Tuesday, July 21, 2015

closet inventory, updated

closet inventory

A little over a year ago, I shared what my closet looked like, and what exactly was in it. I recently moved, so I made an effort to once again do a closet clean out. This is what my new closet looks like! Our house has very small closets, so I really had to make it work with a second bar and new ways to store certain items. I think it looks pretty good though! 

Below are what the numbers look like now. The first number is the current number, and the number in parentheses are the numbers from last year. Some of my shoes are still packed away, so I don't have an accurate tally. Even though I got rid of many flats that I hadn't worn in years when we moved, I have added a few sandals recently (most notably my new Jack Rogers flats) so I assume my number is about the same for shoes. 

I feel pretty good about where I'm at right now. I will never have a capsule wardrobe, but for someone who basically has to have two wardrobes (one for work and one for personal life), and for someone who loves shopping (#guilty), I feel this is a pretty reasonable closet size. I don't have clothes in storage, I like all my clothes where I can see and wear them throughout the entire year. 

Sleeveless:  5 (8)
Tees: 13 (21)
Long-sleeved shirts: 7 (10)
Blouses/Button-ups: 28 (26)
Cardigans: 3 (12)
Sweaters: 11 (17)
Vests 2 (2)
Blazers: 9 (9)

Jeans: 6 (5)
Casual Pants: 3 (5)
Dress Pants: 8 (8)
Shorts: 6 (8)
Skirts: 10 (10)

Dresses: 25 (23)

Clothes: 136 (164)