Sunday, March 6, 2016

top three [03.06.2016]

still haven't tried to wear my chambray blazer with something other than black pants...

  • Oscillopsia is a fun new word I learned this week. It is used to describe the sensation of objects moving around in the visual field when looking in any direction. It can be a side effect of certain antibiotics.
  • One of the biggest clues for PCP intoxication is vertical nystagmus (which looks like this). 
  • Coloboma is a missing structure of the eye - an abnormality that occurs before birth. Here's an example - it's sometimes called a "cat eye" for obvious reasons!

on the internet
  • I'm back to being addicted to watching The Bachelor - I used to watch it loyally with my girlfriends in college, but then kind of lost interest when I moved for school. Now I'm back...and I can't get enough of reading Sharleen's recaps. As a former contestant, she has so many great insights into the show. If you're looking for a funny Bachelor recap, Lincee is my favorite!
  • Elyse shares her tips to make info stick when studying - I love hearing what works for others! My way of making it stick is making my own documents of notes, organized in the way I like it (no more than three indentations, simple charts) that has the highest yield/buzzwords in red. I can always see them in my mind when I'm taking an exam!
  • French braids are my go-to hairstyle for the I'm a bit obsessed with this prettier version

  • I saw my friend Morgan this week, and she was wearing the cutest red polka dot blouse that I immediately fell in love with. When I asked her where she got it, she told me it was from Loft, and that I had turned her into a total Loft of course I had to order it too! #twinsies
  • Spring has sprung ( some places) but we're still in the snowy part of winter, which makes it okay if I buy at least two of these comfy purl knit sweaters, right? 
  • With the start of spring fashion comes the end of winter fashion...which means cheaper items for us! Get a classic pair of riding boots, like this pair from Franco Sarto, for a major steal. 

  • I'm a freshman in undergrad and am on the pre-med track. I am hoping to attend medical school and want to be an Ob/Gyn too! I was wondering if you had any tips for me going through undergrad? Thank you!
    • My biggest piece of advice is to remember that this process is a marathon, not a sprint, so take your time to get to finish line! Spread your science classes out through the next few years, and mix in classes that you will enjoy and make you a more well rounded student and applicant. Find a cause that is worthwhile to you to volunteer for! I volunteered as a wig fitter in college and then with a seniors euchre program after I graduated, and it really opened my eyes to so many different types of people (plus I really enjoyed my time doing it). Take time to explore other options, and if you find your way back to medicine, then go for it! It may not happen the first time, but it's worth trying again. 
  • Are you and CR planning on doing couples match for residency?
    • We are :) We have been researching and checking out programs for the last few months now, and are very excited to get closer to starting the match process (although in all honesty, I just want it to be a year from now so we know where we will be going!)
  • My husband and I just booked a cruise for our vacation this summer (yay!) which means I need to find a bathing suit that I like and feel comfortable in (noooo!). I am about your age, size ,and build (though a little shorter). Any suggestions for stylish one piece/tankini suits or places to shop for them?
    • YAY! Pack me in your suitcase, please! I have heard really great things about the one pieces from Modcloth actually. I've had my eye on several - for one pieces, my absolute favorite is this sexy but covered up black version (it's quickly selling out so I'm thisclose to getting it, even though I don't even have a vacation coming up!), although this emerald version is pretty darn cute too. For two pieces, this season is amazing for us because high rise bottoms are in right now! This fern covered one is adorable, and would be perfect for a cruise!

on franish

notable sales

  • Hello from Detroit! CR and I are planning on applying to some of the hospitals up here for residency, and since we had a free weekend between rotations, we figured it would be the perfect time to come up and take a look. I've never been to Detroit, so I'm excited to just see a new city!
  • I made a couple of updates around here this week! First and foremost, there's been a little bit of a redesign, thanks to Maru! I'm not ready to commit to a whole new website and layout - I really prefer the simple "older" style of blogs where it's all on one page rather than "magazine style", but I love the simpler look Maru created for me. I'm obsessed with my new header! Second, I finally purchased my own domain name. About six months ago, I wanted to change all of my social media names from my own (very unique) name to something related to my blog. Unfortunately, I did not plan ahead four years ago when I first started my blog, so half of the social media names of @franish were taken, so I finally just made everything @franishtheblog. It's not what I really wanted, but I couldn't think of something better. I also did not purchase four years ago, and now someone is sitting on it for $4500! So...that is all to say, welcome to the same blog, just with an updated face and address! :)
  • TIME FOR BABIES! Tomorrow starts my OB rotation and I am so excited. I really did love  my three months on IM - I learned so much about medicine and had such a wonderful experience...but this is the rotation I've been waiting for since September. I'm nervous though! I have a whole wishlist of things I want to learn/improve on this month, and I just am putting more pressure on myself than I have in the past. I can't wait :)