Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015: a review

I seem to have a theme for every year when I look at it as a whole. 2013 was the year of changing, 2014 was the year of figuring it out, and I think 2015 was the year of adapting. Adapting to studying for five months straight without a night or day off. Adapting to living with CR and combining our lives. Adapting to being at the mercy of the hospital - from what I wear to when I eat to what time I get up in the morning. Adapting to being asked questions at any moment, and having to come up with the answer. 

It really was a wonderful year though. I passed my boards, moved in with the greatest man, discovered my love for OB, went on a once in a life time vacation to Santorini, and have all around really enjoyed getting to actually be a part of medicine rather than just reading about it in a book. Every year I've blogged I've liked looking back at the year - the good, the bad, the regretful, and the favorites. Thank you for being a part of this year, for all of your words of encouragement, suggestions, and thoughtfulness. I hope you have a great and safe New Years!

Favorite Outfits

Lots of black + white, stripes, with a bit of red thrown in for sass. 

Least Favorite
Can't win them all, I suppose! I think overall there is nothing majorly bad about these, I just don't love them. The first two I find a bit lackluster, and maybe not particularly blog worthy. While I love the dress in the third picture, it was worn the weekend after I took my boards and I may have had just a little extra stress weight that caused it to not fit the way I would have preferred. And in the last one, I think the scarf doesn't really go with the rest of the outfit.

Favorite Purchases
express pants | loft top [similar] | loft blazer [similar]
ann taylor dress [similar] | jack rogers sandals | loft dress [similar]

These are the items I reach for the most - when I'm getting dressed in a hurry, when I'm packing, or because I can think of a ton of ways to wear it. The express ponte pants are currently my favorite things just because they are so comfortable and flattering. I've worn the striped shirt countless times now, and while I seem to stick with a theme when wearing the chambray blazer, I just think it's so fun. Two pretty dresses, and a simple pair of sandals, and I basically don't need any other clothes...if I lived in a more temperate climate ;)

Purchases I Regret

  • My uniqlo cardigans: I used to wear cardigans all.the.time, so when I finally found a kind I thought would be great to replace the ones that needed replacing, I bought two. As it turns out, I don't really like wearing cardigans that much anymore. So now I own two cardigans I just don't wear. Dumb. 
  • That tan Aritizia sweater. I spent a little (a lot) more on a sweater when I was in NYC because I thought I was paying for the quality. After one wear and washing, it has already shrunk and pilled. Luckily, Aritizia has offered to let me return it for store credit so it's not a complete wash. 
  • Frye flats. I thought these were going to break in better than they have, but they are still just completely destroying my feet every time I've tried to wear them :(
  • Banana Republic Midi skirt: I actually love this skirt (it's a part of one of my absolute favorite outfits of the year) but I just never wear it. I would feel strange wearing such a flouncy skirt to work, and I don't have any where else real fancy to wear it to. It will be one of those items I hold on to for a very long time, and will love wearing, but it kind of sucks I will only wear it like once or twice a year. So I guess it's not that I regret it, it's just that it may not make that much sense in my wardrobe. 

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