got more time together :(
  • I have a mini break at the end of next week, so CR and I (and the dogs) are headed to Wisconsin for a few days. I haven't been home in over a year, so I'm so excited to see my family, friends, and eat allllllll the Wisconsin cheese. 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

the nearest exit may be behind you

blue polka dot skirt
Something about this outfit screams flight attendant, but I kinda love it. This skirt is a bit neglected amongst it's solid, wool counterparts in my closet, but I think it's so fun to wear that I really should wear it more often. Here are a few ways I've worn it in the past - I'm thinking stripes next time! Got any suggestions for me on other ways to wear it?

In other news, only three days left of general surgery! Not that I'm counting... ;)
Nars Roman Holiday

summer work outfit

Shoes: Ferragamo c/o Shopbop [cute orange flat options]
Skirt: The Limited [similar]
Blouse: H&M [similar on sale]
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington [exact]
Lipstick: Nars [exact in Roman Holiday]
what to wear with a polka dot skirt


My skirt is several years old, but here are four adorable available styles. I love this flowy skirt, plus it's under $20! I'm actually just added myself to the waitlist because I need it in my life.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

closet inventory, updated

closet inventory

A little over a year ago, I shared what my closet looked like, and what exactly was in it. I recently moved, so I made an effort to once again do a closet clean out. This is what my new closet looks like! Our house has very small closets, so I really had to make it work with a second bar and new ways to store certain items. I think it looks pretty good though! 

Below are what the numbers look like now. The first number is the current number, and the number in parentheses are the numbers from last year. Some of my shoes are still packed away, so I don't have an accurate tally. Even though I got rid of many flats that I hadn't worn in years when we moved, I have added a few sandals recently (most notably my new Jack Rogers flats) so I assume my number is about the same for shoes. 

I feel pretty good about where I'm at right now. I will never have a capsule wardrobe, but for someone who basically has to have two wardrobes (one for work and one for personal life), and for someone who loves shopping (#guilty), I feel this is a pretty reasonable closet size. I don't have clothes in storage, I like all my clothes where I can see and wear them throughout the entire year. 

Sleeveless:  5 (8)
Tees: 13 (21)
Long-sleeved shirts: 7 (10)
Blouses/Button-ups: 28 (26)
Cardigans: 3 (12)
Sweaters: 11 (17)
Vests 2 (2)
Blazers: 9 (9)

Jeans: 6 (5)
Casual Pants: 3 (5)
Dress Pants: 8 (8)
Shorts: 6 (8)
Skirts: 10 (10)

Dresses: 25 (23)

Clothes: 136 (164)

Monday, July 20, 2015


DSC07327 I've been in scrubs and only scrubs for the past three weeks. Part of me loves it (work pajamas!) but the other half misses actually wearing some of the clothes in my closet. The good part is that in recent days it's been so hot during the day that I don't mind leaving the hospital in running shorts and a t-shirt!

But I do love this outfit I wore during my last rotation. The chambray blazer (now unfortunately sold out, although this one is similar) is the perfect lightweight layer, especially since I currently don't own a single cardigan. See, I can wear color sometimes ;)


Blazer: Loft [similar on sale]
Top: Forever 21 [similar]
Pants: The Limited [exact]
Shoes: Tory Burch [exact]
Bag: c/o Shopbop [similar]
Earrings: eBay [exact]
Watch: Michael Kors [similar]


Sunday, July 19, 2015

top three [07.19.2015]


  • An aortic dissection is when the layers of the aorta are split by blood (here's what it looks like on a CT scan). If it is an acute event, it can lead to a terrible tearing sensation in the chest, and it is a surgical emergency. What I learned this week is that you can actually have a chronic aortic dissection as well, which sounds really terrifying, but supposedly isn't that big of a deal. 
  • This week I saw a pretty rare pathological condition - a gallstone ileus. Basically, an inflamed gallbladder creates a fistula, or connection, with a part of the small bowel, and then passes gallstones into the bowel. This is a pretty rare cause of small bowel obstruction, which is why a supposedly two hour surgery this week took the surgeons seven hours. I remember this specifically being a practice question during board studying, and I remember thinking how crazy it was then, and then to see it in real life made it a pretty interesting case!
  • Not a medical fact, but I did place my first Foley catheter this week! After three weeks of purely observation, it was nice to actually do something.

on the internet

  • I have been looking for a short sleeved, striped, v-neck tee for SO long...and I finally found one, and it's $ it may be time to stock up on a few! Can you guess what colors I ordered? ;)
  • Majorly crushing on this vertically striped top - it would be perfect with white jeans and tan sandals!
  • I've really been impressed with Old Navy recently, and constantly want to order something from them! I bet this dress is so so flattering on, and I need this scarf for sure. 

