Tuesday, February 9, 2016

beauty tuesday: origins drink up intensive overnight mask

Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Over the past year, I've really expanded my face masks collection. For most of my life, I did occasional exfoliation and left it at that. I'm getting a bit older and experiencing different skin concerns than I have in the past, so I'm looking for new options to help. Jessica from Bedknobs and Baubles raved about the Origins overnight mask, so I was more than willing to get it a try. 

what it promises:
Put dry skin to bed with this ultra-rich, hydrating overnight mask. Avocado and Apricot Kernel Oils deeply and instantly quench compromised moisture reserves and help build a reservoir for tomorrow. While Japanese Seaweed helps repair skin's barrier to prevent future dehydration and signs of premature aging. Skin awakens comfortable, refreshed, supple.

how I use it:
At night after removing my make-up and washing my face, I lightly exfoliate with an enzyme mask or konjac sponge, and then put on a medium thickness layer all over my dry face. Then I wait at least a few minutes to go straight to sleep just because I sleep on my stomach/face. I do this 2-3 times a week, usually the night after using my tretinoin cream

what I like:
My first impression was that it smells amazing. It smells just like apricots, but it's definitely a natural smell, not artificially sweet. Second impression is that it feels really nice going on my skin - especially if your skin is pretty dry and sensitive, it just feels nice to put on this smooth, soothing mask. It's not oily or greasy at all and doesn't leave any residue on my pillows. I love that I can put something on my face at night that works throughout the night. 

The best part is the results in the morning. My skin is softer, more moisturized, and almost has like a blurred look to it - like you can't see the little red lines and patches on my face. 

what I don't like:
I personally can't see anything wrong with this product or something I would want to change. I checked out the Beautypedia review after using it for a few weeks just because I was curious what they had to say, and they did not recommend it for sensitive skin because of the fragrant oils used. If you have very sensitive skin, this may not be for you. While I usually trust the beautypedia reviews, I was already liking the mask so I wasn't going let that sway me. 

would I buy this again: 
Definitely. This is my first time trying out an overnight mask, so I'm open to trying other masks as well, but I will definitely be repurchasing the Origins Drink Up Overnight Mask. I love how my skin looks and feels, especially now during the colder months.