Sunday, March 20, 2016

top three [03.20.2016]

tan scarf + cognac boots are a go to (my scarf is currently 40% off!)

  • Gestational pemphigoid (formerly known as herpes gestationis, although it's not a herpes virus) is an autoimmune skin disease that occurs during pregnancy. It starts as a blistering rash on the stomach, and can spread to the rest of the body. As if being uncomfortable during pregnancy wasn't enough already!
  • If you have ever been pregnant, and especially if you are negative blood type, you know all about Rhogam, which is a solution used to prevent hemolytic disease of the newborn. About 15% of people in the world are Rh- (myself included). The history behind the invention of Rhogam is kind of interesting -  male prisoners were actually used to prove it's effectiveness! 
  • C-sections are the most common surgery performed in the country. 

on the internet


  • How do you balance blogging and medical school? Any advice for a starting blog of fashion/lifestyle as a medical student?
    • For me, I very rarely put together a post in one day - I work on posts throughout the week (and sometimes month!). I just don't have enough material, nor the time, to post every day, so I just to post 3-4 times a week, so I just work on a post every night for a little while. For me, I really enjoy blogging. So instead of watching tv or something (which I still do, of course), I will blog for 45 minutes when I get home. During the first two years of school, blogging was my break from studying - it was what I did to get my head out of the books for a little bit. My advice for starting a blog while in school is just to do it! Don't become discouraged if you don't always find time for it - during my first year, there were months where I posted like 6 times the entire month. School comes first, but having a fun hobby is a must for anyone in school. 
  • Whenever I try to shop online, it seems like all the pictures show show models with no curves wearing something that looks like a tent! You seem to be able to order things online that look great on you (and not like a tent on a pole). Do you have any tips on how to figure out how something will look on you when you don't have the same body type as the model? I would like to do more online shopping, but I find the pictures so uninspiring.
    • My biggest piece of advice is to really know what works on your body and what doesn't. Having general guidelines really helps narrow down items online. As you can tell from my reviews, this doesn't always help, but it's a good jumping point. Once you know that cap sleeves or boyfriend jeans or off the shoulder tops don't work on you (those specifically don't work on me), you won't be tempted to try them. Not to say you shouldn't be afraid to try out new styles, but especially with online shopping, it's easier to stick with what you know works. Then, I always read the reviews on the website to see how it fits and what others thought of the piece - that often times really sways me in one direction. Lastly, I'll google the item to see if someone hasn't already reviewed it - there are a ton of review blogs out there, so chances are, someone may have tried it on to show how it looks on a real person (versus a photoshopped model online). Besides all that, shopping with places with free returns is huge - Nordstrom, Shopbop, and Zappos all offer free returns!
  • My husband and I are headed to Las Vegas in a few weeks! But I am having some trouble deciding on outfits. I want something that is comfortable for lots of walking during the day (and cool enough for temps near 80) but that can easily transition for dinner and drinks somewhere trendy (and when it's chilly at night) without having to make a stop back at the hotel. Any suggestions?
    • Ohhh, that's a bit tricky! My advice would be to find a basic piece to build off of - something like this simple black cami dress from Old Navy. Pair it with comfy but still nice looking sandals, like this minimal wedge Lucky pair - comfortable to walk around in all day, but the wedge makes them fancy enough for evening. Then use a crossbody bag (I love mine from Sole Society) and keep a thin cardigan, a teasing comb, and lipstick in it - 5 minutes in a bathroom will be all you need to get ready! And don't forget the sunscreen!!!

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notable sales
  • Club Monaco: extra 30% off sale items
    • Two types of lace makes this LBD your next favorite item in your closet. 
    • This button up blouse is everything I want in a shirt. That minimalistic floral pattern is so pretty!
    • Okay, while these are a bit out of my price range, how freaking amazing are these gold tennis shoes? I need them (and am already setting alerts on eBay). 
  • Gap: 40% off everything
    • All of my favorite belts come from the Gap (random, but true). With their great sales, you can get a 100% leather belt for under $20. I've had one since I was a sophomore in college that I still wear all the time!
    • Their mesh cami is the perfect combination of sexy and cute. 
    • This eyelet fit and flare dress is the perfect summer dress - comes in three chic colors and in petite/regular/tall sizing! Very tempted by that green color!
  • J.Crew Factory: up to 60% off everything
    • That navy skirt I was hoping for finally showed up online! 
    • Ok, I'm a bit obsessed with the lace hem on this sweater - how cute is that floral pattern? 
    • I'm SO excited that this polka dot dress is back in all sizes! I ordered it weeks ago, but they only had a size down, which obviously didn't work out. I ordered my true size today and can't wait to receive it (ps. if you spend $100, use code HEYSPRING to get an extra 20% off!).
  • ps. Shopbop's sale section: several adorable espadrilles (perfect for spring!), cute work out pants from Running Bare, and lots of items from Splendid

  • Not much to report over here this week as I've spent most of it in the hospital. I had one of the longer weeks of this current school year - on Friday I was at the hospital for 16 hours. We had a lot of interesting birth situations, heart breaking loss, and overwhelming joy. I think that probably sums up the field of Ob-Gyn as a whole, huh?
  • I had round 4 of my tattoo removal this week - I'm hoping it may be the last! Let me know if anyone is interested in a complete post about the process (spoiler: it's really freaking painful).
  • I recently started watching Grey's Anatomy from the beginning - it's so fun to watch it all 10 years after starting to watch it for the first time, especially now with a lot more medical experience than I had when I was in high school.