Sunday, February 14, 2016

top three, love edition [02.14.2016]

I don't always wear pink...but when I do, I go all in ;)

  • Bitot's spots are the physical manifestation of a Vitamin A deficiency. Night blindness or complete blindness are other manifestations, so start loving those carrots! 
  • I saw my first real case of asterixis this week - it's also known as a flapping tremor, and is often caused by hepatic encephalopathy (basically the liver isn't working properly, and the toxin build up affects the brain). Here's a short video demonstrating it. 
  • Babies are considered obligate nose breathers. 

on the internet
  • We all are attached to our phones, but would we love our lives more if we weren't permanently attached to them? Grace shares her thoughts
  • Most of us aren't probably too passionate about the financial management side of blogging - I know I'm not. Hallie breaks down what has worked for her in her successful blogging career. Come at me, tax season!
  • Cute outfits + cute pets = the most Valentine's Day appropriate post eva. 

  • It was truly love at first sight with this adorable gingham dress. Do I need it? No. Do I neeeeed it? Yep. 
  • Yumi Kim always has the prettiest patterns - major heart eyes for her cross over silk top. Perfect for a date or a night out with your girls!
  • I just ordered this sweater and can.not.wait to receive it - I ordered it in CR's favorite green color just because I know he would like that (...and I don't need another grey sweater...). I haven't seen so many good reviews for a J.Crew item in a long time so fingers crossed!

ask me anything
  • Hi Fran, love the blog! Also a med student here. You mention that you're saving up for things with your blog income (a nice gift or a future house, etc). Is there a reason you aren't paying off your loans first if you have blog income? Just wondering, cause they continue accruing interest. 
    • Ohhh, great question, and I'm sure something many people have wondered. Since you're a med student too you will already know most of what I'm about to say, but I'll explain it for everyone else. So when I graduate from medical school and start my residency, I'll finally start having a real income again (although reading this article brings up some great points - resident's salaries haven't changed in 40 years and on average, this intern made $11 an hour). We have a few months of grace period before we start paying back our school loans, but really not that much time. Most residents will start paying back their loans with an "income based" payment plan as the ~$45,000/year makes it difficult to pay back $200k+ I owe. This payment plan is based on your taxes from the previous year. So in 2017 when I start paying back my loans, the payment plan will be based on my income from 2016. For most students, this doesn't change anything since most people don't have an income while in school, but I do because of my blog. So my payments will be calculated to be much higher because of my current income. SO, that's all to say that I'm actually saving up money now to be able to start paying back my loans at the end of next year because the dent I could put into the loans in one year doesn't compare to the amount I owe back in total. Technically I could be putting that money into my loans now because you are correct, they are are accruing interest, but since my payments will be larger than what my resident salary will be able to handle, I have to save up for them now. So I'm really dividing my income between saving for a house and saving for loan repayments. You bringing this up though does make me want to look into how much interest I'm paying a month and maybe tackle that on the side - it's really almost overwhelming to know where to start with all of that!
  • I want to major in history as an undergrad, but my mom wants me to major in something I can use after I graduate. I plan on going to med school after I graduate. Should I change my major or go with what I really want to do?
    • I think you should do both! Double majoring is definitely doable, and something I know many of my medical school friends did. I majored in German and Biology - it gave me the humanities focus I loved while giving me a science degree for when I was applying for lab jobs and medical school. Or you can always minor in history, if your school allows it. I think having another focus in college besides just science science science makes you a more well rounded student and medical school applicant! 
  • I've really enjoyed your blog--thank for all the tips on sales. I just found some things I was looking for at Loft on sale because you mentioned their sale. I have two questions: at what time of year are the best sales for winter/summer clothes? and do you find that buying designer jeans are worth the price? are cheaper jeans just as good? ie: old navy, target...thanks for your thoughts!
    • I think with the sales that are always going on, there probably really isn't one specific time to get a good deal on something. Of course the end of the season (/right now) is a great time to pick up some winter staples because the stores are making room for spring clothes, and trying to get rid of their winter items. For example, Nordstrom currently has some super cute sweaters like this marled cardigan on sale - at 40% off. But with the sales that most stores now have all the time, you can really get some great pieces for even greater prices. My personal plan is to usually wait like 10 days before buying something to see if a good sale doesn't come along...and it almost always does. The only time I really purchase it right away is if there are only a few sizes left - then you just have to make a call if you want to save a few more dollars eventually, or not get it at all.
    • As far as jeans go, I personally do think that designer jeans are worth the price, especially if you wear jeans a lot. I personally have struggled to find jeans at cheaper prices just because of my height - they often don't come in tall sizes, which is something I often need. I also think the fabric is softer, fits better, and holds up in the long run. That's not to say that you NEED designer jeans, absolutely not - I have jeans from J.Crew Factory and the Gap that are wonderful, so I guess it depends on if you mean $200 jeans or $60 jeans. I think if you found a pair of jeans you love at a cheaper price point (for example, I know that the rockstar jeans from Old Navy really look great on some people), then that's amazing and you should get them in every color. 

on franish

notable sales
  • Anthropologie: 40% off sale items
    • How freaking sexy is this little red number? That back! 
    • I don't really need another clutch, but come on, this cognac one is so pretty and unique. Definitely lust-worthy. 
    • One of those times the waiting game paid off - I've had my eye on this peplum top for months, and now I can finally get it for 1/4 of the price! 
  • Loft: 40% off select items
    • I can't decide if I love the navy or maroon version of their dotted tee more - at that price, you may as well get both ;)
    • Oooooo, I kind of love this mixed media cardigan - how great would it look with some dark wash jeans and a simple white tee?!
    • I love dresses that take you from winter into the spring - wear this pretty patterned dress now with tights, boots, and a scarf, and then trade it in for flats and a matching belt in the spring!
  • Madewell: 30% off sale items

  • Happy Valentine's Day! I'm all about telling those you love that you love them all year long, but it's also nice to have an excuse to get your loved ones something nice. CR and I exchanged presents Friday night just because we were already having an impromptu date night eating Chinese food and watching The Office, but today we are going with our favorite couple down to Pittsburgh to just explore. I'll take any excuse to go out and have fun!
  • I know I've already mentioned it, but I am LOVING this GI rotation. My attending has taught me so much, I get to do a lot by seeing all of our consults first, and the people I work with this month are so fun to be around. In addition, my schedule is also pretty relaxed, so I get a few mornings off a week to really get a ton of studying done! 
  • We are now in the thick of applying for audition rotations (rotations during your fourth year of medical school where you spend a month at the hospitals you will be applying to for residency) and man, what a process! I don't think I've ever written so many emails in one week. Keep your fingers crossed for me - I'm so excited (and nervous!) that we're getting closer and closer to the process!