Tuesday, February 19, 2013

double dots

Man, are my eyes staring straight into your soul or what?

OK, I'm going to be honest and say this isn't my favorite outfit of all time. This cardigan...is just is not working on me I think. I really love the idea of it, but it always looks like I gained 20 lbs when I wear it (which may be true after this weekend - making a carrot cake for Chris means I'm obligated to eat half of it - that's how that works, right?), and it's just a smidgen too short. I think I'm going to hang on to it in hopes that it will look better with skirts than with pants though. 

Although I'm not moving for another 4.5 months I am starting the slow process of packing, starting with my closet. Moving is the perfect opportunity to get rid of everything I don't really use -  I'm only going to take items with me that I truly wear. I started the process yesterday and realized I have 4 (FOUR) pairs of colored skinny jeans and I wear none of them because they all don't fit me. Talk about jumping on a trend even though it's not right for you, right? I love the colors, just not the fit. They, along with lots of other random pieces, will be listed on my new poshmark account. Feel free to look around and let me know if you have any questions/offers. I'll be updating periodically through the clean-up. Looking through the clothes I've purchased over the past five years, and what mistakes I've made, has been pretty humbling. It just feels like a lot of wasted money for items that aren't me, or don't fit my body. I think, for me at least, it really only reinforces the need to stick to a list of items while shopping, and hammering in that it's quality over quantity. Gahhhh, but sometimes it's just more fun to buy a bunch of shiny sparkly shirts than to save for those perfectly fitting trousers, ya know?
Blouse: J. Crew Factory  {save | exact}
Sweater: Forever 21  {similar}
Pants: Urban Outfitters*  {exact}
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington  {exact}
Shoes: Marc by Marc Jacobs  {exact}

*um yes, these are still my old pants. I really wanted to wear them Saturday night so I willed them to stay together at the seam with some help from patches and some not so neat stitching. I'm afraid to even wash them because I'm afraid they'll just fall apart. Those new pants need to really get here soon.


10 days left of TOPIO! I'm definitely enjoying the challenge of having to think about outfits around certain pieces but at the same time it'll be nice to just wear whatever I feel like that morning...although an outfit around simple shoes isn't exactly rocket science.

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