Tuesday, January 5, 2016

beauty tuesday: the best primer + mascara primer EVER

the best lash primer + mascara
I am a huge lashes girl - as a blondie, I refuse to leave the house without at least one swipe of mascara on. As the fellow blondes here will tell you, even a swipe of mascara (...and brow powder) makes such a huge difference on us! Which is to say that I've been looking for the perfect mascara for the better half of my life...basically since my parents told me I could finally wear make-up to school in 9th grade (I may or may not have been secretly wearing brown mascara before then. Sorry, Mom!)

For a while, I was pretty close with the L'Oreal primer + Better Than Sex combo, but I always was a bit annoyed with keeping a product where I only used half of it, and had to buy it twice as often. I also found it just a bit too clumpy. About a month ago, Urban Decay sent me a package with a few of their products, and hands down my favorite has been their Subversion Lash primer. This goes on a bit finer and less clumpy than the L'oreal primer, and I think it makes such a huge difference in making your lashes look almost like you're wearing falsies. While my current tube was gifted to me, I can honestly say that I will definitely purchase tubes in the future once my current one runs out. It consistently gives me the lashes I've always wanted.

Below is my "eyelash routine". My eyelash curler is Shiseido, the primer is Urban Decay (c/o) , and the mascara is Too Faced. And as a side note, a few of you have asked how I remove my make-up and it's super simple/cheap. I use coconut oil! I melt it between my fingers, massage onto my eyes, rinse, cleanse with my Paula's Choice cleanser, and done. I will never pay for make-up remover again!