Wednesday, February 13, 2013

adding piping to a blazer


If you follow me on instagram, you are already sick of seeing this blazer but I appreciate you all sticking around ;) I bought this blazer last week at Goodwill, and while I really like the color and fit, it was a tad...boring. I was itching  to do some sort of project, so I decided to add ribbon piping to this blazer.

by hand.

(because how else would one do this? please don't answer that question or else I'm afraid I'll go throw myself against a wall)

I was first debating doing leopard or a gold patterned ribbon, but some fellow bloggers brought me back to my senses. Leopard would have been fun, but cream is a lot more versatile.

It only took me one SNL episode (with the Biebs...shudder), the Grammys (red carpet and show), and one episode of the RHOBH to finish it. With Christopher on another away rotation, only quality television is watched at our house. So it did take me a while, but I'm thrilled with the outcome. 

sew ribbon on as piping

I used a 7/8 inch ribbon purchased at JoAnn's Fabric Store for about $2.50 (if you have one near you make sure you download their app - they always have 40% off coupons, sometimes 50% off!). I ironed it (with my hair straightener...) in half. I used a binder clip to keep the ribbon in place, and then just stitched down the line. I also replaced the button with a gold button, also purchased at JoAnns. Overall, this blazer + revamp cost me about $11. Not to shabby, especially with this similar blazer costing 8 times as much.

green, gold, cognac

piped blazer, cognac, leopard

Blazer: Thrifted, altered  {similar}
Shirt: Forever 21  {exact}
Jeans: American Eagle  {exact}
Belt: Aeropostale?
Necklace: Forever 21  {similar}
Bag: Madewell  {exact}
Watch: Target
Shoes: Rocket Dog via DSW  {exact}

green blazer, lace shirt, gold watch

...a total cop out for TOPIO, but I was just too excited to wear this blazer to wait.

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