Friday, December 11, 2015

review: j.crew factory plaid tartan skirt + other black friday steals

I didn't go out shopping for Black Friday, but instead I slept in and then took advantage of the online sales. Here are the couple of things I ordered, and how they worked out for me.
First up is this plaid skirt from J.Crew Factory. I generally don't go for items you can only wear a certain part of the year, but I couldn't resist the cute plaid pattern on a skirt in a work appropriate length (most plaid skirts I've seen this fall have been minis). I love the different colors in the skirt because it gives you so many different colors to pull out in various outfits. As far as fit goes, I'm usually a 12 on the bottom, and that's what I'm wearing here - I find that it fits true to size. It's a bit form fitting, as most pencil skirts are. My little secret weapon when it comes to keeping everything in check is wearing one of these mid-thigh shapers that I found at Target. They are basically like wearing the shaping part of tights, but more comfortable. I'm wearing it in the picture on the right, and I feel it just smooths everything out. 

If you are interested in this skirt, it's currently 50% off (just like everything on the site!). I'd suggest adding this carrier tote to your order - it's an affordable version of the much more expensive totes out there (plus the reviews all rave about it!)
 Women's Poncho Sweater - Merona™
Speaking of Target, I know I mentioned this poncho a couple of weeks ago. I received it last week, and have already returned it. First of all, the brown color online is nothing like the actual color it is. Online it's a pretty tan color, but in real life it's just a dark brownish color. I always like ponchos on other people, but I've never really tried one myself before, so maybe this is the way all ponchos are, but I found it really impractical to wear. In the far right picture, that's as far as I could lift my arms before it started to bunch up and look weird. Maybe it's just one of those things that looks good in pictures and maybe isn't that practical in real life. Like I said, I've already returned it - I may have been able to look past the interesting fit if the color had been prettier in real life, but this one just didn't work out for me. 
Next is the polka dot tunic from Loft that I'm newly obsessed with. Sizes have been popping back every day, so if you are interested in it but your size isn't available, it may come back. I originally ordered this in both a medium and a large, but my medium order was cancelled. The large fits nicely oversized - this definitely isn't meant to be a form fitting shirt! I love the large polka dot pattern and the fact that it's a longer style top. I plan on sewing the split neck up just a tiny bit (you can see what I mean in the middle picture). It's so darn cute!
 loft textured-open-cardigan
Last is this open cardigan from Loft. I'm wearing a medium on the left and a large on the right - I would say the large fit be a bit better (not as tight in the arms). There isn't anything inherently wrong with this cardigan - the material is soft and thick, the color is nice, and it fits nicely. I just realized that I have a few similar sweaters that I just don't wear as often because I have to wear my white coat most days, and the two would look a bit strange together. If this is a style you've been looking for, it's a really cute cardigan that comes in several colors, it was just something that would be underutilized in my closet.

Loft currently has a 40% off everything sale (the best kind of sales!). I'm hoping it's still going on tomorrow so I can try on their gingham long-sleeved dress, as well as their grey trouser pants - I still haven't found a pair of grey trousers I like!