Tuesday, September 28, 2021

nordstrom trunk club: september 2021

Several of my girlfriends are in a similar position I am when it comes to work clothes - recently out of residency, having not really purchased new items in a while, and now needing a whole closet of work clothes. One of my friends mentioned that she was having a lot of luck with StitchFix and Nordstrom Trunk Club. I tried out StitchFix this spring but didn't end up loving anything, and then felt my $25 were kind of forcing me to keep items I wasn't 100% in love with. What drew me to ordering a Nordstrom Trunk though was that if you have a Nordstrom card, their $25 styling fee is waved! So I can order trunks and not feel like I have to keep anything just to not lose $25. I really love that a box full of clothes just shows up at my house, I get to try them on in the privacy of my own home with my own closet, keep what I want, and have FedEx pick up the box from my front door. It also helps to have a stylist give me new styles to try on, to see how they work with my body, life, and current wardrobe. I am fairly consistent about basically buying the same items just in different colors/patterns, so this kind of forces me to try new things that I may love.  

I signed up through the app, answered a few questions about what I was looking for, filled out my sizes, and the next day got an email saying my box was ready to be reviewed. I swapped out a few things I knew I wasn't going to like at all, and left a few spots open for my stylist's suggestions. A few days later, the box showed up at my house!

Here's what I got!
First up is a pair of Treasure and Bond pull on pants (that is no longer online?). I really love Treasure & Bond - I think they have a great mix of structured casual and more flowing work items, and everything I've purchased (including this button up recently) I've loved....so it's unfortunate that these pants are just so...unfortunate. Maybe great for like a beach vacation, but not for work. There was just too much fabric and made me feel huge. 
These Nic + Zoe pull on pants, on the other hand, are great! I probably wouldn't have purchased them just by seeing them online, but glad I got them in the box. The pull on style means they aren't digging into my postpartum belly, and the stretch in the fabric makes it comfy to wear all day. I've always gotten my work pants altered at the knee because I find the fabric bunches up there, so I need to find a tailor here to do that for me, but overall these pants are a great place to start when it comes to rebuilding my work wardrobe! They fit true to size. 

I did not like these rag&bone split hem pants though. They were long, which I appreciated that the stylist worked on finding something long enough for me (it was one of the things I mentioned), but I did not like the split hem (it made the pants swish around my ankles and gave me throw back feelings to when my pants were too short growing up), and they were way too tight. It was nice though to have the option of trying something new, even if it didn't work out. 

I've ran across a few Rail items over the years that I really liked, but never ordered because the price range was a bit out of my budget. I was excited to finally try something of theirs when I received their camp shirt. This is a rayon/linen blend shirt that just sits so nicely. It's loose enough that the buttons aren't straining at my chest, but isn't super loose (like similar style Madewell shirts) that I lost my shape. I liked it so much but it was a bit of my price range, so technically I'm returning it...but I'm also getting it! During a middle of the night feeding, I figured maybe I could find it on like Poshmark or something, so I did a quick google search and found that Saks had 1 left in my size...for $37. That's basically 1/5 of the original price! I immediately checked out and it's on its way to me now. So while I technically didn't buy it from my Nordstrom Trunk, I did get the shirt anyway. So thank you, NTC, for the intro, and thank you Saks for the shirt at a huge discount ;)

Technically, I specifically asked for this Caslon top to be included in my trunk, but I ended up not loving it. It's fine, there's really nothing wrong with it, I just don't love it. I have several similar tops, so it's not filling a hole in my closet, and I find it overall to be a little too "mature" for me. 

My trunk included two sweaters that I really didn't like. This Frame cardigan was too expensive, too small, and too thin. I also received a Vince ribbed top that I didn't even bother trying on because again, too expensive, and way too thin. I've learned with time that I either need more flowy shirts or shirts with more structured fabric, and these had neither. 

I've wanted a Barbour jacket for years, but never actually tried one on, so I was thrilled to see it in my Trunk. Now that I live in a much colder part of the country, I need some actual coats to wear, especially in the early/late winter. The quilted Beadnell has such a classic shape and in black, I know it's something I'll get many many years of wear out of. It's a bit pricy, but I also feel comfortable spending more on something that will get a ton of wear over many years, rather than a thinner blouse that I'm likely not going to wear as often. 

My trunk included two pairs of shoes. I asked for flats, since that's what I wear to work. I didn't love either enough to keep. The ones on the left are Kate Spade - they were on sale, which was nice, but the colors don't really work for my closet, and the construction felt cheap. The pair on the right are from Vionic, a brand I'm not familiar with. The hot pink color was fun but they were too shiny and I didn't love how high they go up on my feet, so both are going back. 

And that was the end of my trunk! You have the option to sign up for trunks every 1, 2, or 3 months. As I'm currently in a building phase of my closet, and because there is no styling fee with your Nordstrom card, I've opted to receive them every month right now! I'm already excited for the next one. 

If you would like to try Nordstrom Trunk Club, you can use my referral code to get $50 off your first box (and I get $50 too!).