Sunday, July 19, 2015

top three [07.19.2015]


  • An aortic dissection is when the layers of the aorta are split by blood (here's what it looks like on a CT scan). If it is an acute event, it can lead to a terrible tearing sensation in the chest, and it is a surgical emergency. What I learned this week is that you can actually have a chronic aortic dissection as well, which sounds really terrifying, but supposedly isn't that big of a deal. 
  • This week I saw a pretty rare pathological condition - a gallstone ileus. Basically, an inflamed gallbladder creates a fistula, or connection, with a part of the small bowel, and then passes gallstones into the bowel. This is a pretty rare cause of small bowel obstruction, which is why a supposedly two hour surgery this week took the surgeons seven hours. I remember this specifically being a practice question during board studying, and I remember thinking how crazy it was then, and then to see it in real life made it a pretty interesting case!
  • Not a medical fact, but I did place my first Foley catheter this week! After three weeks of purely observation, it was nice to actually do something.

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  • I have been looking for a short sleeved, striped, v-neck tee for SO long...and I finally found one, and it's $ it may be time to stock up on a few! Can you guess what colors I ordered? ;)
  • Majorly crushing on this vertically striped top - it would be perfect with white jeans and tan sandals!
  • I've really been impressed with Old Navy recently, and constantly want to order something from them! I bet this dress is so so flattering on, and I need this scarf for sure. 

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  • This last week has been really really busy for me. I switched to the other campus this week, and was with two fourth years who are auditioning for that surgery residency program, so I kind of got sucked into the "auditioning" too, which means I have to do all the things they do, but actually get to do less because I'm just a third year. So it was just a really long week for me. Only one week to go! It's definitely been a really interesting experience, seeing what general surgery is like, but I know me, and I know that that life is not for me either. 
  • This weekend, CR and I made sure to do a few more things around the house. We added our headboard and new bedding, planted some flowers, and did alllllll the laundry. We also went out to dinner with the other students who are at my site, and explored our area a bit more. It was nice to just have some time to relax.
  • My BFF Caitlin and her dog Piper (Baer's girlfriend) are coming down this weekend and I AM SO EXCITED. We still talk almost every week to check in and talk for about an hour, but it's going to be so much better just to see her in real life :)