Monday, December 21, 2015

plaid tidings

how to wear a plaid skirt

4 more days until Christmas - who's ready?! We get Christmas Eve and Christmas day off from school, which is really nice, but not enough time for me to fly home. I would definitely say that the hardest part of the holidays this year (and last year) is that I can't go home to be with my family. I actually likely won't be able to visit my parents until January 2017, which is something I try to suppress sometimes when I'm feeling homesick. I am so lucky though that CR's family takes me in, and basically treats me like their fifth child. I don't know how I would manage without having that support system somewhat close to us!

In less sappy news, I'm slightly obsessed with my plaid skirt. I've worn it twice since I received it, and plan on wearing it on Christmas Eve as well. The issue with patterned skirts like these is that they show off your curves a little more since it's just a bunch of lines on fabric, but it's so fun to wear that I just don't even care in this situation! The last time I wore it for work I wore it with my simple white ASOS blouse, but I've also worn it with a sweater, and for Christmas Eve may wear it with a sparkly shirt. Gotta get those wears in before it's no longer plaid skirt season ;)
j.crew factory plaid skirt
plaid skirt with white blouse
Blouse: Asos [similar]
Skirt: J.Crew Factory [exact]
Shoes: Tory Burch c/o Shopbop [similar]
Bracelet: gift from my friend Lizzi [very similar]
how to wear j.crew factory tartan skirt
j.crew factory plaid tartan skirt
Below are a few plaid items, some you can still order today and receive by Christmas (or pick up when you are at the mall getting those last minute presents)! My favorite is the pom-pom scarf. Seriously, how cute is that?! The duffel bag is also pretty great for if you only have a few days to spend somewhere this weekend (plus it's under $40 and reversible!)