Thursday, April 16, 2020

clothing review: falling for instagram ads

Hello and welcome to my post about how I fell for internet ads. It only took me about four weeks to write this post, so we can thank motherhood and residency for that ;)

Okay so many of us have seen the Marine Layer ads on instagram for their tulip shaped Allison pants. I just loved the casual but pulled together look of the pants so after about the 20th ad, I finally ordered a pair. They come in sizes XS-XL, is made of a polyester/elastane combo, and retail for $98 (you can sign up for their emails and get 10% off your first order)

I find taking pictures of pants so difficult because it's hard to show how they really fit versus just how they feel, especially with black pants because pictures can forgive so much. Like in these pictures, I think they look cute and comfy!

But as much as I wanted to LOVE these pants, they just didn't fit me well. You can see it better in the picture below:

Everything about the fit was just off on me.  I think these would probably look really great on a more straight body type, but they pulled so much on my thighs, dug into my sides,  and then ballooned out in the front of the waist line...and as that's currently my biggest insecurity postpartum, I don't want pants that only emphasize this area. Could they may be fit better in the thighs if I sized up? Probably, but there would still be all that additional fabric in the front area that wouldn't be fixed by sizing up. Plus I think $98 is sooooo expensive for non-denim, non-work pants. Overall, not for me, but may be for you!
The other Marine Layer item I ordered was their Bali Tunic. Ya'll know I can't resist a white blouse tunic! I'm wearing my regular size large here. It's made of a cotton/rayon material, and overall it was nice, but I wasn't $88 in love with it. I loved the idea of the top - a linen materal, full short sleeves, slightly longer tunic style, but somehow I didn't love it on myself. I think the thick band around the wider neckline just wasn't the most flattering on me, and it could have been a few inches longer on me to really be tunic length. Or maybe I'm just being too hard on it and my current nursing boobs.

It unfortunately also was returned, even though I really wanted to love it! Overall I still really like the aesthetic of Marine Layer and am not opposed to ordering from them in the future, especially as they have free shipping and returns, but these items weren't the ones for me.

 Asymmetrical Snap-Up Fleece
Next we have an order from Abercrombie...where I literally have never shopped in my entire life. But I've seen this asymmetrical zipped fleece for the past year, and when Jean posted saying it was on major sale, I had to finally order it. I LOVE this fleece! I'm wearing a size large in the olive/cream colorway. Ugh, this is just so cute. It's slightly longer, covering about half of my butt (I'm 5'9'' so things tend to be too short on me). It has pockets that lay flush with the jacket, so they aren't adding any width on your sides. The asymmetrical neckline makes it unique without being weird. It comes in a bunch of cute colors, I went with the olive/cream so I can wear it to work, but kind of love the leopard version and definitely want the mauve color. It's not currently on sale but keep an eye on it as I've seen it go on sale basically every other day (I'll also keep an eye on it and share if I see a good sale on instagram!). 
 Drapey Trench Coat
I wanted to get free shipping, so I added a few other items that caught my eye. First was their drapey trench coat. I'm constantly looking for lightweight jackets and thought this would be cute in the spring/fall. Not going to lie, I was pretty disappointed in it when I got it. The fit is a bit off, the shorter trench coat looks like I just am wearing a too small coat. The two rows of buttons also makes it look like it's missing a row? The fabric is polyester/viscose combo, so it feels almost like wearing a sweater instead of a coat. Overall, not my favorite, although I had been hopeful. 
 Crinkle Button-Down Shirt
OH LOOK. Another white blouse. This is their crinkle button-down blouse in my typical size large. I was pleasantly surprised by this blouse! It's sheer but not see through - I wear a white tank under everything, so that isn't a problem for me, but you'd definitely need an extra layer in between a bra and this shirt. It's definitely nothing ground breaking but would work great for work or a casual night out, so I'm keeping it, and am very happy with this purchase!
Nordstrom recently had a 25% off just about everything online, so I put in a fairly large order...and am keeping none of it. Thank you, free return policy! First is this BP twill coat, I'm in a size large. This was just basically too big and long on me? The waist strings were so long, the back of the coat went down to my knees, and I didn't love the weird green/brown color. 

 Dot Puff Sleeve Top LUCKY BRAND
I shouldn't have even ordered this Lucky blouse because I didn't really even like it that much on the model so I don't know why I thought it would be any different in real life. It's overall a fine shirt, nothing really wrong with it, I just don't love it for what it is, which is a t-shirt with puffy sleeves. Would be cute with a pencil skirt for work...but ya know, scrubs. 
 Print Wrap Front Gathered Hem Top ALL IN FAVOR
I've wanted a few new shirts to wear when I do get to wear real clothes to work, so I was hoping this faux wrap top would work. Man, this is one of the cheapest feeling fabrics I've felt in a long time! It's 100% polyester but the fabric was oddly stiff and course. Besides that, I also didn't love the neckline - it either needs to have a full collar or be a v-neck, but not try to do both. I do wish it had worked out though because it comes in solid and cute prints!
Lace & Crepe Blouse HALOGEN
Another top I was hoping to wear to work. Overall this Halogen blouse was fine - the color is nice, I like the pattern on the front, it has a very romantic feel. But the polyester fabric was super static-y and the sleeves were too loose to wear under a white coat. It also fits large - I'm wearing a large here but could have definitely sized down. Would be super cute with skinny jeans for a night out, but I don't really need more of those shirts, so it's going back. If you're interested, it's currently 40% off!
 Tie Front Shirt MADEWELL
Last one is a shirt I'm on the fence about! I've never really been interested in the tie-in-front blouses but something about this Madewell one made me want to try it! It's actually really cute - the fabric is 100% cotton and not sheer. The fit is also spot on, and is true to size. I think it would look so good with some distressed jeans in the spring! I almost feel like I need to come up with a few outfits for it because I really do like it! It's also 40% off if you are interested in it!