Sunday, January 17, 2016

top three [01.17.2016]

three of my favorite bloopers from this week's post

  • We learned about the Zika virus a few weeks ago during an infectious disease lecture, but it recently has been making the news because US travel officials have now advised pregnant women not to travel to certain Central and South American countries. Zika virus is transmitted by mosquitos, and experts believe that it is causing microcephaly in the fetuses of pregnant women. 
  • Anasarca is the medical term for whole body edema. One thing you'll see easily is pitting edema - here's an idea of what that looks like. 
  • Hepatitis C is a virus transmitted through dirty needles or sexually. In the long term, it can lead to liver cancer or cirrhosis. There is finally a cure for it...although it'll set you back $100,000 out of pocket!

on the internet
  • Really enjoyed Sabrina's recent rundown of her favorite masks. I've added a few of her recommendations to my wishlists! 
  • Elyse's thoughts on "being nice" are so well articulated and really hit home for me. In recent years, I too have found that being nice is just...easier...and makes life so much happier. On a side note, Elyse is one of my new favorite reads. She's an intern (starting her derm training this summer!) so she always has really interesting things going on in her life, and I have found she is just really wise. Fangirling a bit, maybe ;)
  • I love how Jess is taking parts of her closet she hasn't worn, and styles them three different ways. Check out how she wears a pair of blue dress pants (something I also own and also don't wear often) here, here, and here (my favorite!)!

  • While I didn't jump on the lace-up flat trend when it first started (it was too close to winter), I'm fully preparing myself to join in the spring. I'll probably try for this pretty blush pair from Halogen - or in black? Hmmm.
  • It's a litttttle early to discuss spring clothes (it's like 5 degrees out today!), but how fun is this patterned chambray dress? I think it would work even in chillier temps with boots and a jacket!
  • One of my "goals" for the years is to be a bit more organized than I already am. I have quite a few bath/beauty items just tossed into the deep cabinets of our bathroom, so I'd love to add this beautiful organizer to keep a few of the nicer products out. Can you believe that's from Target? I love it (ps. just noticed it's on sale now! I added in the marble canister that is also on sale to get free shipping)

ask me anything
  • How did it work with your clinical rotations? Does your school only work with specific hospitals, and you get to choose which one you go to? Or do they just randomly assign you? Or is there a third option that I've missed? 
    • For our core rotations, we have a group of affiliate hospitals who agree to take a group of students. That's our yearlong site where we do the majority of our third year rotations. To choose our hospitals, we all ranked them, and then we were assigned based on our ranking. CR got our first choice, and I got my second choice - we chose our rankings based on the fact that these were the only two hospitals close enough to each other. At my school we have two electives during third year, and we can do those anywhere. 
  • I am curious about your decision to go into OB. I loved the field when I was in medical school as well but decided the lifestyle wasn't something I could make work with my life (my then boyfriend and now husband is in medicine too!) How do you plan to handle the hours and demanding schedule? I know many hospitals require an in house OB 24/7 and I've heard it's only second to trauma surgery in difficulty of attending lifestyle. It wasn't something that I felt I could make work for my family so I'm curious if you've considered this! 
    • Great question, and it's something that I think about a lot. My thoughts are that for residency, you are going to work a ton of hours no matter what you go into. It's a busy time for everyone. Once I am done with residency, my hope is to find an OB group like the one my hospital has. They work a 24 hour shift on the L&D floor every 7-10 days, and work one weekend every two months. Otherwise they work in the clinic and do their surgeries one day a week. I think this makes the lifestyle a bit more normal. In the end, my thoughts are that I would much rather work doing something I truly enjoy, rather than settling for something I'm not as interested in just because of "the lifestyle". 
  • I really like the little dainty necklace that you wear most days. I have been after something similar for ages. Would you mind telling us where it is from?
    • Mine was a family heirloom I received for my 18th birthday from my mom. The style is pretty common though - it's called a floating diamond. Here's the same style for under $70!
on franish

notable sales
  • Ann Taylor: 40% off new arrivales + an extra 60% off sale items
    • I have this "blanket" scarf and it is SO soft and the perfect oversized but not giant scarf. It's under $30 now!
    • How gorgeous is this lace dress? Looks like a few more of my friends need to get married this year so I have a reason to wear it. 
    • I'm a bit in love with this yoke top - it comes in tall, so it maybe wouldn't be super boxy on. I think it would look amazing with some skinny jeans and fun flats. I just ordered it in a tall medium and large so I'll let you guys know what I think when it arrives!
  • Loft: 40% off everything + 60% off sale items
    • I kind of love the idea of this blanket skirt - the colors are bright but fairly neutral, and is just so darn pretty. Maybe not the most versatile, but pretty!
    • But speaking of versatile, their fringe trim cardigan would be so versatile! Think of it with jeans like on the model, or with a simple black sheath dress, or with dress pants. See, versatile!
    • And in the sales section, a lace v-neck dress that comes in both maroon and black, and has almost sizes available in regular, petites, and talls!
  • Madewell: extra 30% off sale items
  • PS: Shopbop's sale section has some great items right now. Check out the cute clutches from Oliveve - my favorite is the wine one! Their converse section also has quite a few options on sale now and there are quite a few good options for black jeans as well. 

  • It was quite a busy week this week in the hospital, but it's been a really great one. We had some really interesting cases, I got to help intubate a patient (my first time!), and just all around enjoyed being there. I didn't think I would really like IM, but it's really at the heart of medicine, so I have really been excited to learn something new every day.
  • We went to the most amazing brunch yesterday with one of our favorite couples - we had biscuits and gravy, biscuit sandwiches, and the most amazing french toast bread pudding. Can we have brunch for every meal? 
  • Anyone watch any good series lately? I'm itching to start a new series, but haven't really found anything good yet. Only three more months until Game of Thrones finally starts again!!