Sunday, January 3, 2016

top three [01.03.2016]

because I actually didn't share a single outfit this week - but here's an idea of what I wear ;)
  • Did you guys hear about the lady with "auto-brewery" syndrome? It's caused by a type of yeast that causes intoxicating levels of alcohol to be produced within the person's body without having a drink of alcohol. It was recently in the news because a lady was charged with a DUI because of her BAC (0.40!) even though she didn't have a single drink. 
  • Mittelzschmerz is a fun German word that means "middle pain" - it's used medically to describe the pain some women have during ovulation. Isn't being a woman fun? 
  • An abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) is a dilation of your aorta. It is most commonly found in older male smokers. Interesting, and without yet an explanation, having diabetes actually lowers the risk of acquiring an AAA. 

on the internet
  • I am in love with Jessica's gorgeous/unique coat (plus how great does her hair look? I am so jealous). 
  • Adina is one of my all time favorite bloggers - go check out her year review to see why (and check out her exciting announcement at the end!) 
  • Yasi is also one of my favorites - she just looks effortlessly pulled together all the time. Love this easy layered look (that necklace!) on her.

  • Don't you just watch to throw on this fluffy sweater and curl up in front of a fire? I love the grey color!
  • The cut on this J.Crew Factory dress is so so flattering that it's definitely going on my watch-list. It's perfect for wearing wearing alone under a white coat in the summer, or layering with a soft cardigan in the winter. LOVE!
  • Is "travel more" on your 2016 resolution list? Sole Society's weekender bag looks so much more expensive than it is. It has a separate bottom compartment, which is just genius!

ask me anything
  • Do you have any advice for anyone interested in medical school, but is intimidated/discouraged by not having followed a "traditional" plan. (Major in a science -> Apply to Med School -> Start med school right after graduating college at 22.) What role does age have in med school?
    • My advice is that if you really want to go to medical school, there are a thousand different ways of ending up there. You have no idea how thankful I am that I took a few years off before starting school. I think it made me more motivated, and wiser, than if I personally had started right after graduating. Work experience is never a bad thing and taking the non-traditional route to school can definitely be an advantage. I think age doesn't have much of a factor when it comes to school. I'm friends with 24 year olds and 37 year olds in my class - the thing is, at this point in our education, we are at the same point, so age makes less of a difference. 
  • My faithful rain boots have finally failed me and I have decided to splurge on some Hunter boots. The only problem is I can't pick a color. I love how you styled your green ones but I am worried they won't be versatile in summer as well. I really just can't narrow it down between green, navy, yellow or red. Help! 
    • My advice would be to look at the colors in your closet, your accessories (scarves, jackets) and see what is most complimentary. For example, a pair of yellow boots wouldn't work as well in my closet as a pair of pretty shiny red ones would (come on Hunter, please make an adjustable pair in shiny red!). In the end, rain boots are supposed to be fun so go with a color that makes you happiest. They aren't your every day shoes, and you have to find some way to be happy in the rain/snow ;)
  • How many hours a day do you spend (on average) writing your blog, reading/commenting on other blogs, or answering blog related emails?
    • That really depends on what kind of post I'm working on. My Sunday posts take me around two hours, with most of the work being done on Saturday although I try to work on it here and there throughout the week. A regular outfit post takes me probably a total of an hour between editing pictures, writing the post, and finding the correct links. I very rarely ever sit down and write a post in one go though, so it's hard for me to quantify. I would say I probably spend 45 minutes a day on writing and reading blogs. I don't have the time to comment on blogs like I used to, but I still read quite a few of them! I wish I had more time to work on my own blog - between taking better/more exciting pictures, improving my editing, and writing more posts in a week, but I have to put my education first. 

on franish

notable sales
  • Loft: 60% off sale items
  • Nordstrom: last day of the Half Yearly sale!
  • Old Navy: sportswear on sale!
    • I just got the cropped mesh pants and they are so fun! CR says they are too sexy for the gym but I see them as motivation to just get there ;)
    • If you are more into full-length pants, how fun are their leg-graphic pants? I love the polka dots!
    • I also got their medium support sports bra. I went with a medium but would have more comfortably worn a large. I find they have the right amount of support for exercise that isn't running (that activity always requires two for me). 
  • PS: Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual sale is going on right now. My favorite bra is the lined demi from the Body by Victoria line, and most are right around $30 right now. Plus shipping over $50 is free, which rarely happens. 

  • We just started watching Making a Murderer and it is so interesting to see it all unravel. It definitely took us an episode or two to really get into it, but we then couldn't stop. I love seeing glimpses of Wisconsin throughout the story - I miss it so much. Also, do we all really have accents that bad? Ouch!
  • 2016 means that I can now say that I graduate next year! But first comes the interview season. CR and I are working our way through all the programs we want to apply to and audition at, and it is making me a nervous wreck. You guys should see our colorful spreadsheet :/
  • I've been really into watching more beauty videos and reading more beauty blogs lately. I only have a couple I follow though, so if you have a few favorites, I would love to hear any recommendations you may have!