Wednesday, March 9, 2016

third times a charm

DSC02533picture 2
I actually wore this outfit three times before I managed to get some pictures of it - the first time it started snowing right before I left for work, the second time the lighting in the pictures was way off, and by the third time I wore it, I was just not going to let some extra sunniness stop me. While not my favorite set of pictures ever, I did love the outfit enough to wear it three times within three weeks ;)

I'm on my third day of OB, and it just feels right being there - I love being on a rotation that I've done because I know my place in the care team, I know how I can be helpful (and when to stay out of the way!), and it really has been a great time to work on skills. If you follow along on snapchat (@fhasselhof), you probably heard about how CR and I have completely different schedules right now - he's working in the emergency department this month, and his hours have varied every day, but we basically haven't really seen each other since the rotation started. Good practice for the future, I suppose ;)

Coming up in the next few days will be another review post, mostly about work pants, which are the absolute worst thing to shop for. 

DSC02552picture 2
DSC02530picture 2
Blouse: Loft [similar]
Pants: Express [exact]
Boots: Vince Camuto [exact]
Scarf: Nordstrom [exact on sale!]
Watch: c/o Larsson & Jennings [exact]
Lipstick: Clinique [exact in fab pop - review here]
DSC02541picture 2
DSC02561picture 2
ps. now that it's warmer out (it was 70 today!), there are so many great winter items on major sale! Below are three pairs of boots that are 35-45% off the original price. My pair of boots is on sale too, although I could totally pick up that classic pair of Vince Camuto boots below - so pretty!