Tuesday, March 8, 2016

beauty tuesday: my holy grail beauty items

holy grail beauty items
foundation | lipgloss | powder | mascara | eyeliner

I love new beauty products as much, if not more, than the next girl, but there is something so reassuring about buying a product again that you know is always going to work on you. There are certain items I enjoy, but am not loyal to - for example, once my bronzer runs out, I'll buy a different one, not because my current one isn't good, but because I want to see if I can't find something even better. Same goes for the three different brow products I'm using - I'm constantly switching between the Brow Wiz, the thicker version from Charlotte Tilberry, and the Anastasia brow powder. They are all good products, but one hasn't stood out amongst the rest.

But..the following five products I have purchased over and over again (some for years), and don't feel like I want to even try something else. They may be the first product I tried of their kind (for example, my liquid eyeliner) or I had to try a lot of different versions before finding the perfect one (my mascara!), but they are items that, for me, I can say are holy grail beauty items.

BareMinerals Complexion Rescue: I have been wearing this for ten months now, and am about to buy my second container. While this is my newest "holy grail", it was such a game changer for me. It's a gel/cream that promises to be the perfect combination of BB, CC, and tinted moisturizer. It really is like a gel mixed with a tinted moisturizer! On more casual days, like when I'm just running errands, I'll wear it by itself to give me that little bit of coverage to even out my skin tone. Most days for work though, I mix it with a more medium-full coverage foundation (currently this version from Laura Mercier, although I'm very interested in trying out the Double Wear foundation from Estee Lauder). It gives me the perfect amount of dewiness that I can't find in a medium coverage foundation, so by mixing it together, I get the best of both worlds. Highly highly recommend this for anyone who has drier skin and needs just a little bit more moisturizing!

BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie: I have owned about five different colors of this same formation over the past few years. I just find that they have the prettiest colors, smell nice, last fairly long for a gloss, and are just beautiful little tubes of lipgloss! Above, my current favorite color is Hot Shot.

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Powder: This is one of those products I've been wearing for years - at least four now! It's hard to really put into words why I love this - basically, it's a setting powder mixed with color that evens out your skin, all without looking cakey or dried up at all. It comes in a container with a built-in shaver, which means you are less likely to spill but also makes the powder light and fluffy to apply. I have repurchased this at least 8 times - one container lasts me around 6-8 months, and I basically refuse to even try a different powder because I love this one so much.

Too Faced Better than Sex: I have raved about this mascara for a while now, and while I have seen it on blogs for years, it was really my mom who made me try it! She was loving it, and then sent me a tube for my birthday two years ago, and I haven't looked back. I have since repurchased it probably at least ten times. I now wear it over Urban Decay's lash primer (see more about that here), and I think that combo makes it look like I have falsies on...even though it's just my own lashes! Did you see that Too Faced is coming out with a waterproof version? I'm curious to see if it's just as great as the original, although I don't really have a need for waterproof mascara most days of the year.

Stila Liquid Eyeliner: This eyeliner has been my 'ride or die' eyeliner for the past 7 (!!!) years. I first purchased it in college, and have not purchased a different eyeliner since. It has a thin, marker-like tip that has a waterproof, smudge proof, quick dry formula in it. It takes me like 20 seconds to do my eyeliner because it's precise, it's an all-in-one product (versus the gel eyeliners where you constantly have to dip a brush in the product), it gets tight in between my lashes (very important for this blondie!), and it stays on all day. I know many people find liquid eyeliner to be intimidating, but I think this eyeliner makes it just so easy (but let me know if you'd like a more in depth video on how to use it!).