Wednesday, December 2, 2015

living that path life

DSC00763picture 2 I'm in my third week of my pathology elective, and it's been a very interesting experience so far. It's not a very hands-on experience as the hospital I'm at unfortunately no longer does autopsies, but I've seen several frozen sections, and many cut up placentas. Not only do I get to see what they do in pathology, but I've also spent some time in the other laboratories. They drew my blood, and I've watched it go through the various typings, screenings, and tests. At the end of the post is a picture of my actual blood smear - I thought it was pretty neat!

It's been a bit strange not having any patient contact, but since I spend all day in the basement where no one sees me, I've been a bit more casual with my outfits. Starting in two weeks though, I'll be on internal medicine for three months straight. It'll also be the middle of the winter, so I ordered a second pair of slim black pants (this time trying out some from Banana Republic) in preparation (I find it easier to just slip on hunter boots for the short commute through the snow while wearing slimmer dress pants, rather than having them bunch all up). Thankfully the snow hasn't arrived yet!
DSC00813picture 2
DSC00790picture 2picture 2
DSC00769picture 2
Sweater: H&M [similar]
Pants: The Limited [exact]
Coat: Old Navy [similar]
Purse: Coach 
Shoes: Target [save | splurge]
Watch: c/o Larsson & Jennings [exact]
DSC00767picture 2
DSC00774picture 2
And here's my blood smear. That purple circle in the middle is an eosinophil, all of the red dots are red blood cells, and the few purple dots on the periphery are neutrophils
P.S. I wanted to mention that my Loft polka dot tunic came yesterday and it's amazing. I ordered both a medium and a large, but have only received the large so far. It fits slightly oversized when I wear the large, but I think I prefer it that way. Sizes keep popping back every day, so if you are interested in it but your size isn't available, keep checking it because it may just come back!