Tuesday, September 20, 2016

beauty tuesday: mixing up the routine

I don't know about you guys, but I tend to do my make-up the exact same way every day. I very rarely mix it up, and by "mix it up", I mean use a different eyeshadow color. I'm definitely not that adventurous when it comes to make-up, even though there are things I always want to try. I see people using teal eyeshadow or really fun bright lipsticks and tell myself that would look ridiculous on me, so I don't even bother. When I was approached by Kohl's to talk about their amazing beauty section, I really saw this as an opportunity to test out a bunch of things I have always wanted to try. Some are more adventurous (matte lipsticks, blue eyeliner, spray on foundation!), while others are every day products I've just wanted to try. There were quite a few items I'm definitely incorporating into my new and improved every day routine...and who knows, maybe I'll continue to try new items instead of continuously re-buying the same color lipstick every few months.

A spray on foundation: PUR Cosmetics Liquid Veil
I have always wanted to try one of these! So to be honest, I used this wrong the first time. I applied Bliss's smoothing mineral primer, and then I sprayed the liquid foundation right on my face. I used the Real Techniques blender (see below) to distribute it to the rest of my face. After I finished the rest of my make-up, I used Bliss's make-up setting spray (which actually comes out as a spray instead of a squirt bottle mechanism!). What you are supposed to do is spray the foundation on a brush, and then apply. Well, I liked my method just fine! This is a great light coverage foundation, and especially if you are in a hurry in the morning, it's just a few quite sprays, and a few sponge taps later, and you're ready to go. There are four colors to choose from - I went with the medium, which is good for my current tan, but I would definitely need the light color in the winter. This is one I'm definitely going to continue to use, especially for my next two months of 4 AM wake-ups.

An inexpensive beauty sponge: Real Technique's Complexion Sponge

I've been prettttttty loyal to my beauty blender for a few years, but when I linked to AJ's recent post about trying out different versions, several of you said how much you liked the Real Techniques version, so I was excited to get my hands on it to try as I already really love the RT brushes. You guys...there is literally no difference between the two! And for one third of the price, I think I'm officially converted. If you've never used a beauty sponge before, all you do is soak it in water until damp, squeeze water out, and then use to apply/smooth your foundation. I also use it to apply the translucent powder under my eyes. If I only got to use one make-up tool, this is the one I would choose...and now that I found an more inexpensive version, there's no reason to ever go back! Kohl's also has a two pack for $11 - which is about half the cost of just one Beauty Blender!

A contour palette: LORAC PRO's Contour Palette

I've said it time and time again, but I'm kind of scared of contour palettes. Instead, I just use a bronzer, and kind of rub it under my cheekbones and hope for the best. I have always wanted to try LORAC products (they look so luxe!), so I figured now was the time. The Lorac Pro Contour palette comes with three contour colors (light, medium, and deep) as well as three highlights (beige, yellow, and shimmer). I used a Real Techniques brush to brush the medium under my cheekbones and along my jaw line, and then I used an old eyeshadow brush to contour my nose like I've seen on a thousand youtube videos. Then I brushed the shimmer highlight on the top of my cheekbones, under my eyebrows, and at the tip of my nose. To finish, I used the damp RT Complexion sponge to blend it all. I like the final results! I feel a bit more done up than I normally do, but I do feel my face looks thinner 💁

A long lasting white nail polish: Essie's Gel Couture in Pre-Show Jitters
Essie Pre-Show Jitters

Okay, this was a little bit of a cheat as I just reviewed Essie's new gel line, but when I saw that Kohl's had the color I wanted, I was excited to finally try it out as well! Just like the pale pink color, this has done an amazing job of staying put. I'm on day six, and don't have a single crack or chip yet. May as well get it where you can use your Kohl's cash to pay for it! ;)

Navy Eyeliner: Bliss's On the Line Liquid Eyeliner

I asked on Instagram stories a few weeks ago if anyone had any suggestions for a navy liquid eyeliner - I always use black, but thought maybe a dark dark blue would be a nice change of pace. My mom has always worn blue eyeliner, and it just really makes her eyes pop (even though we both have blue eyes, defying color theory!). Three people recommended trying out Bliss's On the Line eyeliner, so I was very excited to give it a shot. I used Bliss's Hey Four Eyes shadow first, and then applied the eye liner like I usually do. I felt it took a few more strokes to get it exactly the way I wanted, but I think it turned out pretty darn good! I don't think I'll be converting to navy every day, but will definitely keep this around for nights out.

Matte Liquid Lipstick: The Balm's Meet the Matt(e) Hughes

Maybe because I'm getting older (...29 tomorrow!), but I've realized over the years that some color on your lips really livens up your face. I used to never ever wear any color on my lips because I have this crazy self-consciousness that it makes my small mouth look even smaller on my large face (I told you it was crazy!). But for the past few years, I've definitely experimented with colors, even though I've stuck with sheerer pink colors. I know that matte liquid lipstick is huge right now, and even though I've tried it on in stores a few times, I've never actually purchased one. I figured if I was going to do it, I was going to do it all the way, so I went with The Balm's Liquid Lipstick in Chivalrous - it's a very pretty bright pink color. This baby is bright! This past weekend I put it on after breakfast, and it was still all there by lunch, which is amazing. The color is just a little too out there for me to wear every day with scrubs though, and CR also kind of hates lipstick, so this will definitely be a great Girl's Night color, but not an every day color for me. Looking at the other colors though, Sincere would probably be a great neutral color that would be appropriate at least on days I wear normal clothes. I'm excited to keep playing with this trend for sure.

A way to put your hair up without evidence: Invisibobble


Especially in the summer, I hate having my hair down once I get home, but I also hate having the hairband line in my hair the next morning. My alligator clips do a pretty good job, but aren't exactly practical outside of my house or during exercise. I had heard of these hair rings before, in fact, I had them in my cart on Amazon for the longest time until they went out of stock, so getting them from Kohl's made it that much easier. I went with the original size in black - they look really small in the case (that box is about an inch wide) but they stretch out easily to become a normal hair ring size. The first day I used them was after coming home from work - I just threw my hair up in a loose bun, and about five hours later when I went to bed (and took my hair down), there were no lines! I did try it again the next day for a BBG work out. It held up pretty good except for during burpees, when my hair became too loose. Overall, I really like these "traceless" hair rings, but unfortunately not for jump-intense work outs (although I just noticed they have an "extra strength" version labeled perfect for sports!). An added bonus though is that they help give your buns a bit of a height, so for those days (pretty much all of them coming up while I'm on ObGyn again), I'm going to continue to use these. 

How freaking gorgeous is this blush?! I just can't stop looking at it. I mentioned a few months ago that I was looking for a blush palette but wasn't having any luck, but then the more I thought about it, why does anyone really need like nine different blushes? So then I started seeing more gradient blushes around, and they actually make a lot more sense I think - you get basically three different blush colors in one case, and you can customize it to the color that you want. Bliss made their gradient blush in three gorgeous colors, and I had a hard time deciding which one to even go with, but in the end I went with the pretty bright pink version. While this is pretty bright in the packaging, it goes on a lot more natural looking. I stuck further to the right on the palette, and it created the prettiest flush color. This compact is definitely coming with me the next two months I'm traveling - it has three blush colors in one, plus that little mirror will be great on the go. 

Overall, I was so pleased with all of the products I've used. Some are going to definitely be incorporated into my every day make-up (especially the blush, setting spray, and complexion sponge) while other's are going to be great to reach for for special occasions (like the lipstick and contour kit!). 

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