on franish

notable sales

  • This last week has been really really busy for me. I switched to the other campus this week, and was with two fourth years who are auditioning for that surgery residency program, so I kind of got sucked into the "auditioning" too, which means I have to do all the things they do, but actually get to do less because I'm just a third year. So it was just a really long week for me. Only one week to go! It's definitely been a really interesting experience, seeing what general surgery is like, but I know me, and I know that that life is not for me either. 
  • This weekend, CR and I made sure to do a few more things around the house. We added our headboard and new bedding, planted some flowers, and did alllllll the laundry. We also went out to dinner with the other students who are at my site, and explored our area a bit more. It was nice to just have some time to relax.
  • My BFF Caitlin and her dog Piper (Baer's girlfriend) are coming down this weekend and I AM SO EXCITED. We still talk almost every week to check in and talk for about an hour, but it's going to be so much better just to see her in real life :)

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

review: ann taylor sleeveless eyelet shirtdress

Popping in with a quick Ann Taylor order review. While Ann Taylor is normally a bit out of my price range, I have found some really cute things in the past few months that I just couldn't resist (most notable being my floral dress). I've done very very little shopping this month, so I was alright with trying a few pricier than normal items out!

The star of the post is this sleeveless eyelet shirtdress. I fell in love with it on Jean, and while we are complete opposites on the size spectrum, this seems to be a magic dress...although it took a few tries to get it right. I'm generally between a size 10-12 in dresses, more 10 than 12. I initally ordered a size 10 tall and a 12. As you can see above, the 12 was much too large on me. The bust was too low, the waist was too wide and low, and the whole dress went about two inches below my knee. The 10 tall fit better, but as it turns out, the dress is already quite long, so the tall made it too long on me. I exchanged them for a size 10, and it fits perfectly. I always have a bit of a problem with the bust area, but that's really nothing a white safety pin can't fix. The fabric hold its shape well, and the 97% cotton (3% spandex) means it's cool and light weight (perfect for traveling!).
This dress is normally $139, but is now on sale for $119 + 50% off if you are interested. I recommend sizing down!

...and this is pretty much how I'm going to wear it the rest of the summer. I'm loving my new Jack Rogers sandals and how they are just the perfect neutral summer sandal. Highly recommend them - I find them to run try to size. 

Anything you've tried on recently? I'd love to hear about any great finds :)

Monday, July 13, 2015

fran versus fur: lucy's green pendant

Growing up, I was super allergic to cats - I couldn't even be around them without being a big sneezy red eyed mess. Over the years, I have somewhat outgrown this allergy, which is convenient since I now live with a cat of my own! Technically she was CR's first but we have since fallen in love and she is mine. Okay fine, she's ours (but mostly mine).

There's been a huge demand for more fran versus fur posts (and by big demand I mean that my friend Kira keeps reminding me to do more) so here we are, wearing one of my favorite pieces of jewelry. I don't like much at Forever 21, but they did good with this necklace - it's probably my most worn piece of costume jewelry! Lucy and I both have a love for stripes, so we decided it was the perfect way to wear one of my favorite necklaces. We want to know...who wore it better?

who wore it better? free polls


Blouse: Loft  [similar grey]
Pants: The Limited [exact]
Necklace: Forever 21 
Watch: Michael Kors [slimmer version on sale]
Shoes: Tory Burch [exact]

Sunday, July 12, 2015

top three [07.12.2015]

seems there's a pattern when it comes to this skirt

  • As I said in my day in the life post, I got to play with some gallstones during a few cholecystectomies last week. Gallbladders have to be removed for several reasons, but the most common cause is usually gallstones. There are two types of stones - cholesterol and pigment stones. The cholesterol stones are usually yellow, and are due to too much cholesterol in the bile. Pigment stones usually have an underlying medical cause, such as a liver or blood disease. 
  • Giant cell arteritis is my favorite type of arteritis (doesn't everyone have a favorite type of arteritis?). It typically appears in older adults, and presents with a headache. If not diagnosed early enough, it can lead to permanent blindness. To diagnose it, a biopsy has to be taken - we saw one earlier this week. A cut is made along the temple, and about 2 cm of temporal artery are dissected away and biopsied. The treatment is just steroids though, so treatment isn't as invasive as the diagnosis is!
  • A doctor who purposely misdiagnosed patients with cancer to earn money off of the chemo treatments is now going to prison for 45 years. Some of the patients were overtreated my the toxic chemotherapy drugs, while others were treated while not even having cancer. The physical side effects of chemotherapy, and the physiological effects of dealing with cancer are horrific, and I can't even imagine the greed of wanting more money to put other humans through such pain. 

on the internet
  • Doesn't some cilantro lime quinoa sound so refreshing right now? I can't wait to try this recipe next weekend!
  • An interesting look into what it's like to work with sponsors, and having to explain "what do you do for a living?" as a blogger. 
  • I'm starting to think about what I'm going to pack for my trip in September, so I loved seeing Jess's vacation capsule wardrobe. I mayyyyyy just copy a few of those outfits!

