Saturday, February 9, 2013


striped dress + vest
You know how sometimes when we're shopping and we find something that we think is cute and it's the last piece and it's our size? We tell ourselves it's fate and buy it because the universe has clearly decided that it was meant to be for us to own that jacket / scarf / ring. Yeah, I'm not immune to that feeling either.

I mentioned that I was looking for a new pair of boots and when I saw that this pair (at the time) only had one pair left and in my size, I did not even hesitate to press buy. Obviously the fashion gods felt that I needed to own those boots. A week later they arrived at my front step, and I'm now a fashion atheist because girl, no. They look like plastic rain boots! Not what I expected from something that claims to be leather boots. I know my expectations are higher because I love my Frye boots so much, but another pair of such expensive boots is just not a possibility right now (especially since I need to be good about saving money while I'm still working). Back those go. Next up: this pair or this pair.

Maybe they'll make me be a believer again.

striped dress, vest, boots

striped Old Navy dress and vest
Dress: Old Navy  {exact}
Vest: Old Navy  {similar for less than $30}
Tights: Target  {exact}
Belt: Old Navy  {similar}
Scarf: Victoria's Secret
Boots: Frye  {exact}
Watch: Target  {similar}

striped dress and vest

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