Monday, February 18, 2013


polka dot pants, pink
When I start school this fall, the way I dress will have to change. My school requires us to be in "business casual" clothing at all times on campus, which for the men means shirt and tie. The clothing for women isn't as clearly defined though. I know that blue jeans will be out of the question, so for the next couple of months I'm going to explore my options out there. Since colored skinny jeans just aren't working for me anyway, I'm really hoping that colored and patterned pants will be a way to add color into my wardrobe. I really like my polka dot pants - they fit a lot better than skinny jeans do - so I hope to find a few pairs similar to them. I'm for sure going to try these pants (one | two | three | four) as I think they would look great with a nice simple blouse and the accessories I already have. 

Do you have a favorite store when it comes to buying "dress" pants? I have never really had to buy a lot of them, so I'm starting out new here.

polka dot pants, chambray

Chambray: Old Navy  {exact | splurge}
Pants: Gap  {exact}
Scarf: Forever 21
Belt: Thrifted
Watch: Fossil  {similar}
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs  {exact}

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chambray with polka dot pants

chambray two ways