  • The cooler weather this week has made so excited about fall (I know, I know, but I hate summer clothes!). These Frye boots are seriously gorgeous and are so tempting right now, although the temps are creeping up again :/
  • Not only is the print on this dress stunning, but I love that the back has a tiny little sexy cut-out that still lets you wear a normal bra (I know I'm not the only one who cares about that!). 
  • I think Forever 21 has some of the best cheap jewelry around. I can't get enough of longer pendants right now - isn't this one such a great simple addition? 

on franish

notable sales
  • We spent the weekend with CR's family as his uncle got married. It was a beautiful backyard ceremony and reception and we had so much fun! I love having most weekends off currently, and getting to explore a bit more. 
  • Although our carpet still hasn't been replaced, I'm sick of having a half furnished house, so we are moving a few more pieces of furniture in this week! I'm excited to finally have a couch to sit on to watch the TV we haven't used!
  • My schedule gets slightly better the next two weeks since my drive will now only be 30 minutes instead of an hour. It doesn't seem like a lot, but the difference between 3:30 AM and 4 AM seems like huge difference ;)

Thursday, July 9, 2015

a day in the life: general surgery

3:32: I wake up from a sound sleep and maybe silently curse to myself (I promise, I'm not always this dramatic....ish)

3:35: After a quick glance through my phone to see what happened since I went to bed at 9:30 the night before, I get out of bed, go brush my teeth and wash my face, and then throw on a bit of make-up. I stick to just eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow powder today because I'm feeling particularly lazy. Hair gets clipped back.

3:45: I'm not hungry at all, but I know that I need to eat something. I usually eat beans with breakfast too, but there's no way I'm eating beans at 3:45 in the morning. After I finish eating, I turn on the coffee machine CR prepped for me last night, and then go change into the dress clothes literally no one will see me in.

3:55: ready, break!

4:00: It takes me a little under an hour to get to the second campus of my hospital. I only have to go to this hospital for two weeks total, but man does it suck driving that long. I know that later in the day we will be doing laparoscopic cholecystectomies, so I listen to a podcast from Surgery 101 about them. After that I listen to some Mister Wives because I need to wake up.

 4:48: home sweet hospital!

4:57: I walk up to the PACU where our locker room is, and change into scrubs. Today I'm wearing my sneakers, but I have been switching them for my Danskos every other day. In my pockets I keep Maxwell's reference book (an essential), my phone, pens, a small notebook, and my many sheets of papers.

5:00: I meet up with the surgical intern and the PA student, and we all sit at computers looking up the patients on our service. If they are new to us, we look up their past medical history, why they are currently in the hospital, and all relevant current information (vitals, labs, imaging). If they have been seen by us before, we look to see what has changed and where they currently stand.

5:25: We start out first set of rounds with the intern. We follow her into each room as she wakes them up by gently knocking on the door. We take a look at the various incision sites and ask them if anything has changed since we last saw them. We ask them all the fun questions like whether they have passed gas or had any bowel movements, and everyone very much enjoys going into details ;)

6:00: We meet up with a 4th year resident, and quickly do another set of rounds. The intern fills him in on all of the pertinent information as the two of us students duckling behind. As we are about to go into another room, we are paged for a consult in the ER. We finish rounds and head to the ED.

6:25: In the emergency department, we see a woman who is having abdominal pain. The intern and resident do a work-up on her after checking her chart and imaging. They decide to admit her to the floor for observation in hopes that her suspected small bowel obstruction will pass.

6:45: Another set of rounds, this time with the Chief Resident. The intern goes over each patient again, and also explains their plans for each patient for the chief to sign off on.

7:00: Rounds with the attending (aka the guy in charge). He has already been informed about each of the patients from the residents, so he just stops in to see the patients face to face.

7:15: We're back to the computers, and I use this little down time to eat a bar. It's only 7 in the morning, but I've been up for almost 4 hours and it's going to be a while before we get lunch.

7:30: Our first case of the day is a simple colonoscopy....or what the doctors thought would be simple. The bowel prep wasn't complete, and several polyps had to be removed. What was supposed to take only 30 minutes total took close to an hour all together.

