Friday, September 9, 2016

san diego [...mostly what we ate! ;) ]

This past weekend, CR and I went off on a little three day trip to San Diego. Due to our schedules, we actually have only been able to go on one real vacation since we started dating (we went to Seattle the summer between first and second year) - the next time we get to go on a real vacation is next June! So we have been trying to take advantage of three day weekends as much as possible, which is why we jetted off to visit one of our besties in San Diego! Here's what I packed, wore, ate, and saw!
After using the same carry-on luggage since I was a freshman in college, I finally upgraded my suitcase to match my larger piece of luggage. I love the way it looks, the way it works, and the organization inside (it has storage on both sides rather than one giant box). On planes, I always try to wear both my heaviest items, and the most comfy. For these flights, I wore my new distressed denim (so comfortable!), a simple Old Navy blouse, and regular flats. Typically on longer flights I will bring a sweater too, but I was comfortable on the shorter flights without one.  

As far as packing goes, I've debating writing a whole post about it, but figured we may as well just talk about it all in one post! Here's my method for what I pack and how:
  • Make-up: I recently received this adorable make-up organizer for a future collaboration with Kohl's, so I was excited to test it out on this trip! In the past I've just used a big bag from Everlane, but it really makes it hard to find everything while getting ready. I love the three separate pouches of this pouch, and the adorable dalmation print!
  • Clothing: I should pick out my outfits before trips, but I rarely do. I throw in my favorite clothes (things I know I will wear and feel comfortable in) and hope for the best. I wish I had the ambition to use trips and vacations as blog material, but I really just want to enjoy that time instead of worrying about if my clothes are photo-ready, or if I have accessories that perfectly match, so I just try to wear comfy clothes and not worry about it. Something new to my packing methods is packing cubes - these have been around forever, but I just ordered my first set. I used them to keep my pajamas and work out clothes separate from my other clothes - it really helped me stay organized rather than have all clothes all over the place.
  • Accessories: my biggest tip for packing is to pack clothing that goes with one set of accessories. I typically pick one cognac purse, belt, and pair of shoes that will go with all my clothes I've packed. This way, you don't have to bring black and tan shoes, belts, and purses. I also keep my other accessories simple - my Larsson & Jennings gold watch, and a pair of aviators and cat eye glasses from Eyeconic (more about them in an upcoming post!)
  • Carry on: I like to use my Madewell tote for my carry on because you can use it for a bunch of things on a trip - a gym bag, a beach bag, something to carry your groceries in (okay, that hasn't happened, but the first two did!). In my carry on I have my computer, iPad, noise cancelling headphones (vital!), a few magazines I saved specifically for the flight, a small travel wallet (more room in my cross body bag for snacks!), and a pouch with lip balm, concealer, and so on.

Our flight landed at 10 PM in Los Angeles - we shuttled over to get our rental car, and immediately drove to In-n-Out burger. CR had never had it, and I've only had it once, so we were both very excited! We both got the double double animal style, and fries animal style. I'm going to be honest - I liked this a lot, but I think I like Shake Shack more!

wow wow waffle
We woke up early for the west coast (although it really was 10 AM our time!), and immediately got up to drive to Wow Wow Waffle. I'm not sure how exactly I found this place (maybe Instagram?), but I was so excited to have waffles and fresh squeezed lemonade. I got the brie and jam waffle, while the boys both go the avocado, bacon, goat cheese waffle. Both were amazing.

After waffles, we drove over to Cabrillo National Monument. From there we could see over the harbor, went up in the light house, hiked around a bit, and my favorite part, played in the tide pools! (that's our buddy Neel, waiting to get splashed).


From there, we went home to change, and then went over to Convoy Street to go to Pokirrito. I've heard of these "sushi burritos", but of course they do not sell them in Ohio, so this was high up on my list for places to go! I got the regular pokirrito with a side of spicy aoili. I thought it was delicious, if not difficult to eat (the sea weed doesn't hold all the ingredients as well as a tortilla does). If I were to go again, I think I'd just go for a poke bowl instead, and add the ingredients that the sushi burrito had. It'd be easier to eat, but just as delicious!

By the time we were done eating, we had about 2.5 hours to kill before it was time for the sunset, so we went over to the Ballast Point Brewery. We each got a sampler, which is 3 pretty good pours of beer for $10. The drinking space was pretty cool (very nautical themed, obviously), and the boys were happy to watch football. I wish we had signed up a few hours earlier to do a tour, so if you're interested in that kind of stuff, sign up before arriving.

la jolla

One of my only requirements for this trip was to watch a great sunset, which is one of my favorite activities in the world. We went to the La Jolla beaches - first we went to the lagoon side, where we could see a bunch of sea lions up close and personal. We watched the kayakers and snorklers - if we had more time in SD, I would have definitely wanted to go kayaking out there! From there, we went over to the city beach side to watch the sunset. The sea lions there are so incredibly close to the people - they are just so used to having them around! The sunset was absolutely stunning, and that whole evening was my absolutely favorite thing we did on the trip. If you do nothing else, do this!


Early Sunday morning, we woke up and went to a spin class at the Rush Studio. I assume it's pretty similar to what soul cycle is, with dim lights, candles, great music, an energetic instructor, and an hour of just cycling your ass off. I loved it, and am now in the search for anything similar in my area. CR says he could do without the "motivational BS" but I kinda liked it! Once we were done, we showered, and then drove down to Laguna Beach to meet our other friend who was there doing a rotation. We met up for brunch at Tortilla Republic - I got the breakfast quesadilla and a mimosa, both of which were very good.

gold greek sandals
I got a lot of questions about my sandals on instagram - unfortunately, I purchased these when I was in Santorini last fall. I couldn't find anything that is exactly like this pair but I found several that are similar. Loeffler Randall has a pair that looks very similar, but is also pretty pricey. Kate Spade makes a golden sandal that has a different shape, but is still pretty fun (especially for under $70). In the under $50 category, Steve Madden has a pair of real leather sandals that look similar, and are now on sale.

laguna beach

After brunch, we went down to the beach! We had such a great time, playing in the ocean, laying out, and of course, people watching. If nothing else, I'm tempted to go back and watch all of Laguna Beach from the beginning...followed swiftly by a The Hills marathon.

stone brewing bistro

After we got back to San Diego, I changed into a shirt dress from J.Crew Factory (the easiest way to look pulled together!), and headed over to Liberty Station to meet up with Audrey and Jean for dinner and drinks at the Stone Brewing Bistro. Audrey and I have met several times in the past when she was in Madison, but this was my first time meeting Jean. We had such a great time, discussing blogging, our lives, our future "blogging conference" in Boston (who wants to come?!), and of course, food! We are all terrible bloggers though, because while we have one picture of our food (thanks, Jean!), we didn't take a single picture together. Next time!

After, I met up with the boys again to get carne asada fries at Lolita's Taco Shop - apparently one of the best food items San Diego has to offer. They were pretty freaking amazing - now I need to figure out a way to make them at home (I just really need to get my hands on that cotija cheese!)


We left early Monday morning to drive back to LA, dropped off over car, shuttle back to the airport, snapped a quick picture, and then started the long long process of getting home, as our second flight was delayed, then we had to de-plane to get on a different plane, and then had to wait three hours for the next crew to show up. In the end, it was very much worth it for such a great (and delicious!) weekend.