Sunday, December 20, 2015

top three [12.20.2015]

maroon + black + white

  • If you've never had an asthma attack, count yourself lucky. I've had two exercised-induced attacks in my life, and it was honestly terrifying. Asthma is actually a two stage process with an early response and a late response. The early response causes bronchoconstriction, which is what inhalers treat. The late response causes inflammation, which is why asthmatics are also given steroids. 
  • While all sorts of drug overdoses can lead to death, the withdrawal from alcohol is actually one of the only life-threatening withdrawal situations. This week I saw several patients who were hospitalized for the better part of a week, some in the ICU, because of alcohol withdrawal. 
  • We all know herpes as the virus that can cause sores in our mouths and in other places, but in rare cases, it can also infect the meninges (essentially the protective covering of our brain and spinal cord). This is called Mollaret's meningitis, and it is pretty rare. So for these patients, instead of having an outbreak of sores during times of stress, they develop meningitis. 

on the internet

  • I've been wearing the same two old ratty college sweatshirts for years now, and it's definitely time for a upgrade. I'm really hoping I find one of these Patagonia pullovers under the Christmas tree this year!
  • Looking for something a bit understated but still sexy for New Years? Go for this affordable jumpsuit, unbutton one button, and wear some amazing shoes. 
  • I really love the look of the Stuart Weitman lowland boots, but I just could never really wear them, so I could never justify the price. Luckily, this pair from Ivanka Trump is super similar, but about 1/7 of the cost. The only good thing a Trump has done lately ;)

ask me anything
  • Did you use any review sources during your M1 or M2 years? I'm thinking about using Firecracker. Do you have any recommendations about what worked for you are others you know?
    • I started using Memorang during the beginning of my second year of school. You can make your own flash cards, but they also have basically all of first aid made into flashcards, which was super handy. I used to do them a lot right before going to bed, when I was too tired to learn new material, but still wanted to study. Then obviously First Aid - I got mine during the spring of first year, and liked to keep up with it throughout all of systems. That way I basically did one pass before I even started board studying, and it sometimes points out important facts you may have not thought were important!
  • I know you're interested in OB. What specialties is CR interested in? 
    • He's really interested in doing family medicine - he's like the exact right person to go into it too. He really likes his patients and wants to be involved in their lives. All of his family medicine attendings are already trying to recruit him for their practices!
  • I see you wear the Tory Burch Revas often. Sometimes it's hard to find cute and professional flats, so I'm considering investing in a black pair. I've heard mixed reviews on the comfort of the Reva. Have you found Tory Burch flats comfortable to wear?
    • It really depends on how much walking and standing you are doing. For example, I probably won't wear them a ton on my internal medicine rotations just because we walk or stand for at least four hours every morning. I just need a bit more support during that time, so I probably won't wear them as often. But I do actually think they are pretty comfortable, and now that they don't have that elastic band on them anymore, there is way less breaking in time! 

on franish

notable sales
  • Ann Taylor: 50% off (almost) everything
  • Express: 50% off everything
  • Nordstrom: sale section edition
    • That Target poncho didn't really work out for me, but I noticed that Nordstrom's cashmere poncho was just marked down. It's still a bit too pricy, so I'm hoping a post-Christmas sale will mark it down a little bit. This time I'll go with the grey though ;)
    • A pair of classic black boots that should fit a large portion of us since it has a stretchy back.
    • Will I ever stop loving Marc Jacob's Hobo bag? Probably not. 

  • I know I've mentioned before how my hospital's locker room says "nurses lounge" on the female surgical locker room and "doctor's lounge" on the male's surgical locker room. I was talking to one of my (male) attendings after another patient assumed I was a nurse because I'm female, and I mentioned the doors to him. Within 10 minutes, he emailed the president of the hospital, who emailed the head of maintenance, who told us no one really knew about this issue, that they found a work order from 1967 (!!!) to take it down, and then they finally took it down. I was seriously so excited. They were even going to give me the old sign as a souvenir but unfortunately it was thrown away before we could get to it. 
  • I started my internal medicine rotation this week, and it is like a whole new world. First, I worked close to 60 hours this week (which is why there was a lack of blog posts this week), so that was something to get used to since I haven't worked that long since my OB rotation three months ago. Second, IM is sooooooo broad that all of our patients have different things wrong with them, so I feel I can never really prepare because I never know what's going to walk in the door. I've been a bit overwhelmed, but feel I am also learning so much, both in the actual medicine and in patient care. 
  • Are you guys all done with your Christmas shopping? I just finished mine yesterday - nothing like waiting until the last minute and battling the crowds! ;)