8:35: It's time to go get ready for the first surgery of the day. We put our white coats away, put on these cute little nets and shoe covers, and go scrub in. Today is actually my first day actually scrubbing in, so I'm extra nervous!

8:45: A very nice scrub nurse helps me get my gown and gloves on, and tells me where to stand. All four cases today are laparoscopic cholecystectomies ("lap choles") but all are so vastly different from one another, as I'll soon find out. The basic procedure of a lap chole is the following: the doctors cut a small hole into the abdomen, and inflate it with gas. They then put in the camera, and various other forceps and extractors (I'm still getting used to the right terminology...). After taking a look around the abdominal cavity, they located the gallbladder (here's an idea of what that all looks like). They then dissect away the fat and fascia from the cystic duct and artery. Each is clamped once they have verified that is actually what they are, and then cut. Then the gallbladder is basically pulled off of the liver, and pulled out of the abdomen through the initial hole that was made. The surgeons then do another sweep of the abdomen to make sure everything looks complete, and then they close up the few small incisions.
In the first case, there were many adhesions on and around the gallbladder, so the dissecting took longer than it usually does. Once the gallbladder was removed, they let me cut it open. I found two large cholesterol stones - it was so interesting to see and feel them in real life (it looked very similar to this picture)!

Once the resident and attending have finished the operation, they leave to go prepare for the next surgery. I stay behind to help the nursing staff clean up the patient and room, and move the patient from the operating table to the hospital bed.

10: 45: After a quick bathroom break, it's time for the next case. Again I scrub in, and feel a bit more comfortable standing in the OR. I was sure to make everyone aware that today was my first day actually scrubbing in so that they knew that they just had to tell me when I was doing something wrong. The nursing staff was super helpful with making sure I was doing the right things. This case was a bit more straight forward as there were no adhesions, so it went a lot quicker...until the gallbladder was nicked. Not a big deal, but it just takes a bit more time to clean everything up. Again I got to cut open the gallbladder, but didn't find any stones. After the surgery is complete, I again help break down the room and move the patient.

12:05: Lunch! I am starving, especially since breakfast was over eight hours again. Our cafeteria is fairly small, but our salad bar is pretty good, so that's what I have every day. We meet up with the other resident and the PA student, and sit in the physician's lounge while everyone discusses the recent shark attacks (it is shark week after all!).

12:30: Third gall bladder removal

2:00: Fourth gall bladder removal

3:30: All patients are doing well post-operatively, and since all patients in the hospital are also doing well, the PA student and I are told to go home. We find out what the operations the next day are so we can read up on them ahead of time. Then it's the hour drive back home.

4:25: Guess who's excited to see me! :) We play outside for a little bit, and then go inside to change. I clean up a bit, get the mail, and start a load of laundry.

5:00: I've been working on this ask me anything post for a while now, so I continue looking through the 600+ answers from the survey to find the questions applicable to that post. On the side we have the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (the best spin off, trust).

5:45: I hear CR pull up, so I go outside to greet him. We go into the garage to open our couch that was finally delivered today. We talk about what our days were like, interesting things we saw, and what we learned (like the true definition of diarrhea. Aren't we so cute? .....). It takes like 20 minutes to get the couch unwrapped, and I can't help but test it out. I can't wait to move it into the house!

6:15: We're starving, so we decide to walk down to the barbeque place that's just a few blocks away. We make it all of half a block when one of neighbors stops us to let us know it's about to rain. We chat for a few minutes, and just as we start walking back home (all three houses away), it starts to pour. Guess we're driving...

 6:35: Pulled pork, coleslaw, and a side salad. YUM.

7:45: After getting home and switching the laundry, I spend a little bit of time finishing up the post. Loft was having a great sale that day, so I picked out my favorite dresses to include. I'm so tempted to pick up this pretty printed dress that's majorly on sale, but I'm trying to be good right now!

8:15: I prefer showering in the morning, but I shower at night now during this rotation. I don't want to get up even earlier in the morning, and I don't want to go to bed with surgery smell on me.

 8:25: I find CR on our bed with the cat. We have been watching Orange is the New Black, and we only have a few episodes left in the season (anyone have recommendations on series to watch next?!).

9:05: It's officially my bed time, so I turn off the TV, throw one of these dark curtains over our nice white curtains (because it's still light outside...), and eventually fall asleep.

Day in Review
hours slept: 6
hours exercised: 0
meals cooked: 1
hours studied: 0
steps walked: 7452
patients seen on my own: 0

previous days in the life