Friday, February 15, 2013

turn a t-shirt into a scarf

mustard, pinks, lace
The other day I joked about wearing my scarf as a skirt as a way to try to branch out during TOPIO. While Heidi tried to convince me it can be done (see her attempt here), I was intrigued when Kate suggested I wear the shirt as a scarf. I really can't tell if she was joking, but it did get me thinking...could I do that?

Turns out I can. Today at work Emily stopped me mid work-related conversation to say, "Oh. My. God. Where is that scarf from?!!"

So if my most fashionable friend was fooled, I feel anyone could be fooled by this little trick.

turn a tee into a scarf
take tee  |  grab furthest apart pieces
tie with hair band  |  fluff

mustard, pink, lace
In other news, I was searching on the Urban Outfitters site this morning in a fit of black jean desperation. They are currently have a sale on all of their BDG jeans, so even though my favorite pair of jeans isn't available in my size, I'm hoping that this pair works just as well. If you looking into trying the BDG jeans, now would be a good time as they are about $20 less than they are normally!

lace, pink, mustard
Cardigan: Thrifted  {save | splurge}
Chambray: Old Navy  {exact}
Shirt as Scarf: Forever 21  {exact}
Jeans: American Eagle  {exact}
Belt: Gap
Earrings: Tiffany & Co.  {exact}
Watch: c/o Daniel Wellington  {exact}
Shoes: Tory Burch  {save | exact}

mustard, pink

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